Wednesday 22 May 2013


Religious freedom report from State Department cites concern about leaders of Venezuela, Iran, and Egypt condoning anti-Semitism, verging on ‘desecration and violence’. Personally, I see this as good news. What these folks call anti-semitism, such a misleading misnomer there never was before, I call common sense and standing by the truth.

May 22, 2013

The State Department appointed a special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism around the world Monday as a new report documents a global increase in incidents of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

Ira Forman, former CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council, was named special envoy as the State Department released its annual report on religious freedom around the world. Forman replaces Michael Kozak, who had served in an acting role after Hannah Rosenthal stepped down last year.

The 2012 report on religious freedom said expressions of anti-Semitism by government officials, religious leaders were of great concern, particularly in Venezuela, Egypt and Iran. At times, such statements led to desecration and violence, the report said.

“When political leaders condoned anti-Semitism, it set the tone for its persistence and growth in countries around the world,” the report said.

In Venezuela, government-controlled media published numerous anti-Semitic statements, particularly in regard to opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, a Catholic with Jewish ancestors, the report said.

In Egypt, anti-Semitic sentiment in the media was widespread and sometimes included Holocaust denial or glorification, the report said. The report cited an Oct. 19 incident in which Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said “Amen” after a religious leader stated, “Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters.”

The Iranian government regularly vilified Judaism, and vandals in Ukraine desecrated several Holocaust memorials, the report said. Vandals in Russia painted a swastika on a fence at a St. Petersburg synagogue and on a synagogue wall in Irkutsk.

“Even well into the 21st century, traditional forms of anti-Semitism, such as conspiracy theories, use of the discredited myth of “blood libel” and cartoons demonizing Jews continued to flourish,” the report said.

Secretary of State John Kerry called the report a “clear-eyed, objective look at the state of religious freedom around the world,” and said that in some cases, the report “does directly call out some of our close friends, as well as some countries with whom we seek stronger ties.”

Kerry called the report an attempt to make progress around the world, “even though we know that it may cause some discomfort.”

When countries undermine or attack religious freedom, “they not only unjustly threaten those whom they target, they also threaten their countries’ own stability,” Kerry said at a news conference, calling religious freedom a basic human right. Kerry urged countries identified in the report to take action to safeguard religious freedoms.

Besides anti-Semitism, the report also notes frequent government restrictions on religion and policies that make it hard for citizens to choose or practice their faith.

“Governments that repress freedom of religion and freedom of expression typically create a climate of intolerance and impunity that emboldens those who foment hatred and violence within society,” the report said, singling out China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Cuba, among other countries, for criticism.

The report also cites the use of blasphemy laws to harass, detain and abuse government critics, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. In Saudi Arabia, the report cited incidents in which activists were arrested and charged with apostasy and blasphemy, offenses that carry potential death penalties.

Kerry, who took office earlier this year after incidents highlighted in the report took place, thanked a “broad spectrum” of faith leaders, religious organizations and journalists who participated in the report, many at great personal risk.

“Governments around the globe continue to detain, imprison, torture and even kill people for their religious beliefs,” Kerry said. “In too many places, governments are also failing to protect minorities from social discrimination and violence” against religious groups including Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs.

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said the appointment of Forman as anti-Semitism envoy showed that U.S. resolve to fight anti-Semitism is serious and ongoing. The ADL is confident Forman “will play an important role in ensuring that the significant political will and diplomatic resources of the U.S. are brought to bear to urge foreign governments to take action” against anti-Semitism, Foxman said.


  1. the nadir of hypocrissy...

    how "Jewish" !



    happy celestial events


  2. the current understanding of Jewtopia is that it has a really warm climate year round...well for the indefinite future anyway...

    Jordanian-born Palestinian Christian, Professor Massad began his article by saying the unholy truth: “It’s Jewtopia’s claims that it represents and speaks for all so-called Jews that are the most anti-Semite of all“.
    His statement is not far away from historical truth. For example, Roger Tucker, an American Jewish writer and blogger wrote in March 2009: “Talmudia cannot exist except in a state of war with an external enemy real or contrived .... Those who have lived there in Talmudia, like myself, know full well that absent a unifying enemy, Israeliars would go at one another like cats and dogs and the so-called State [Psychopathic] would quickly dissolve into "JEWTOPIA"...chaos.

    After all, Talmudia is comprised of a stool sculpture deity cult "melting pot" population that is only nominally “Jewish” and has no commonality other than the entirely fictitious Zionist narrative, a resurrected dead allegorical language, and the dubious opportunity to lord it over the untermenschen.

    It is only the demon possessed "Zionist elite" who benefit by this ongoing tragedy – ordinary Israeliars and so-called Jews worldwide are as much victims of this stool sculpture schemata as are the Palestinians.

    They haven’t suffered to anywhere near the same extent yet, but give it time. History has a way of repeating itself, and we all know that what goes around comes around. I can tell you that Jews like myself, who are aware of what has been going on and can see the handwriting on the wall, have no great desire to be up against the wall when the shit hits the fan.



  3. state dept jew run and front lickspittle hagel,holocaust denial ? lol. amelika is allowed to deny it for now in spite of big amelikan paid for museum of holocaust lies and other jew fabulations magnifico.
    “Governments around the globe continue to detain, imprison, torture and even kill people for their beliefs,”(i.e. most of europe for holohoax denial prison terms) Kerry said.laughable if it wasnt sickening he of course is a miscreant blind degenerate or a purposeful anus hole.

  4. Want to read a load of crap from the State Department? Check out the speech below, given last November in Newton, MA. Coincidence?

    U.S. Envoy on Protecting Religious Freedom in Muslim World

    I like the part about the USA and its terrorist NATO allies just had to intervene in Libya to stop the slaughter of civilians.

    BTW, Kerry's real last name is KOHN. Yes, a full-fledged Tribe member.

  5. The Socialist Anti-Semitic Myth of the Creation of Money out of Thin Air


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