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By A. True Ott, PhD
November 3, 2012

There are few superlative adjectives left in the human vocabulary to adequately describe the Synagogue of Satan ~ aka the collective state of Israel ~ and their clearly reprobate mindset.  (See the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans 1:28)

Without a doubt in my mind, (after years of research and objective analysis) the Reprobate State (Israel) attacked America on Sept. 11, 2001 ~ and used their controlled media to blame it all on shadowy Islamic figures.

In addition to their blatant attack on Sept. 11, I hereby publicly indict the Reprobate State of Israel for engaging in massive weather modification attacks against innocent Americans (and other nations as well) over the last 5 decades.

Oh yes, I understand that is a quite an accusation for the vast majority of “Christian” Americans to even begin to grasp ~ thanks to the Jewish controlled mass media that has quite effectively hypnotized the masses.   Most naive, gullible, mind-controlled Americans deeply asleep in their induced cognitive dissonance will scoff and jeer at the mere mention of the idea that massively destructive storms such as Hurricane Sandy can not only be CREATED, but can be magnified and its path of destruction actually directed at will. 
After all, storms such as Hurricane Sandy are simply “Acts of God”, right?  

No, the startling TRUTH is that they are today better described as Acts of Reprobate Humans Playing God!
It is imperative for the reader of this blog to look at the evidence for such an indictment with an open, objective mindset.  Follow the evidential links I will provide.  Weigh the preponderance of evidence and then use simple LOGIC to put the pieces together.   In short, I am asking you to be a member of an independent Citizen’s Grand Jury ~ and see if indeed there is enough evidence to indict the potentially guilty parties.

First of all, we need to establish, without ANY REASONABLE DOUBT ~ the very basic, foundational premise of the accusation ~ that a nation-state can indeed employ technology to create and then direct a massive “Frankenstorm’ such as “Sandy”.    Let’s begin there.

The average American is blissfully unaware that a man named Nicola Tesla successfully demonstrated a device and a process for precise “weather modification” to various world leaders back in the early 1920’s.   For obvious reasons, Tesla’s device and process was immediately stamped “Above Top Secret” ~ imagine the POWER such a technology could bring to the world’s “Military-Industrialist Complex”.   

Sadly, not only did Tesla share his device with American military brass, the Russian Bolshevik leaders also received the technology from their Wall Street compatriot “Zionist” agents ~ and they quickly began perfecting Tesla’s science and technology during the 1930’s and 40’s.

Then came the “Cold War” years.   The Soviet Bloc, ruled by Communist Jews, had established their satellite rogue nation-state called Israel in the Middle East in 1948.  Aided by the French Zionists, Israel became a nuclear-armed nation 16 years later in 1963 as they successfully built their Dimona nuclear weapons facility against the vociferous objections of President John Kennedy. 

Aided by their Soviet Jew brethren, there is little doubt that Israel not only built nukes, but also became the epicenter of weather modification applications and international BLACKMAIL operations.  It is also highly likely that Kennedy’s position demanding Dimona international inspections was the primary factor leading to his assassination by joint MOSSAD and CIA hit men.

I know ~ I know ~ I can hear the cognitive dissonance at work in you, the reader’s brain.

“This is the WILDEST, CRAZIEST “Conspiracy Theory” I have ever heard.”

  It’s just plain “nuts”.

After all, Israel is “God’s Chosen Nation” and the world’s Jews are “God’s Chosen People”, right?
One must understand and consider that one of the most blatantly under-reported major news stories in the entire world during the decade of the 70's was the United Nations Treaty on Weather Modification techniques and deployment.
Yes, that’s right, dear reader ~ there is indeed such a U.N. Treaty. According to a brief history sketch found at we read:
Both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives held hearings, beginning in 1972, and the Senate adopted a resolution in 1973 calling for an international agreement “prohibiting the use of any environmental or geophysical modification activity as a weapon of war….” In response to this resolution, the President ordered the Department of Defense to undertake an in-depth review of the military aspects of weather and other environmental modification techniques. The results of this study and a subsequent interagency study led to the U.S. Governments decision to seek agreement with the Soviet Union to explore the possibilities of an international agreement.

During the summit meeting in Moscow in July 1974, President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev formally agreed to hold bilateral discussions on how to bring about “the most effective measures possible to overcome the dangers of the use of environmental modification techniques for military purposes.”

Three sets of discussions were held in 1974 and 1975, resulting in agreement on a common approach and common language.

