Friday 9 November 2012


to which all branches of Socialism necessarily adhere,

was originated by Jew Karl Marx,
 himself of rabbinical descent

and has been dominated by them 
from the beginning.

Marx did not actually originate anything;

he merely “streamlined” Talmudism 
for Gentile consumption.”

~ Elizabeth Dilling

THIS movie, dear readers, presents the New World Order agenda of the elite; it is the Talmudic agenda to a “t”. Communism. 

"Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism."
~ "Red Rabbi" Stephen Wise, 1935

Last May I posted the contents of what I felt to be essential for anyone interested in the true, unrevised, version of modern history. The book is “Under the Sign of Scorpion” by Juri Lina found here:

To continue the book, links to the rest can be found in the column to the right under May 2012. 
However, a few days ago I came across this book in film form over at the blog of Northerntruthseeker. The movie form of the book is retitled IN THE SHADOW OF HERMES.

Last night I sat down to watch it in its entirety. It is all in subtitles and at times you must be quick to catch the text. The visuals are quite a distraction from reading fast enough. You might plan to watch it twice. Once for the text and once for the images ~ in that order.


Even though I knew much of the material presented, had read the book, this movie has changed everything for me. Seeing it made it all the deeper an impression.  I will not look at anything I know about 20th century politics the same again. ~ and I am not naïve when it comes to these matters. 
It is how Lina has organized this voluminous amount of material and the overwhelmingly painstaking documentation presented along with the history he relates. It has been some time since I was exposed to information that forces me to adjust my viewed the world on many levels. 
In the long run, it all boils down to new respect for evil and a deeper insight into its mechanisms.
Watch this movie and you will understand FEMA camps. You will understand so very very much, including the workings of Wall Street and the bankers. The comparisons to what is happening today in America should open your eyes.

The history you are about to see will not be forgotten and will open your eyes significantly. It is time we reclaim the truths of the past, not what the victors and propagandists have taught.

Below: Photographs of various Bolshevik Masonic Communist dictators all with their hand in the position that is given to indicate "Master".To learn so much more check out here.

Rabbi Mordechai Levi aka Karl Marx


  1. A stunning film.

    A correction?
    "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism."
    ~ "Red Rabbi" Stephen Wise, 1935

    According to it was actually Rabbi Isaac M. Wise who said it.

  2. Winston, I am sorry to say, got this one wrong.Just poke the quote into Google and see who comes up.

    I have been aware of this quote and used it dozens of times and, because I could never remember if it is "wise" or "weis" looked it up for accuracy.

    Each time, and in Wiki as well, Stephen is credited with this expression.

    If you have studied this man as I have in the past, it certainly fits to his actions and traitorous ways in the first half of the last century.


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