Monday 19 December 2011


Weeping for a dictator under threat of arrest and execution

Paul Joseph Watson
December 19, 2011

This is something the establishment media has completely failed to explain properly. 

All the video footage of weeping North Koreans stricken with grief over the death of the “dear leader” Kim Jong-Il is by no means spontaneous or natural.

It’s all part of the fun of living in a Stalinist dictatorship. If citizens do not show the appropriately sullen facial expressions, if they don’t produce tears, and if they don’t properly grieve for the dead dictator, they face imprisonment and possible execution.

Sure, some of the grief is genuine; it’s the result of a lifetime of brainwashing and the enforcement of the cult of personality. 

But in the most arcane and brutal police state on the planet, not being upset over Kim Jong-Il’s death could mean you’re reported as an enemy of the state by the local spy and sent to a gulag. Your entire family could also be targeted for the same treatment.

Identical scenes were witnessed after the death of the previous “dear leader,” Kim Il-sung.

Millions of North Koreans have starved to death over the past 20 years as a result of the regime’s disastrous economic policies and their refusal to accept food aid.  Food is still scarce, so the fact that citizens are also handed small snacks if they attend these spectacles and put on a fake display of grief is also a massive incentive for a permanently hungry population.

North Korea is the perfect illustration of what happens when power is concentrated into the hands of the few ~ totalitarianism, mass starvation, economic collapse and complete enslavement.

It’s a warning the western world would do well to heed, especially in the aftermath of the  passage of a law which formally opens up the chance of Americans being sent to gulags in the name of state security.

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  1. This was definitely an orchestrated public event. The chanting, the way in which everyone was lined up and the way in which people started to cry when the camera zoomed in on them just proves how evil this regime is. I feel more sorry for the other North Korean's who are starved and suffering from malnutrition.

    I wonder what David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart will do to this clip :)


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