Saturday 10 November 2012


 Paula Broadwell: Step #2: How to publicize and create a best seller. 
I detect a self-satisfied smirk and a seamy innuendo here.
I also smell the distinct betrayal known as the honeypot trap.
How about you?
General David Petraeus. 
Certainly no angel. But this whole deal stinks to the high heavens.
The morality issue is totally ludicrous when one considers what goes on behind closed doors amongst the power elite ~ military and otherwise.



  1. Three points worth considering:

    The woman's maiden name is Krantz (a Germanic and sometimes Jewish name). Who'da thunk it?

    Petraeus was to testify in two days about the Benghazi incident.

    Third, look to see who would likely replace Petraeus... a guy named John Brennan. This was Obama's first choice for the position. He is also the one instrumental in the government's Murder Program (as Arthur Silber puts it).

    Arthur contends that the program, mainly used overseas, is ready to come home to roost and who better to implement it than the author of it.

    As Silber says: It's not about sex. It's NEVER about the sex.

  2. Being balls deep in the machinations of the zionist foreign policy as CIA director, refusing to lie like Powell did at the coming Benghazi investigation, he took the honeytrap excuse to get out of Dodge.

    What a load of shite; Petreus, his mistress, Obama, USA, israel, Rothschild.

    End private usury fiat fractional money and end the control of the zionists over the whole bloody world.

    We don't want a zionist world order of 1% rulers and 99% slaves.

  3. I think you are right Mouser. And, surprise surprise, the lady seems to be, I need to check further, Jewish. No surprise there!

  4. Beulahman, thank you for that information. Nothing here surprises me... It is just so damn unoriginal! A sex scandal?! You are so right that it is never about the sex.

    I suppose lots of the Christian Zionists buy into this stuff.


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