Monday 12 November 2012


By Mark Glenn
November 10, 2012

Doubtless now that he–mass murderer Anders Breivik–has been ‘safely’ put away behind bars, receiving a paltry 21 year sentence for his massacre of 77 innocent Norwegian children (roughly 3.2 months for each murder) people are sleeping a little better, feeling a little safer.

‘Yes’, they tell themselves with believable-to-no-one-but-themselves conviction …‘That wild dog is off the streets now and behind bars where he belongs…Time to move on.’

The problem of course with this misplaced sense of (non-existent) security is that it’s as crazy as Breivik’s behavior itself. The product of mere wishful thinking, there is no reason or rationality in it, given that the singular motivating factor in all of it is raw, visceral fear, pure and simple. The adult version of sucking your thumb and clutching a blankey during a nervous moment, individuals such as these ~‘feeling a little better and sleeping a little easier’ because of Breivik’s (let’s not forget ~ temporary) incarceration ~ do so only by holding fast to the fantasy that he was/is a lone nut or some sort of societal birth defect that occurs but once in a million.

Reality however is another animal altogether. Breivik is not as much ‘that wild dog’ in the general sense as he is ‘THAT wild dog’ in the specific. The man who lamented the destruction of his beloved white European culture so much that he willingly became an instrument of that same destruction by butchering almost 80 white European children (and simply because of their political views) was neither a lone wolf, a lone nut nor a one man army. Truth be told, the only thing differentiating him from the (as of this moment) unseen & unknown others just like him is the time stamp of his particular ‘event’ ~ July 22, 2011 ~ the day he went off like a time bomb and carried out his mission of killing scores of innocent people.

Yes, that’s right on both points ~ 
(1) Breivik is not just one of a few hundred or a few thousand, but rather, one of several million or even hundreds of millions of like-minded creatures, all speaking the same anti-Islamic/pro-Judaic dialect. He is an assembly-line prototype, designed with a specific purpose in mind (namely mass-murder) that happened to emerge first from the womb while millions of his identical-twin siblings are still in the process of being delivered.
And (2) Breivik was on a ‘mission’.
Yes, we can state with both confidence and authority that Norway’s most notorious Judeo-Christian jihadist–in the years leading up to his infamous massacre ~ became someone else’s plaything after being captured, cultivated, and programmed like some apocalyptic alarm clock. As a tin soldier in someone’s geo-political toy box, Breivik had his spring wound as tight as it would go, at which point he was set loose by individuals who stood to gain greatly from the inevitable Armageddon he would personally deliver.

In more clinical terms, he is a symptom, a side effect, and a carrier for someone else’s disease…Similar to others these days whose hatred for Islam is outdone only by their love for all things Jewish, Breivik was/is a parking lot for someone else’s thoughts and ideas, or, like those unfortunates in the 1986 science-fiction horror film Aliens, a human cocoon where the freshly-laid eggs of this extraterrestrial monster gestate until they are ready to be born, at which point the beast bursts forth from the host’s body in an explosion of flesh, blood and gore.

But let us be clear about something here ~ This aforedescribed ‘captured/cultivated/programmed’ thing was not the dramatic scenario seen in some political/science-fiction thriller produced out of Jewish Hollywood such as ‘Manchurian Candidate’ or ‘Total Recall’. It was not a case of an otherwise sane, happy-go-lucky, come-what-may Anders Breivik with a smile on his face and song in his heart walking down the street one day whistling something from the Sound of Music when all the sudden a non-descript van pulls up and he’s grabbed by men in black suits who take him off someplace where he is broken into tiny pieces and then reassembled into Norway’s version of The Terminator.

Rather, this ‘extreme makeover’ eventually producing almost 80 dead children on Norway’s Utoya Island took place over the course of years and with virtually no drama involved, save of course the occasional heated political argument at some family get-together, pub or rally. Like a long, drawn out adolescence, Breivik’s coming of age was ~ no pun intended ~ as silent as death ~ as slow as an inch worm burrowing through the brain or a dog infected with rabies that shows no signs of distress until the inevitable rampage takes place.

This is not to say however that Breivik’s morphing into the human time bomb he became was undetectable. As much as removed-from-reality individuals may view him as an anomaly or a question mark, the fact nevertheless is that as a piece on a chess board being moved and maneuvered by other hands, his checkmate of almost 80 innocent kids was as foreseeable as an approaching hurricane.

Beginning with the Mossad-engineered terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, as Zionist witches and warlocks began casting their magic spells in conjuring up the war to end all wars between the Islamic and Christian peoples ~ Breivik (as well as hundreds of millions of others in America, Europe and elsewhere) became a mental slave to the highly-addictive/highly-toxic psychological substance peddled by these individuals which he injected into his veins whole hog at every opportunity.

