Thursday 1 November 2012


By Christof Lehmann

The Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO/OTAN has taken a further step in the explosive enlargement of the organizations expansion which began subsequent to the discontinuation of the Soviet Union.

NATO´s massive expansion by admittance of new member states, by partnership programs, and by increasingly assuming the role of a global police force that implements legally questionable  humanitarian interventions under the pretense of a responsibility to protect is highly controversial.

NATO´s expansion into the former Soviet Republics in violation of international agreements and its continued strategic encirclement of Russia and China under the guise of Partnerships for Peace and other euphemisms is causing grave concerns in Russia, China, as well as among European and Asian analysts.

The majority of intellectuals, politicians and political as well as military analysts worldwide are perceiving the USA and NATO, and its contemporary expansionist policy as the single greatest threat to national sovereignty, security, stability and peace worldwide.

The most recent step in NATO´s expansion is the integration of the Azerbaijani military staff structure into the command structure of NATO.

Yesterday the Trends News Agency reported that:
The head of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Eldar Sabioglu has informed media about the new step which effectively transforms Azerbaijan into a NATO frontline state in the US race for global, full-spectrum dominance.
Sabioglu stated that Azerbaijani officers are being deployed to serve at NATO´s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

According to Sabioglu, Azerbaijan has deployed military attaches and liaisons to 21 countries and cooperates militarily with 53.

Sabioglu stated, that “The High Military School of Azerbaijan is so developed that students from Khazakstan, Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan study there”.
It is among other the fact that Azerbaijan is playing a coordinating role in the strategic encirclement of Russia, and NATO´s covert cooperation with terrorist organizations which are causing serious security concerns in Russia, that Azerbaijan´s integration into the command structure of NATO is being observed with suspicion by Russian the Russian Ministry of Defense.
The Soviet Union joined NATO´s Partnership for Peace Program within the legal framework of the reunification of Germany. NATO guaranteed that it would not deploy any NATO troops in Germany. After the discontinuation of the Soviet Union, NATO guaranteed that it would no station NATO troops in any of the former Soviet Republics and any of the former members of the Warsaw Treaty Organization.

However, with a politically weak Russian Administration under President Jeltsin, and within the context of a turbulent and unstable period in Russian domestic affairs, Russia was not rigidly keeping NATO responsible for its contractually given guaranties. Subsequent to 2007, and even more so since the implementation of the so-called war on terror in 2001 however, the Peace Partnership is increasingly revealing itself as a Trojan Horse.

Analysts worldwide appraise the further integration of Azerbaijan into NATO as part of a NATO strategy for dominance over the Middle East and an attempt to weaken Iran, Iraq and Syria, as the conflict in Syria is threatening to develop into a regional war with global dimensions.

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