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Women are not allowed to sit in the front of buses when there are Hasidic men aboard.

OK I am a glutton for punishment. I hope you are too, dear Readers. For fun, yes I have my sick moments, I googled "Hasidic chic" and the following are just some of the images that came up. These are as bad as the men in dresses fad these same designers were pushing a few years ago. 

There are no accidents ~ ever ~ nor is there this presentation of Talmudic fashion into the eye of the public without some thought behind it. Yep, call me paranoid, but fashion is often used to shape mindset as well as to set trends and keep the goyim buying retail. I have included commentary that accompanied the photos wherever possible.

Bonus: I am sure the sight of tifillin as a fashion statement gave many a rabbi an unorthodox shock!

Readers' Guide:

Fashion Show

No self-respecting Hasid would wear a tight, sharkskin gray suit and, horror of horrors, white shoes with an ill-fitting Borsalino. But that’s the whole point of this loony look, mixing the traditional with the avante garde.

The arba kanfot are turned into an item of fashion, and the hat is a witty take on a Hasidic spodek, most notably worn by the Gerer Hasidim. (Dancing rabbis)

I confesses to a weakness for the Hasidic shtreimel, a round hat made of fur that can be enormously expensive. We hope that PETA members take one look at this article of clothing and feel their heads explode.

Above: Korean-born Gunhyo Kim, a graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Arts and an assistant to designer super-star Dries Van Noten, was inspired by Antwerp’s Hasidic Jewish community. He takes a traditional arba kanfot, an article of clothing mandated by the Torah (Numbers 25:37–41 and Deuteronomy 22:12) and turns it into… um… something else. At least there is no gender confusion with this group.

Only a close study of the hands reveals the gender of  one or two of these models. I doubt the Orthodox would approve. Danish designers Christina Højris Ottosen and Jens Kold-Christensen, from Uncommon Creatures

 Scottish Hasidic

Carnaby tailor apprentice, Hasidic Rabbi Yosel Tiefenbrun

Harlem hasidic?

Southern boy hasidic

Plain ugly genderless graceless Hasidic influenced clothing by Danish designers Christina Højris Ottosen and Jens Kold-Christensen, from Uncommon Creatures

Hasidic fashion blunder

Great cheekbones, man.... nice gold star too!
John Galiano who, in the early 1990's "shook the fashion world" with his avante garde fashion line (Picture and films below), has never been, nor will he ever be, forgiven when he, ironically, destroyed his career years later by a very public verbal attack on a Jewish woman in Paris. The above slam is from February of this year.
Even Abe Foxman got into the controversy by defending Galiano. Foxman pointed out that Galliano was wearing blue, not black like a Hasid, and a gray hat without the standard wide brim.

"This is John Galliano, OK? He dresses eccentric," Foxman said. "He has long hair, they're not peyos" ~ the traditional sidelocks worn by Hasidim.
Foxman said he had personally spent hours talking with Galliano, and that the designer is meeting with a rabbi and studying Holocaust history. He said the designer had even offered to teach fashion to disadvantaged students in Israel.

"I think this is a malicious distortion, either to continue to destroy this man or to sell newspapers. Take your choice," Foxman said.

"I'm in the business because I believe people can change their hearts and minds, otherwise why bother?" he added. "This is destroying this man again."
ED Noor: Does anyone else find this as hilariously pathetic as I do?


 Galiano's fashion line.

Snooty sneering sartorial Hasidic. Love the halo. He rather needs Spock ears, don't you think?

Ricardo Seco’s fall/winter collection.  

 The pants on this gay looking Hasidic read "virgin wool".


 Can anyone really take this outfit seriously?
Polish fashion magazine Viva! Moda used model Greg Nawrat to show off their interpretation of Orthodox Jewish clothing using this season's high fashion menswear. The spread was photographed by Rene Habermacher and features tallit katans and yarmulkes alongside skinny jeans, a printed bomber jacket, and some cloud-patterned pants. Nawrat even uses a tefillin for prayer in some of the pictures from the spread. Bottom shot, notice the imprint of the unwound tifillin on his arm.

A few for the ladies.
The female of the Hasidic species is a less showier creature than the male and as such, also limited in her garb. Here are a few fashion forays for women inspired by Hasidic males. The rabbi look.  

 Recent fashion show in Russia completely based on these silly hats and curls.

But if these images of high fashion bring you despair at the thought of such clothing being the high end clothing lines of the future, these same folks are now bringing you the following fashion look in Paris and Milan. Predictive programming at its best. Yes, it is truly appropriate for these times. It is called ~ wait for it! ~ Homeless chic! Honestly, I wish I were joking, but these folks are serious about this silliness!  Look at this ridiculous haute couture, a mockery of the once fine work by European artistes, and tell me just who is laughing at who ... then ask yourself why.


  1. how queer.

    genetic predisposition ?

    and their progenitor is...?

    certainly the furnaces await and are ready to recieve these


    I hear the rocks and trees screaming...



  2. Thank you for this fashion show extraordinaire. Truly something to admire.

    They just can't hide the Mongolian Khazar, n'est-ce pas?

    Pathetic doesn't cover it.

    1. "They just can't hide the Mongolian Khazar, n'est-ce pas?"

      well put!


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