It was just a matter of time then before the otherwise harmless pooch Breivik finally succumbed to the sanity-destroying effects of this poison and became the rabid dog history will now remember him for being. The only surprise in the entire matter is that it took this long to finally materialize, given the tsunami of violent, anti-Islamic/pro-Judaic conditioning the western world has been subjected to now these last 11 years..

And so, in trying to wrap its collective mind around the holocaust of nearly 80 Norwegian children due entirely to their politically-unacceptable opinions viz-a-viz Israel and Islam, a sane world is forced to isolate and understand the source of this horrendous crime lest it repeat itself, which it most surely will, barring some unforeseeable quirk of historical fate.

As with all illnesses ~ physical, mental or otherwise ~ everything is traceable to a source.

Rather than view then the present pandemic of anti-Islamicism mal-affecting the West ~ manifesting itself not only in mass murders such as Breivik’s but as well in ‘legal’ bloodbaths such as the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc ~ as a fluke or quirk, a society keen on its own survival must view them as predictable examples of cause and effect.

That being said then, in this case the prime mover of the terrible drama taking place in Norway and elsewhere was not some inexplicable ‘act of God’, the moodiness of Mother Nature or the roll of some cosmic dice. Rather, it is the deliberate and all-too-predictable result of an agenda deliberately put into motion by interested parties with a mindset that is alien to all historically-known norms of decency, morality, and sanity.

Put simply, these aliens amongst us ~ i.e. the organized Jewish interests who psychologically engineered the prototype Breivik, as well as his twin siblings we hear about on a daily basis ~ working feverishly to bring about this ‘clash of civilizations’ between the West and the Islamic world are the dictionary definition of madness wrapped in human skin.

Mass producing in assembly-line fashion today’s ticking-time-bombs through their uncontested and incontestable control of mass media, they are every bit as real and dangerous as the xenomorphs depicted in the 1986 science-fiction horror film by James Cameron.

Similar to their film counterparts, these aliens amongst us do not have an identity crisis. They know exactly who they are, what they are, and what they are doing. There is no ‘higher law’ other than their own.

As a language, compassion is as foreign to them as Greek is to Martian. Today’s xenomorphs (working out of innocuous-sounding organizations such as ‘Stop Islamization of America’, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, AIPAC, ADL, and maintaining websites such as ‘Jihad Watch’ and many others) view innocent human life as just a means to an end for their own personal survival.

For them, all that matters is the propagation of their species and its ‘ethics’, in this case, the State of Israel and the continued monopolistic hold that organized Jewish interests maintain worldwide over money, politics, media, culture, etc.

And Anders Breivik ~ as well as many, many others ~ was their ‘baby’. Like an abandoned child raised by wolves from birth, under their spiritual direction the otherwise civilized Breivik became feral, wild and as mad as his mentors.

Like them, he believed that the god of destruction he came to know intimately through the catechism classes taught by his alien spiritual advisors was pleased and appeased by the ritual sacrifice of innocent human beings, resulting in the black mass he personally officiated as high priest tempore on Norway’s Utoya Island.

And, as we said earlier, although Breivik may have been the first, he is certainly not the only or the last. Similar to the horrific scene in Aliens, where a giant queen xenomorph patiently sits, giving birth to hundreds of millions of these hellish creatures, so too is there an army out there numbering in the hundreds of millions just waiting to be born.

Feeble-minded individuals, as impressionable as soft butter and unable to resist the seduction known as Zionism, this alien evangelism whispering like a bat out of hell into the collective ear of individuals who years ago ~ on 9/11/2001 to be precise–consecrated themselves to holy war against Islam that could have but one result ~ the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ ~ and but one beneficiary ~ Israel.

And we must make no mistake about it–these aliens amongst us ~ capturing the Breiviks of the world and forcefully impregnating them with this deadly apocalyptic seed ~ are indeed the most dangerous organisms mankind has ever faced.
Truly other-worldly, they are dedicated, fanatical creatures hell-bent upon bringing about this non-reality known as Jewish utopianism ~ this mad dream thousands of years a-bubbling and a-boiling in the witches’ cauldron, a giant human pyramid of sorts, with them and their alien mindset/agenda at the very top and the rest of the Gentile world occupying various stages underneath both inferior and servile in nature.
And, as should be painfully obvious to everyone by now, more than 10 years into the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ and this ‘war to end all wars’, these xenomorphs, with their accumulated power and superb, fanatical organizational skills are willing ~ necessary or not ~ to bring the world down around them in accomplishing this mission.
Like the Sirens of Greek mythology who lure unsuspecting sailors at sea to their deaths with their hypnotic voices, so too are today’s organized Jewish interests luring entire ships of state to come crashing into the rocks of national bankruptcy, political unrest and social upheaval.
Due to their alien mindset they cannot live peaceably or cooperatively with any species other their own.

