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"The Jews will fight the Germans 
to the last drop of English blood".
By Anonymous
December 18, 2008

ED Wes Penre: This very respected and well researched (often first hand) correspondent wishes to be anonymous at this point to protect family and friends. He has had personal threats directed towards him because of his research. 

Rabbi Louis Jacobs was a very accomplished man and an advisor to Britain's cold war think tanks. He was an unusually moderate man and not a Christian hater as many rabbis are, and I truly believe this man with his depth of understanding and compassion to be the greatest of the modern rabbis.

I love Jewish humour with its clever self deprecation and he introduced me to the great comedian Harry Levine, of "shad dap harry" fame, and it was Harry before his death who told me so much of the wartime Jewish underground and its colossal achievements.
Many in the newspaper and TV industry subscribe to the Sannyanin, or Jewish Underground, and there is much talk presently of a plan to sue the Roman Catholic Church because it claims the church did not do enough to help Jews during WW II, plus 70 years interest on this money. The idea is to bankrupt the church and ruin it.
Charles Augustus Lindberg was an influential pacifist and celebrity aviator in thirties U S A and he was a thorn in the side of the warmongers who wanted Americas involvement in the war. Lindberg was warned many times to stop urging the US to stay out of the war, and Charles Augustus Lindberg Jr., the toddler son of the aviator was abducted on March 1st 1932 and murdered.

Harry Levine was not only a comedy writer for other comedians; he wrote propaganda for the wartime Rockefeller institution in Manhattan, and claimed inside knowledge that the kidnap and murder of the little boy was on their orders. A nice patsy was found in the name of Bruno Hauptman who was later electrocuted. Lindberg was among the large throng who believed in the mans innocence.

Rockefeller had 3000 agents who alongside William Stephenson of "a man called intrepid" fame working secretly to bring America into a war it did not want. Huge profits could be made, and indeed were; loans to Britain were finally paid back in 2006.

Henry Ford refused to take sides and was labelled and attacked as anti-Semitic.

The Hollywood screenwriters’ assoc, a communist front organisation, had its phones tapped and its mail opened, while President Roosevelt quietly condoned its activities, and when he was in a wheel-chair his wife Eleanor was blackmailed over her promiscuity by the Jewish underground working for Stalin.

Harry told me that Alger Hiss was kingpin to 100 spies round the huge Manhattan project, and that the Rosenbergs were still revered in Tel-Aviv today for their achievements.

Alexis Carrol had intimate links with the Rockefeller institute, and was concerned for his safety after giving statements which cross correlate with much of this and other illegal activities to the FBI.

I once saw Harry Levine give a charity show at a Jewish old folks home, and my stomach ached through laughing, it was often said he could have them laughing at a funeral. And that's just what happened with the Hindenburg tragedy, the giant German airship landing in the USA with its huge swastika on its stern. This was too much for some, and on March 16th 1937, it exploded on its arrival at Lakeside, New Jersey. Intricate searches after the tragedy showed no sign of a bomb, and Captain Ernest Lehmann kept an open mind until his death. Several Jewish pop songs and a short satirical film by Stan Cohen also claim it as an underground hit.

I asked Harry Levine if this was true and why?
He explained that after WW I Jews bought into Germany in a big way, houses, land, artwork jewellery all for knock down prices. 
Along came Mr. Hitler who took it all back for the German people, and he also took the economy out of Jewish control, so in 1933 the Jews began to emigrate to New York and London, where the underground was instructed to change their names, assimilate, infiltrate and influence.
Robert Maxwell, the publisher, was a classic case, and held a high position in the Jewish Underground. He claimed in a long talk at his beautiful home at Headingham Hall, that they then began fifth column activities to successfully push Britain and the U S A into a war with Germany. Using blackmail and bribery on Winston Churchill to achieve it, Herbert Morrison, the Home office minister, was overheard by an undercover informant to say;
"The Jews will fight the Germans 
to the last drop of English blood".
Sir Robert Mark, while assistant police commissioner, asked Scotland Yard detective John Morrison to investigate claims and supervise covert wire taps on Gerry Cohen, the London communist organiser, on Jewish underground and Soviet infiltration, manipulation and betrayal of the Labour party, and Mossad sources working in British newspapers said 13 British labour party members were under M.I.5 surveillance. Party chairman Tom Driberg was a senior underground activist of some notoriety with a taste in street boys.

Recent U S presidency contender John McCain, had a gambling addiction, and was both bailed out and blackmailed by Jack Abramoff, the underground A.O.I to get McCain to target Iran for Israel, whole conversations were wiretapped and stored at Forest Hill.

Hilary Clinton was secretly filmed in lesbian romps with what looks on film to be schoolgirls; President Clinton was honey-trapped by Monica Lewinsky, a Mossad plant, to toe the line.

Worldwide Israeli agents mainly from Mossad, use contaminated software and virus implants in a huge computer operation called "Horserace" to alter change and subvert intelligence data, mainly in the U S A.

Spy Jonathan Pollard claimed to D I A interrogators that Israel controlled British and U S foreign policy, particularly over Iraq. Military computer operators are known in Mossad documents as "black hat backers" and are building to manipulate U S and British soldiers as surrogate armies to attack Iran and Syria.

There are so many soviet FSB operatives in Britain now in the huge eastern European communities, imported in by Tony Blair, that British intell cannot cope. GCHQ have to switch listeners as mafia agents have dual Russian Israeli passports, and switch languages frequently.

The British were warned off investigating the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, when the chairman of the Joint Intelligence committee, (J.I.C.) Alex Allan was found poisoned and beaten.

The situation now, where underground figures such as Peter Mandleson and the Milliband brothers have senior British cabinet positions is very worrying, never have so many intelligence personnel been off work with depressive illnesses as they see Britain forced into the coming Armageddon, while we sleepwalk into oblivion.

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  1. The poor Brits are as infiltrated as the poor Americans, the poor Germans, Australians, Canadians, ad infinitum. But it seems the so called 'Jewish Underground' is becoming more and more above ground, detectable and visible even to the half blind.

    Litvinenko's story was written by one Alex Goldfarb together with Marina Litvinenko , Sasha's wife, in 'Death of a Dissident'. Of course, they blame his poisoning on 'shpana' (juvenile delinquent) Vlad Putin.

    L. was good friends with Berezovsky who was a good friend of 'philanthropist' George Soros who shorted the pound and made a billion dollars in one day ...

    But, muchos gracias Noor, for reminding me of Wes Penre. Haven't thought about him in a couple of years.


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