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As the old saying goes, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!” Little did I know back in 1989 that the famed Republic of Texas was gradually coming under the influence of a surreptitious, foreign influence: Israel. That scab of ignorance was painfully and suddenly ripped off last week when I became aware that the Texas state legislature would be recognizing May 8th officially as “Texas-Israel Day”. My shock and revulsion led to deep anger. How could this be happening in the Lone Star State?

If you are reading this and saying, “Well, I don’t live in Texas or even the US…what does this have to do with me?”, I would say, “Everything, pardner!” Texas is definitely not the only state or country that is experiencing the serpent-like infiltration and subversion of the Jewish power agenda. 

I would advise anyone reading this to begin doing serious research into the history and current presence of Jewish/Israeli lobbying and political maneuverings right in your own backyard! 

Find out if you have Jewish/Israel lobbying groups, chambers of commerce, or any political groups that serve Jewish interests. 

How many Jewish/Zionist representatives sit in your state houses? 

Become familiar with navigating and searching your state’s legislative website for bills, resolutions, and recognitions having to do with Israel and its many “interests”. You may be shocked and horrified at what you find! Now, come with me on my journey to the Texas State Capitol…

After discovering the excellent expose by Martin Hill of, I began to gather as much information as possible regarding what this calumnious, nefarious Texas-Israel Day was all about and who was responsible for it. I stewed and fumed behind my computer for awhile, and then, as Davy Crockett must have felt before the battle at the Alamo, I was suddenly seized by the urge to do something!

This was my “Alamo moment”! I informed several bloggers and truth activists that I intended to travel to Austin on May 8th and hold a protest at the very same time the legislative traitors were in their chambers licking the boots of all things Israel. The message was graciously spread by several people, including Martin, who was responsible for lighting this fire! My only regret is that this protest was rather a last minute effort. I decided that if I were the only person at this protest, then so be it.  

One has to start somewhere. Signs and flyers were created, and plans to meet up with a few faithful souls in Austin were made. It was time to slip on my pointy-toed boots and saddle up my horse (okay, maybe not a horse…more like a Toyota) for the four hour trek to Austin!

I met up with my compatriots (all 3 of them!), Trevor, Ryan, and Carrina, on the Capitol steps around 10 a.m. They were armed with their own great signs, and we began holding them up and passing out educational flyers to anyone who would take them. The Capitol was brimming with activity! Countless people were coming and going. Security guards/police kept a watchful eye from behind their FBI-like shades. 

For those that have never been to Austin (home of Kinky Friedman and the motto “Keep Austin Weird”), it is a bustling, multicultural metroplex which is home to the Capitol and the University of Texas. Clearly, it attracts all kinds of ambitious political, business, and educational movers and shakers. Austin has a very bohemian flavor, and on any given day, one will encounter slick-haired suited men, foreign academicians, guitar-toting musicians, and various forms of hippies, all in the same square block! We encountered all of those on the Capitol grounds, and more.

Our main goal in protesting Texas-Israel Day was to inform and educate people as to the undue influence of an untrustworthy foreign country over the state, and how our slithering politicians are embracing this with open arms. The flyers we passed out stated, “You MUST learn the truth…about Israel’s influence on America and the world…about Judaism, Zionism, The Talmud, etc.”. It listed a large variety of excellent websites, books, and videos where they could learn the real truth about these topics. Our signs included messages such as:

~ NO Wars for Israel…NO Texas Contracts to Israeli Companies

~ Israel is NOT our friend (listed USS Liberty attack, Lavon Affair, etc)

~ Learn about the REAL Israel (listed top internet sites)

~ Excerpts of Washington’s Farewell Address warning about the dangers of foreign entanglements)

How did people respond, you ask? There were a variety of interesting reactions. This is where it becomes very telling! In general, the most receptive or already aware were young people, minorities, Europeans, and Near and Far Easterners. The stereotypical “average Texan” was horrifyingly NOT interested, and sometimes seemed to shy away from our engagement with trembling and revulsion. I can’t tell you how many times, when asking people if they were interested in learning about Texas-Israel Day and the true Israel, they nonchalantly and apathetically said, “No”. Period. End of story.

But the “Obnoxious and Arrogant Prize” definitely went to the constant stream of Dapper Dans in all of their suit-and-tie glory! When the same questions were asked of them, they simply pretended that we did not exist, and scurried on their highfalutin’ and imperious way. Of course, they had deals to cut, Texans to sell out, and boots to lick…they couldn’t be bothered with hard-hitting TRUTH! We encountered those who were curious, receptive, supportive, and appreciative. That was encouraging. We also encountered those that were disinterested, disapproving, or in denial. Not surprising!

I can proudly say that we conducted ourselves in a decent, intelligent, and effective way. We even had one policeman compliment us on our peaceful and educational approach. Trevor and Ryan were sharp-shooting, rapid fire machines when engaging with people!

One humorous incident occurred when a man approached us stating he was an “ardent Zionist” (he was obviously Jewish). He insisted upon having a circular debate about WWII and the Holocaust with Trevor. His tactics and mannerisms were typical, and it soon became apparent that the conversation was futile. We laughed and shook our heads afterwards.

We protested continuously until about 4 pm, took a needed break, and resumed until close to 6 p.m., as activity and traffic were dissipating. We vowed to continue monitoring the Texas-Israel situation and to expose, inform, and engage as many people as possible through future protests and educational campaigns. We WILL be back, and we will summon even more Texans who want to help combat the cancerous, growing tumor that is Israeli/Zionist/Jewish domination!


Lisa Webb, Successfully Assimilated Texan

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