In August 1975, the chief representatives of the U.S. and the Soviet delegations to the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament (CCD) tabled, in parallel, identical draft texts of a “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques.”

The Convention defines environmental modification techniques as changing ~through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes ~ the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydro-sphere, and atmosphere, or of outer space. Changes in weather or climate patterns, in ocean currents, or in the state of the ozone layer or ionosphere, or an upset in the ecological balance of a region are some of the effects which might result from the use of environmental modification techniques.

Intensive negotiations held in the CCD during the spring and summer of 1976 resulted in a modified text and, in addition, to understandings regarding four of the Treaty articles. These were transmitted to the U.N. General Assembly for consideration during the fall session.

Article I sets forth the basic commitment: “Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party.” An understanding defines the terms “widespread, long-lasting or severe.” “Widespread” is defined as “encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometers”; “long-lasting” is defined as “lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season”; and “severe” is defined as “involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets.

During the 1976 fall session, the U.N. General Assembly held extensive debate on the draft Convention, including several resolutions relating thereto. On December 10, the General Assembly adopted a resolution by a vote of 96 to 8, with 30 abstentions, which referred the Convention to all member nations for their consideration, signature, and ratification, and requested the U.N. Secretary-General to open the Convention for signature.

The U.N. Secretary-General officiated at the signing ceremony in Geneva on May 18. The United States joined 33 other nations in signing the Convention. The Convention entered into force on October 5, 1978, when the 20th state to sign the Convention deposited its instrument of ratification. President Carter transmitted the Convention to the Senate on September 22, 1978.

The Senate gave its advice and consent to ratification on November 28, 1979, by a vote of 98-0. The President ratified the Convention December 13, 1979. The Convention entered into force for the United States on January 17, 1980, when the U.S. instrument of ratification was deposited in New York.”
Pretty shocking isn’t it?   If you are interested, you can read the full text of the Treaty here:  UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty

Of course, the lying apologists for the Reprobate State (Israel) will declare, and want you to believe, that this treaty was merely a hypothetical exercise ~ an agreement to never develop such Dr. Strangelove weaponry.  

No, no, no, dear reader ~ the fact is that massively effective “weather control” technology was most definitely refined and available during the decade of the 60’s, and President Nixon’s Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon clearly saw the real and present danger such weaponry posed to the entire planet.   

Do you really believe that the United Nations would spend such massive time, energy, and money on a treaty to outlaw a hypothetical, mere possibility?  Of course not.

Consider also the Op-Ed admissions of Senator Pell entitled:  “United States and Other World Powers Should Outlaw Tampering with Weather for Use as War Weapon”, Editorial by Senator Claiborne Pell, D-Rhode Island, The Providence Journal Bulletin, 1975.

“The U.S. and other world powers should sign a treaty to outlaw the tampering with weather as an instrument of war. It may seem farfetched to think of using weather as a weapon ~ but I’m convinced that the U.S. did, in fact, use rainmaking techniques as a weapon of war in Southeast Asia.”
Did you get that, dear reader? 

Senator Pell admitted publicly that the United States military used Weather as a secret Weapon during the Vietnam War!!!
The U.N. treaty we discussed above was passed one year after this article appeared quoting Senator Pell. Now, let us hear some more from Senator Pell’s Letter:
“We need a treaty now to prevent such actions ~ before the military leaders of the world start directing storms, manipulating climates, and inducing earthquakes against their enemies.

The basic idea of environmental warfare is simple ~ if a nation can learn to trigger natural events it can inflict terrible damage on an enemy through rainfall, flooding, tidal waves, earthquakes, and even climate changes that could devastate an enemy nation’s agriculture.” [Ibid.]
In one single paragraph, Senator Pell confirmed the simple truth: 

that weather control
 is a reality and
that it can indeed be used 
as a weapon against an enemy.

At this point, we need to clarify a very necessary ingredient required for a capability to be transformed into an effective weapon ~ the weather creation capability needs to be exactly controlled so it will strike the target precisely. Otherwise, the capability is worthless; therefore, weather weaponry must be able to be precisely controlled!  Is this possible?

Consider the following articles in the Wall Street Journal:

By Chen May Yee, Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, November 13, 1997, page A19.

“KULA LUMPUR ~ Malaysia’s war on smog is about to get a new twist. The government wants to create man-made cyclones to scrub away the haze that has plagued Malaysia since July. 

‘We will use special technology to create an artificial cyclone to clean the air’, said Datuk Law Hieng Ding, minister for science, technology and the environment.

