Wednesday 7 November 2012


This 2003 file photo shows books and documents found by U.S. troops in a secret police building in Baghdad. A trove of Jewish books and other materials, rescued from a sewage-filled Baghdad basement. 

A trove of Jewish books and other materials, rescued from a sewage-filled Baghdad basement during the 2003 invasion, is now caught up in a tug-of-war between the U.S. and Iraq.

Ranging from a medieval religious book to children's Hebrew primers, from photos to Torah cases, the collection is testimony to a once vibrant Jewish community in Baghdad. Their present-day context is the relationship, fraught with distrust, between postwar Iraq and its Jewish diaspora.
June 20, 2011 photo, Alaa Jassim, a member of the library restoration staff, works on a damaged document at the Iraq National Library and Archives in Baghdad.
November 7, 2012

An Iraqi parliamentarian has accused the US forces of stealing the country’s Jewish Archive and handing it over to the Israelis. 

Talal Zobai, the chair of the Parliamentary Tourism and Archaeological Committee, said that the American troops found the archive when they broke into a prison in the headquarters of the intelligence department of the former Iraqi regime.

According to the information office of the Muslim Scholars Committee, the archive consisted of 16 metal and wooden boxes containing leather documents, scripts and writings about the Torah. An Iraqi translator told the US forces where to find the archive when they were based at Baghdad International Airport.

Zobai said that the US forces arranged to transfer the archive under their protection in June 2003. They signed an agreement with the Iraqis to return the archive in 2005, but instead they handed it over to the Israelis, who are overjoyed at having the historical treasure trove.

“They took the best reference archive about the existence of Jews in the Middle East,” said Zobai. “Israeli propaganda about historical persecution of the Jews in the region will be seen as the true narrative now that the only accurate and proper reference about Jewish history is in Israeli hands.

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  1. Unfortunate but unlikely the jews can continue to support their fictitious history based on claims. Most of the world now knows these lying parasites are an invention in their own minds.


  2. Bastards did the same in Palestine. Just because they hold stolen historical treasures doesn't make them Semites, just thieves. Damn Khazar barbarians.

  3. Genie, do you remember a few years ago when the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto did a huge show on the Dead Sea Scrolls?

    These scrolls were found by a Palestinian shepherd boy and were purely a Palestinian find. These were stolen and presented as Jewish artifacts. The ROM played dirty and despite the protests outside and promises to credit Palestine somewhere in the show, did not.

    The show was brought into Canada by Toronto's despicable Tanenbaum family, the same folks who created Canada Park or whatever it is called now by emptying 3 Palestinian villages so that the Israelis could have a place to relax and ride their dirt bikes.

    Stealing history and rewriting it to their liking is the name of the game and they call US the revisionists!

    Oh just found out... they are building a concrete covered military site on the Mount of Olives/Gethsemane of Biblical lore. Yep they do appreciate history!


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