Every planet, every civilization they invade, they immediately go to work in destroying that habitat, removing every Gentile characteristic intrinsic to the continued existence of that civilization.

They must own, control, dominate and then devour, just as their alien constitution demands, and if every single human being on the planet must die in bringing about this alien agenda, then so be it. In the non-reality of this mal-adjusted mindset, not just the world, but indeed, the entire universe revolves around them and their species.

Without them, all known creation, without any nucleus and thus without any cohesion or purpose, would simply cease to exist. In their limited, extraterrestrial myopia, everything, from one end of the universe to the other is mere illusion, with neither form nor the substance of God, or as Yossi Klein Halevi, author of ‘Memoirs of a Jewish Extremist’ once wrote:
“My view of history was that billions of people who lived, suffered and died were no more than extras in a Jewish drama, and that human experience was really Jewish experience. I came to believe that the anti-Semites were right, except in the reverse; that the Jews did secretly control the world, but benevolently. How else to explain the Holocaust if not as evil trying to destroy the source of all good? I was ready to concede that there were decent people who weren’t Jews, but decent peoples? Only the Jews.”
Unlike the xenomorphs in James Cameron’s film however, what makes these aliens amongst us so dangerous is that they do not appear alien at all.

The financial, political and media resources they’ve spent centuries in acquiring have been well-used in masking their real nature and identity. They walk amongst us, speaking a language that appears friendly, civil and easy on the ears.

Through the use of media black magic, they make us laugh on cue and cry on cue.

Through their control of churches and other social platforms, they lecture us on ‘brotherly love’, on the evils of racism, intolerance and xenophobia while at the same time these xenomorphs utilize these moral themes to their own ends in motivating us to go out and commit mass murder in Muslim countries around the world.

Also dissimilar to their counterparts in the film, these aliens amongst us are not forced to chase down and capture their victims. Rather, they seduce and confuse them, resulting in entire civilizations lining up at the main door of the mother ship so that hundreds of millions can then surrender themselves and their children as future cocoons where this alien agenda can gestate until it is born in the form of war, war, and more war in the Middle East (and beyond) for Israel’s benefit.

Although it is certainly true that Breivik was their creature, and that the aliens amongst us responsible for re-programming him into Norway’s version of The Terminator did so with mass murder on their mind, this is not to say that his massacre masterpiece was part of the plan. The collective panic on the part of organized Jewish interests responsible for writing his program (as well as subcontractors such as Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer et al) was easy to see and measure as they furiously tried distancing themselves from his actions, despite the personal satisfaction they doubtless experienced in seeing so much innocent blood spilled.

No, it was not supposed to turn out this way, both in terms of timing and location, where the human time bomb Breivik detonated prematurely. Rather than reaching critical mass within the confines of his own home country of Norway, what his programmers had planned was him doing so within one of the preferred battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or wherever else organized Jewish interests want white European Christians fighting and killing Muslims for Israel’s benefit.

But that’s how it is with human time bombs programmed to kill innocent others en masse. Whether it’s Anders Breivik of Norway, Jared Loughner of Arizona, Sikh Temple shooter Wade Michael Page, movie theater gunman James Holmes or any of the other angry white males living in the West who from infancy have been nursed on a daily diet of Zionist media conditioning that glorifies and sanctifies violence against defenseless people, sometimes they ‘lose it’ long before they are supposed to.

Sometimes the programming in their software goes haywire or the fuse comes up a little short and as a result these bombs detonate outside those pre-planned war theaters where organized Jewish interests stand to profit the most.

And this, ladies and gentlemen of planet earth, is the future all of us can expect, as these suicide bombers live, breathe and walk amongst us, capable of going off at any moment, taking not only us, but our loved ones as well, while the entity responsible for creating these monsters ~ organized Jewish interests ~ simply watch it all from the safe distance that their expensive, high-rise office buildings and board rooms provide them, without pity, without remorse and simply chalking up the latest tragedy as ‘collateral damage’ necessary for the continued existence of Israel.