The plan calls for the use of new Russian technology to create cyclones ~ the giant storms also known as typhoons and hurricanes ~ to cause torrential rains, washing the smoke out of the air.

The Malaysian cabinet and the finance minister have approved the plan, Datuk Law said. A Malaysian company, BioCure Sdn. Bhd., will sign a memorandum of understanding soon with a government-owned Russian party to produce the cyclone. 

“Datuk Law declined to disclose the size of the cyclone to be generated, or the mechanism. ‘The details I don’t have’, he said. He did say, though, that the cyclone generated would be ‘quite strong’. Datuk Law also declined to disclose the price of creating the cyclone.”
This article, printed in the Wall Street Journal, reports that Malaysia is ordering a cyclone just as someone might order some office furniture from a mail-order catalog!
We also learn from this that the Russians (and of course, the Bolshevik Israelis) have the capability of creating such a huge storm for money.
Also, it should be mentioned that the term “cyclone” in Malaysia is synonymous with “mild typhoon” ~ or “mild Hurricane” in America. 

So what this article is declaring is that a MILD HURRICANE (tropical cyclone) could be CREATED, then remotely steered or controlled so that it would come close enough to Malaysia to clear away the haze that was bedeviling that nation, but not so close it would cause any major “collateral” damage.

Further, the nations close to Malaysia are not quoted as being overly concerned that this most powerful of storms might accidentally hit their shores.  HMMMM!

This one article is quite illuminating to say the least, and it opens up all sorts of questions about our incredible and unprecedented hurricanes in America over the last decade.

Five years earlier, the Wall Street Journal, on October 2, 1992, reported that a Russian/Israeli-based company called “Elate Intelligent Technologies, Inc.,” sells highly technical weather control equipment by using the advertising slogan, “Weather Made to Order”.

This motto is even on their business cards! The commercial Director of Elate, Igor Pirogoff, stated that
“Elate is capable of fine-tuning the weather patterns over a 200 square mile area for as little as $200 U.S. per day”.
Is it just coincidence that this 200 square mile effective range is the same range as the new GWEN towers covering America today?

This Wall Street Journal article also quoted Mr. Pirogoff as actually bragging that Hurricane Andrew in 1992 could have been decreased “into a wimpy little squall” by their technology offered for sale!!   Amazing!  

In case you may have forgotten, Hurricane Andrew was so powerful that it caused several billion dollars worth of damage, killed a number of people, and destroyed or altered the lives of tens of thousands as it hit the Carolina coast with a vengeance.

Now, we learn that Russian and Israeli high-tech appliances offered for sale to the highest bidder could have turned Andrew into a little harmless squall??   

Once again, the implications of this are staggering.

Finally consider the following brochure published by the U.N. in the year 1994.  Its title”   “Basic Facts About the United Nations”, United Nations pamphlet, 1994.

On the inside of the front cover, this pamphlet enthusiastically recounts some of the agreements the United Nations has negotiated with the nations of the world that supposedly makes this world a better place in which to live. Incredibly, the U.N. Treaty governing Weather and Climate Control is listed as the second most noteworthy accomplishment of the entire U.N. history, under the year, “1977?.

“1977 ~ The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. ENMOD Convention prohibits the use of techniques that would have widespread, long-lasting or severe effects through deliberate manipulation of natural processes and cause such phenomena as earthquakes, tidal waves, and changes in climate and in weather patterns.”
This pamphlet states clearly and boldly that certain nations do indeed possess Weather Warfare capability, and then lists some of the various individual capabilities.

Aren’t we fortunate that the political leaders of the world have signed a piece of paper in Geneva Switzerland forbidding nations from using these weapons against each other?
Let’s take a quick look at the list of nations who have either signed, ratified, or acceded to this international agreement.   According to Wikipedia:
“As of 2012, 76 states have ratified or acceded to the treaty, most recently Cameroon on 18 April 2011.  A further 17 states have signed but not ratified the treaty. “
So, Cameroon becomes a party to this treaty just last year, agreeing to not engage in Weather Control technology.   Take a good, long look at the list of nations signing and agreeing to this most vital important treaty.    Egypt signed on in 1982.  

Syria, Iran, and Iraq signed immediately in 1977 ~ but have failed to ratify.  I suspect the primary reason for their not ratifying is that the Reprobate State of Israel is notably absent from the list of signatory nations.  Imagine that!   The supposed friend and lone ally of the U.S. in the explosive Middle East refusing to sign this treaty!!!!

