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December 27, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi transformed Libya from the poorest country in the world to the most prosperous country of Africa, more prosperous than Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Amnesty International, which has proven to be responsible for the deaths of many Libyans by supporting the American-European war on the country and by remaining silent throughout, is now looking for a Human Rights Hero.

Styling itself as a "human rights defender", Amnesty International has chosen to ignore the major human rights violations that took place and are still taking place in Libya by not even mentioning Libya once in their magazine "Human Rights Defender" published in Australia, one of the major sources for its funding, in the midst of the war in June, July and August.

Though Amnesty International has admitted "it was told" that many of the so-called mercenaries who were detained, tortured and killed by the NATO-backed Libyan rebels were nothing but migrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa, the human rights organisation has not undertaken anything to help them or the black Libyans who had full rights under Jamahiriya government and who were tortured and massacred by the NATO-rebels in the name of democracy and humanitarian intervention (see The Humanitarian War in Libya - there is no evidence).

With no evidence whatsoever and nothing justifying the "humanitarian" bombing and destruction of Libya, there is full proof that Muammar Gaddafi is the greatest Human Rights Hero of our time (for example see The Big Picture: War on Libya is War on Entire Africa; How Gaddafi improved the situation of the Libyan women and 16 Things Libya Will Never See Under NATO-Rebel Regime) and therefore the biggest threat to the West and its "human rights organisations", like the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has pointed out:
"Gaddafi used billions of dollars to connect states in Africa. This man has something to make Western powers, who have grown strong sucking the blood of Africa, fearing that if Africa became independent and used the tremendous resources that Africa has, and that the Western world needs, in order to become powerful and stay powerful in the 21st century.

So he became a threat. In order to vamp on him and destroy him and destroy what he was doing with Africa and for Africa, they manufactured this false play that he was killing his own people in order to put him out of power, assassinate him, destroy the good that this man has done and put a puppet regime in power so that they would no longer have to contend with the idea of the United States of Africa, which the African Union was moving towards under Brother Gaddafi's guidance, help and monetary assistance.

What was also leading to this humanitarian award to Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahirya was the UN report that was issued around January 2011, a multi-country report that seemed to give Libya, and subsequently the Jamahiriya government, rather high marks and praise as early as January 2011 around a whole range of issues.

What Brother Gaddafi did coming to power in a bloodless coup is, he nationalized the oil, he removed Britain and America from their bases in Libya and he used Libyan oil to finance revolutionary movements against puppet regimes in Africa and other parts of the world. This made him persona non grata in the West, and it also set him up as an enemy of those who have traditionally misused Africa and poisoned African leadership.


When I say poison, I don't mean with physical poison, but African leaders who wanted more for themselves than they wanted for the liberation of our people ~ these are the types of leaders that America supported. They did not support Osageyfo Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Ture and many of those revolutionaries and many of those revolutionary thinking Black leaders, Patrice Lumumba and others. These are the Black Leaders who were murdered or abandoned or who were set up to destroy their power, because they were the leaders who understood a United Africa. Not all of these separate states.

Kwame Nkrumah, Gamal Adel Nasser, they wanted to lift up the idea of the Honorable Marcus Garvey-that there should be one Africa. That is what Nasser wanted, that is what Nkrumah wanted, that is what Muammar Gaddafi spent billions of dollars trying to promote: an African Union on the way to a United States of Africa. This is what made him such a threat to the West, and unfortunately for them, he's still there, he's still alive. They will ultimately have to deal with that man.

If I can make a point with this. He raised the standard of living with the Libyan people to the highest on the African continent and even the highest in the Middle East. He freed women who were Muslims to be a part of government, to be a part of a society where they don't sit back and allow men to do everything.

The women are partners with the men in Libya. He was a socialist in orientation in the early days, but as he became involved deeper and deeper with the Quran, he saw himself as a reformer of Islam, and he was in the process of reforming Islam in his country and influencing the development in others.

I was there with him when he spent $33 billion to create a marvel in the 20th century where they discovered water under the desert. And he invested $33 billion to bring that water up out of the desert, and I was with him on the day that we pushed a certain button and the water began from near Benghazi into Tripoli, almost to the Tunisian boarder.

He made agriculture an absolute must for Libya, that they would produce their own food.
He made it possible for the Libyans to get land and equipment to farm the land so that Libya would never have to depend on others for the basic necessities of food.
This is what this man was doing, not only for Libya, but he was doing it for Africa as well.
He became a thorn in the side of Europe, so now they want regime change.

The man was not in any office of power, he's the revolutionary leader. We call him Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. He set up a participatory democracy where the people make the decisions for the future, and he guides the revolution.

I was with him when African presidents would come in, and he encouraged them and said, "Look, we are revolutionaries and you cannot have a revolution and every four years or eight years you bring somebody else in who may or may not continue the trend that you have started."
So when people say he has been in power too long, it takes a long time to bring a mind out of a colonial and slave mentality. He is not interested in power in that sense for himself, but he wants to empower the people.

Everybody there has a place to live. And he has sent hundreds of thousands of Libyans all over the world to study and the Libyan government pays for their education. If there is an operation that a Libyan needs and they have to go to Europe or America for that operation, the Libyan government pays for it. There is no government on the earth that does that for their people to the degree that this man has done.

That kind of leader with that kind of work for his people is an enemy to those who want to live off the sweat, blood and labor of the poor, but not give the poor anything in return.
This is why some say that if this man came to America with what he has done for Libya and was trying to do for Africa, maybe they would renounce the 22nd Amendment and change it and make Gaddafi president in America for life."
Therefore, do not support the fake human rights organisation Amnesty International, but support the true Human Rights Hero Muammar Gaddafi and the human rights standards of the Jamahiriya instead. Go to and add "Muammar Gaddafi" as Human Rights Hero. Please spell his name exactly like that as this is how a true human rights activist has submitted his name; any other spellings will not be added to the already existing votes.

Also please support us so that we will be able to hold Amnesty International and other fake human rights organizations to account for committing crimes against humanity, along with the United Nations, NATO and officials of those entities; donate today and support the / initiative.


  1. I won't soon forget what they (n a t o)did in Libya .

    Whenever I feel like I'm reading msm media and actually considering the article as presented I remember Libya(it should be a rallying call remember Libya)

    There is no statue of limitations for prosecution of killers God help them when that time comes

  2. What they did in and to Libya as an international crime is to never be forgotten. Any more than what they do to Palestine. What they have done in other countries... Iraq, Afghanistan. So many victims to the greed of imperialism and colonialism.

    But the media did a monumentally fine job of demonizing Qaddafi and it is an uphill battle all the way to preserve his wisdom for he was truly a great man with a vision that he was realizing for the people.

  3. grazie di tutto il tuo lavoro,
    io ho votato per Gheddafi


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