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Uprooted Palestinians October 7, 2012  
I don't mean the other son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, working now on a movie about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), because it "is the time to expose the real nature of Islam, as a religion of war.

I mean the traitor who stabbed Syria in the back, and declared Erdogan, the NATO slave a leader of 1.5 billion Muslims.

As an ex-supporter of Hamas, I wonder if the Mossad attempt to kill Mishaal was a deception operation designed to polish and prepare him for what he did the last two years, and will do on the coming future

 a Jordanian journalist told McGeough.
‘The man who died that day was Abu Marzook.
Nobody wanted to talk to moderate Abu Marzook (Known as MR. CIA)
after that ~ it was Mishal, Mishal, Mishal.’

Was it Luck as McGeough claimed??

I shall not be surprised to know the day they tried to kill Mishaal the leader (MR. MOSSAD) was born by two midwives, NETANYAHO and KING Hussain.

Hussain died in 1999 and Mishaal was deported from Syria on the same year. Was it a coincidence or the right time to plant Mr. Mossad in Syria?
Khaled Meshaal attended conference of Nato's Sultan ruling party. At the conference, Erdogan, Mursi and the ungrateful son of Hamas declared their shared intentions of stepping up pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down and supporting the "Syrian uprising"s  ~  a  terrorist movement financed and trained by Usrael and its its allies to weaken Syria,
Following the "successful" uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Egypt’s brotherhood has been a strong critic of Assad and his government, calling them an “oppressive regime.”

Few days ago Mursi said he would send over 100,000 soldiers to Jordan’s Jordanian-Syrian borders, ready to fight the Syrian Arab Army. Mursi is willing to fight Syria who once upon a time was one country

Egypt urgently needs another Jamal Abdul Nasser who in 1967, though not ready for war, did not hesitate to mass his forces in Sinai to support Syria, the cave of Palestinian resistance.

Mishaal himself closed Hamas’ Damascus offices and moved to Qatar, that has strongly backed the Islamist's terrorist fighting to overthrow the Assad regime.

In 1999, upon the Zionist master the plane carrying Khaled Mishaal, the ungrateful son of Hamas, was sent back from the skies of Doha and Ankara and Cairo all rejected him when he was kicked out and expelled from Jordan and no one dared to receive him except Damascus.  

After the fall of Baghdad Collin Powell, demanded Assad to kick out Khaled Mishaal or pay for keeping him. President Assad responded saying that Khaled Meshaal will leave Syria only to go back to his home in Palestine.

Less than two years ago, Syria, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah were part of the“axis of resistance” against Israel and the United States.

Hamas leaders have left Syria for Egypt, where their allies in the Muslim Brotherhood have taken power in elections following the successful uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak
In his speech, the ungrateful son of Hamas declared cutting the ties with resistance axis and swore loyalty to the Turkish leader in a clear bias to Turkish side in the grinding conflict going on in the region, and where there is no interest for the Palestinians and the Palestinian resistance to side with a member of the NATO having political, economical and military agreements with Israel.
Mishaal's speech reflected Erdogan's aspiration to restore the glory of the Ottoman's Empire and his desire to lead the Muslim world.
During his speech in Cairo, Erdogan claimed that crying of Palestinian children in Gaza breaks the heart in Ankara, although crying Palestinian children never ceased.

In his speech in Ankara, Erdogan did not mention a word about Israeli occupation, settlements, the Judaization of Jerusalem, and the Gaza blockade; neither Erdogan nor Khaled Mishaal asked Mohammad Mursi Mubarak the to break the siege of Gaza, although voices against the policies of Egypt after the "revolution" began increasing in the Gaza Strip.

Mishaal turned a blind eye to Mursi destroying tunnels used to smuggle supplies into the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip, 
Turkish hostility towards Syria is increasing day by day, especially after Erdogan failed to drop Syrian regime.

The Syrian Steadfastness broke Erdogan's expansion dreams and his desire to repeat the experience of "Ottoman" Empire. Despite all the support he got from Qatar, Saudis, Libya, March 14 movement, Al Qaeda and Salafi Movements and his western Zionist masters, the Turks failed in all fields, starting with Jisr Al-shagur, and ending with the battle of Aleppo, which turned into open battle between Syria and Turkey.

The terrorist's declaration that Battle of Aleppo is a battle of life and death, confirms that Aleppo is "the mother of all battles" for Erdogan and his USRAELI brothers, and the other "Son" of Hamas.

The winner of the battle of Aleppo shall decide the fate of fight Syria for decades to come, either Syrians restore their sovereignty over their land, or open the Syrian gate for the NATO appointed neo-ottoman Sultan to realize his dream and extend his influence over large areas in the Arab world, as the new guard for "Israel" and the Western interests in the region.

The Syrian national media attacked the traitor saying ”Syria embraced Mishaal like an orphan looking for shelter after other countries shut the door in his face.
"As long as you are in an emotional state regarding the suffering of the Syrian people, Meshaal, why did you not give the same due attention to the people of Palestine … in occupied territories?”.
On the anniversary of the liberation of Al-Quds by Salahudin, Meshaal said without naming Syria that the Hamas does not forget who supported and stood by it, but the movement can only be with the aspirations of the people for freedom (islamist's terrorist ) and it cannot compromise their blood.  

Hamas is a resistance movement and it will never change its resistance option and it will continue resisting (THE RESISTANCE) despite the international (RESSISTANCE) pressures, he said.

The ungrateful son of Hamas who can't comprise the blood of Islamist's thugs fighting to destroy Syria compromised rivers of Palestinian Blood including the blood of Ahmad Yasin, Ranitii, Said Seyam, comprised the right of return of millions of Palestinian refugees.
Palestine map as recognized by Hamad

Why not??

Hamad of Qatar, selected him to succeed Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the current NATO Mufti, to supervised the American International brotherhood's network.

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