Friends, I submit this is the smoking gun.  
Israel, you see, is completely dependent on getting their potable water from aquifers fed by precipitation from neighboring Arab nations.   Mess with the jet stream with weather modification technology ~ and Israel will wither and die quickly ~ for they are living in a desert!   

Therefore, I submit it is imperative for them to utilize such technology to ensure their very survival.   I submit that is one reason why they are so notably absent from this U.N. treaty. 

I submit another reason, is that they are the primary ABUSERS of this technology.

Consider the declarations of Jew William Koenig in his amazing book titled “Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,”     Just look at the cover of the book, and it speaks volumes.   Look at what is in the “Eye” of the Hurricane ~ the Symbol of Modern Israel!
The Conservative Zionist Shill internet propaganda organ World Net Daily (WND) would have their readers believe that Hurricane Sandy, and many other “Billion Dollar Storms” are judgments from Almighty God who is upset at the United States leaders for daring to even contemplate recognizing Palestine, must less negotiating with them for peace with God’s Chosen Nation ~ Israel.  Talk about a Reprobate Mind, spoken of by the Apostle Paul!!

Here is what WND posted just a few days ago:
“Journalist and White House correspondent William Koenig explained to WND that some of the United States’ most catastrophic storms and events have correlated closely with the nation’s God-defying attempts to divide the land of Israel.

“When we put pressure on Israel to divide their land, we have enormous, record-setting events, often within 24 hours,” Koenig told WND. “Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 ~ we have experienced over 90 record-setting, all-time events as we have acted against Israel. And the greater the pressure on Israel to ‘cooperate,’ the greater the catastrophe.”

Some of Koenig’s examples are startling.

“Hurricane Sandy is expected to come ashore in the Northeast on the 21st anniversary of the ‘Perfect Storm,’” Koenig related. “That record-setting storm devastated the New England coast as President George H.W. Bush co-sponsored the Madrid Conference from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 1991.”

At the Conference, Bush broke from President Reagan’s more pro-Israel policies in the attempt to forge an Arab-Israeli “peace” plan that included recognizing a Palestinian “right” to biblically Jewish lands. But while Bush was in Spain advocating a division of Israel, the “Perfect Storm” ~ so named for the ferociously destructive way in which a cold nor’easter combined with Hurricane Grace ~ was lashing the U.S. seaboard at home.

“The Perfect Storm sent 30-foot ocean waves into Bush’s Kennebunkport home as he was calling on Israel to give up the West Bank (Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem),” Koenig told WND. “The Madrid ‘land for peace’ Conference began the Israeli-Palestinian peace process that Mitt Romney advocated in the debates, even as yet another ‘perfect storm’ is brewing offshore.”

The original Perfect Storm formed on Oct. 28, 1991, and dissipated on Nov. 4 ~ correlating almost perfectly with dates of the Madrid Conference. The storm was blamed for 13 deaths and over $200 million in damages, including those to Bush’s vacation home.

Similarly, Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest and costliest hurricane in U.S. history, hit Aug. 29, 2005; the storm began the day President George W. Bush congratulated Israel for evacuating Gaza and called on the Israelis and Palestinians to move onto his two-state plan.”
Keep in mind, as you read this, that Israel has refused to sign the U.N. Treaty on Weather Modification and Control.

WND continues this insanity by declaring:
Koenig points out that nine of the 10 costliest insurance events in U.S. history followed dramatic calls by U.S. officials for Israel to make land concessions in bids for peace with its neighbors. He points out with startling detail how six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history followed such events. He points out how three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history also followed such developments.

Now Hurricane Sandy is poised off America’s Atlantic coast and threatens to become one of the worst storms in decades. The hurricane has been dubbed “Frankenstorm” by some outlets because it’s expected to reach the coast close to Halloween and forecast models show ~ like the Perfect Storm of 1991 ~ the tropical cyclone could combine with winter weather to morph into a so-called “super storm.”

Reuters reports governors in states along the U.S. East Coast have declared emergencies, with officials urging residents to stock up on food, water and batteries, and the U.S. Navy has ordered all ships in the Norfolk, Va., area, out to sea to ride out the approaching storm.

“We’re expecting a large, large storm,” Louis Uccellini, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Center for Environmental Prediction, told Reuters. “The circulation of this storm as it approaches the coast could cover about the eastern third of the United States.”

