Friday 24 May 2013


In the video below by Max Mallone, you too can see camera magic as an older lady in a blue dress poofs into thin air right on camera "raw" footage. How on earth did she manage that? Watch how the entire script changes when he realizes she is coming up behind him. I cannot tell if he became aware of her on his own or if someone alerted him. We may never find out but from that moment, it is obvious that the script goes off kilter.  Simply because Milady Blue needs to get her cream home before tea. And of course he is shot.  

This is basically my first and last word on the topic. No need for discussion really. 

No effing blood? The very graphic images further down the page show the truth of what a real beheading looks like. Remember, beheading is also the approved method according to the Noahide Laws for eradicating gentiles.

Warning. Graphic content below.


Just how real is this?

Yet you are supposed to believe THIS?

In the photographs below you cannot help but note the gore factor not present in the above video.


  1. Indeed, Snips. Can't be a beheading without blood. Like a flood without mud.

    The Jew media is incapable of telling truth about important events.

    Case closed. Appreciate the clear, concise summation. Nick

  2. Those pictures were both useful and necessary.

    "This is basically my first and last word on the topic. No need for discussion really."

    Agreed. It is an open and shut case.


  3. how if the man was killed dead before beheaded there would be no over blood smear and how about so many eye witness,could their mouth to be shut or they were no more than list of the payroll...

  4. Fucking idiots. When a human being is beheaded it is a messy affair WHEN THEIR HEART IS PUMPING! There was ten feet of gore stretching across the road, smeared by the car, and Rigby was dead when he was beheaded.

    Comparing pictures of living men being beheaded to that of a dead man, and calling it suspicious because of a lack of blood, lmao, it is out and out fucking stupid! Conspiracy morons... dragging the West down intellectually since the moon landings.

    1. It is wonderful when folks like yourself, who know everything, come along using the moniker Anonymous, to insult and tell everyone else how stupid they are yet offer no proof to back up what they happen to feel superior about. Oh and use profanity. Thanks.

  5. Understanding such a fundamental fact about the human body, i.e. the heart's relationship to blood pressure, isn't controversial so I'm not sure what kind of proof one could be expected to offer in addition to that contained in the beating heart of every living person, and of all the possible feelings one might ascribe to those possessing this mundane fact, superior is no where in sight. Average, common, universal, perhaps, but superior? Ha


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