In James Cameron’s Aliens, the only sane individual amidst a gaggle of money-grubbing, opportunistic corporate predators was ‘Ripley,’ the pilot who had seen the viciousness of these creatures up close in a previous mission. Throughout the film, as she describes in great detail the violent, unchanging and unregenerate nature of these xenomorphs, her warnings fall on deaf ears. She is shouted down, marginalized, ridiculed, ignored, sanctioned, and silenced. She is confined to quarters, deprived of earning a decent living, had the threat of criminal prosecution hanging over her constantly, and for reasons made clear later, when it was revealed that some of these corporate characters saw great riches in utilizing these xenomorphs as weapons of mass destruction.
It was not until they themselves saw the nature of the beast in a manner up close and personal that those around her came to understand that this creature cannot be contained, controlled, or rehabilitated…That there can be no ‘peaceful co-existence’ with it nor any ‘safe distance’ between xenomorphs and human civilization.
And, as demonstrated in the film, that there was only sane policy in dealing with these monsters ~ to nuke their home planet, lest they board their mother ship and invade the farthest reaches of the galaxy in search of future cocoons for the propagation of their species.

Likewise, as we ~ the sane members of various Gentile civilizations ~ weigh what has befallen us, not only in terms of the various Anders Breiviks but as well the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and all the other locations that organized Jewish interests have decided must be destroyed and made ‘fit’ for alien habitation, a similar awareness of the nature of this problem must occur as well.

These aliens amongst us cannot be contained, controlled, or rehabilitated…Nor can there can be any ‘peaceful co-existence’ with them nor any ‘safe distance’ between today’s xenomorphs and human civilization.

The only safe option is to ‘go nuclear’ with them and utterly annihilate the source of their identity, leaving ‘not one stone upon another’.

However, not in the sense that countries must be evaporated with some apocalyptic instrument created in the minds of madmen bent upon destroying the human race.

Rather, it must be done ~ indeed as it should have been done thousands of years ago ~ with the most effective weapon that sane societies have in their arsenal ~ reason and rationality.

What we are battling here is religiously-inspired madness, pure and simple. No different than some destructive, mind-altering drug that reduces otherwise healthy, productive individuals into the xenomorphs seen today, producing not only prototypes such as Anders Breivik, but as well entire nations supporting and funding the apocalyptic wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, this drug needs to be classified ~ not as the therapeutic substance its addicts claim it is, but rather ~ as pure, distilled, undiluted poison.

Therefore, Judaism and all its manifestations, most importantly its ‘chosen-ness’ and its filial affection for the use of violence, pillage, duplicity and a whole host of other characteristics associated with lower life forms must be diagnosed as the mental illness that it is, and more importantly, its utter incompatibility with the continued existence of the human species.

To do any less is to sit by and watch as these aliens amongst us devour, destroy and dissolve away what has taken thousands of years to create, leaving behind only a wasteland of what was humanity…

…at which point these aliens amongst us, having bled us out of our own existence, simply board their mother ship and depart in search of new civilizations to devour and destroy.


  1. To the very best of my research abilities you are incorrect about Breivik and the Utöya massacre of youth heartily supporting economic sanctions against israel because of their apartheid and genocide of Palestinians.

    My very best conclusion is that a special forces team of snipers using dissintegrating rounds which would not shown 15-20 different rifles used killed the ca 80 youth at Utöya. Breivik was a patsy. He may not even had had any live rounds in his gun. All he had to do was walk around and point and the vidtims received head or heart shots.

    Mossad or equivalent.

  2. Here is the live presentation at her Alma Mater connected to her book release.

    I believe the stand down order came from Obama to let the 4 Americans die without reinforcement from the Seals because he didn't want the clandestine CIA torture facilities and transport of mercenaries to Syria to be exposed.

    Petraeus laid the blame where it belonged (on Obama) and he was forced to resign. The honeytrap is maybe true but is a demonization of Petraeus in preparation for him to be the fall guy.

    The Seal's commanders report is consistent with the CIA being told by Obama to let the 4 American's become collateral dammage.

  3. MG does really well, explaining the evils of Talmudic Judaism...

    however the facts are that Israel is a people not a stool sculpture deity cult compound for GOG & MAGOG

    JAPHETIC "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism....
    {being played for suckers}

    90% of so-called "Jews" are just simply unable to claim any Israelite/Hebrew heritage/Identity

    there is so much to appreciate about MG's efforts in explaining to the invincibly ignorant JEW WORSHIPPING psychophants,
    it kinda is like piling on to offer a criticism...

    but HEY - Mental Hygeine &

    SPIRITUAL HYGEINE is the issue...

    eventually people will have to learn how to use a TRUTH SPECIFIC language....

    and stop lying to themselves...!!!

    anyone want to hazard a guess as to the actual cost of "JEW" the last 100 years...?

  4. There is no dollar or shekel figure high enough to cover it!


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