The pre-Halloween hurricane is already affecting the presidential race, too, prompting both Mitt Romney and Vice President Joe Biden to cancel scheduled appearances in Virginia Beach. And with early voting already underway in some states, the storm could even affect vote totals.

But how does “Frankenstorm” tie into America’s stance on Israel?

“Both political parties have now accepted, specifically, a two-state solution to peace in the Mideast, dividing Israel’s land between Israel and a Palestinian state,” Koenig told WND. “And now this hurricane story is going to disrupt political campaigning and possibly affect voter turnout for both parties.

“There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes pressure on Israel by the Obama administration, to not act on Iran prior to the election,” Koenig continued, “but the most succinct correlation is that both parties have officially endorsed the two-state solution.”

Koenig also pointed to Romney’s statements at the last presidential debate, when the Republican declared, “Are Israel and the Palestinians closer to reaching a peace agreement? No, they haven’t had talks in two years. We have not seen the progress we need to have.”

Koenig, however, warned that making “progress” on the land-for-peace talks, which would see Israel surrender land to a Palestinian state, is exactly what could be prompting these catastrophic weather “acts of God.”

“From a biblical perspective, the land isn’t to be divided, parceled out or negotiated away. period,” Koenig said. “That’s the land God gave to Israel.

“People say they want peace,” he continued, “but it all comes down to this: No earthly leader has the right to partition Israel, because that was God’s gift to Abraham and his descendants.”

At the time of Hurricane Isaac, WND editor and CEO Joseph Farah wrote a commentary suggesting natural disasters are more often than the world realizes ~ or admits ~ messages from God.

“He’s trying to get your attention. Are you paying heed? What will it take? Will your world have to be turned upside down before you recognize what’s happening? Would even that be enough?” Farah asked.”
I submit that pretty much sums it up, good readers.  

Do you recognize what is TRULY happening? 

That these Reprobate Minds of the Synagogue of Satan are playing God ~ and have so controlled your mind that you are ruled by cognitive dissonance instead of rational reality.

I conclude with the following couplet supposedly penned by Plato:
“Strange times are these in which we live ~ Where Old and Young are taught in Falsehood’s School.  And the One Man who DARES TO TELL THE TRUTH, is called at once, a Lunatic and Fool.”
And finally ~ consider that “Hurricane Sandy” was actually predicted back in 1997 in an “Emergency Drill” based on the 1938 killer Hurricane that some researchers maintain was a demonstration of Tesla’s technology by the Zionist Jews who procured the science.  
Imagine, not only predicting the exact route and development of the “perfect storm” ~ but even the same name? 

Given the evidence exposed in this document, I highly doubt it is all just a coincidence!

I just received this incredible, “smoking gun” document from a trusted source in Washington who understands the subject and how it is controlled by Israel and the “Jews”:

This was authored by NASA Director, Homer E. Newell, a deeply Zionist Jew, educated at Harvard (with ties to Romney’s Bain and Company and the MOSSAD) – according to the website 

This should remove ANY DOUBT as to the reality of weather modification and “climate change” being utilized by Edomites entrenched in the U.S. Government during the 60’s and 70’s.

Concerning creating, guiding, and directing massive HURRICANES (Secret Project codenamed Project Storm Fury), we read this on page 28 of the Newell report:
As illustrated by current progress with Project storm Fury, the probability of acquiring a hurricane for modification purp0se at this time seems to be about three storms every two years. Indeed, current efforts have yet to acquire the first such storm well into the second year of operation.

For hurricane studies and possible modification, expensive facilities such as flight research aircraft are required on a seasonal basis, with the understanding that natural variance in the desired weather pattern prohibits a prediction of how long such research must be continued before meaningful results can be expected.

I recommend that the proposed effort by ESSA in the areas of severe storm and hurricane research be supported and pursued vigorously.
This eye-opening report was dated October 1, 1966.   Computers at that time were in their infancy, and Artificial Intelligence was only dreamed of.   I submit it is extremely naive to think that with massive MILLIONS of US tax dollars thrown at this TOP SECRET directive, combined with breakthroughs of computer and ELF (HAARP) technology during the 70's ~ that Edomite “Jews” playing God in their prideful, reprobate mind, manipulating the worlds’ weather, even creating and controlling earthquakes, became extremely easy to accomplish during the 80's.

Tel Aviv Israel is the computer control/technology hub of the planet.  


Especially considering the FACT that Zionist Jews like Homer Newell were at the forefront of the development of the technology as evidenced by this incredibly damning 1966 document?

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