Friday 17 May 2013



By John Kaminski

Which thing keeps you awake at night? Which disaster that you can’t do anything about do you choose to worry about?

Seeing your money evaporating before your eyes? 

Wondering why your child was killed by friendly fire? 

Hoping what they say about methane isn’t true, and likely to end all life on this planet in just a few short years?
It makes you feel truly patriotic when you realize the cops can break down your door at any time for any reason and take your life, doesn’t it?
When you finally fall asleep tonight, will you dream of being tazed to death on a Tennessee interstate? 

Of a drug-addicted doctor amputating the wrong leg? 

Or of a drunken judge declaring you a terrorist and ordering a Thorazine injection so that you will never recognize yourself again, like Jose Padilla?

The threats to our continuing survival, our everyday health, and our chances for happiness are so overwhelming, so ubiquitous and so in-your-face every moment of every day, that without some kind of stimulant, some kind of sedative or at least some kind of sheep-counting meaningless distraction mechanism, chances are you’re like more and more people these days ~ lying there staring at the ceiling praying for a good dream to take you away from this nightmare reality.

And it isn’t so much the panic-inducing threats to your continuing existence that keep you from reaching that balmy sanctuary of sleep. Really, it’s the agony of not knowing what to do about any of these atrocities. Stress like this causes cancer, and worse.

People are committing suicide in record numbers, especially in the military.

For most people who can think with a modicum of functionality, the worst of it is the lies, the betrayals, and the deliberate deceptions that everybody ~ and I mean everybody ~ encounters on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

And the worst of those come from our authority figures, the people in whom we place our trust and around whom we attempt to structure our lives. An epidemic of mistrust and lack of faith in our so-called leaders has not only shattered our sleep, but forced us to assess our futures in terms of hours and days rather than years and decades.

Yet, there are faint signs that a revolution is under way. A massive outcry in support of the Second Amendment forced the Congress to derail President Obama’s cynical gun grab.

Even more auspicious are the legislative movements in various states rejecting the Obama’s pathological contentions that he can kill anyone he wants any time he wants. In Missouri, as one example, both legislative houses voted overwhelmingly ~ with a veto-proof majority ~ to tell Obama’s police state goons to go to hell by commanding all state and local cops to not enforce unconstitutional federal gun control laws.

Similar efforts are under way inTexas, Wyoming, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Iowa.

Maybe the biggest slap in the face of the American people in recent memory (although it’s hard to rank them; there have been so many) came from the mealy mouth of Al Gore, recent vice-president and smug Nobel Prize winner, who said he knew all about chemtrails and how bad they were for everyone, when the official government policy practiced by criminal politicians across America was that chemtrails don’t really exist ~ they’re just tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. 

After being misguided and abused by the lies of paid-off politicians throughout our lifetimes, here’s an example of the reward we get for our dedicated patriotic support of the demonic forces that control our country.

The mother of a Seal Team 6 member (you remember Seal Team 6, the ones who supposedly assassinated Osama bin Laden ten years after he died of kidney disease, and then supposedly dumped his body in the Indian Ocean) spoke of suspicious circumstances in her son’s death.
This was their reward ~ a government set-up to get rid of them so they couldn’t talk about the scam. Listen to her outraged description of her dead son’s funeral.

In her words,
“It is now time to change things I can’t accept.”
Seal Team 6 has just about been completely wiped out. 

The latest episode of this apparent attempt to silence everyone involved with the fake murder of the already-dead Al-Qaida honcho involves Hillary Clinton, with the story resurfacing that she was injured in a secret jet crash in Iran, and the pilot of which was Job B. Price, none other than the leader of Seal Team 6 whom the government claimed committed suicide in Afghanistan. 

Then there is also the latest story that no U.S. military personnel witnessed the supposed burial at sea of Osama bin Laden.

As your head spins while you try to go to sleep, you realize that the general condition of the American population at this time is best reflected by a growing trend in Ohio putting people in jail for not being able to pay their debts, including one man sent to jail repeatedly for not paying fines for not leashing his dog. 

The time he spent in jail caused him to lose his job, which meant he couldn’t pay his fines, and kept going back to jail as the money he owed kept growing.

What to do about this growing onslaught?

What remains the best weapon to use against this avalanche of homegrown tyranny was compiled by the late great American patriot William Cooper, who was assassinated by county sheriffs in Nevada as he was gearing up to deconstruct the 9/11 caper back in 2001.

In his meticulous history of the income tax, he revealed that the Internal Revenue Service is illegally constituted and most people are not required to pay income taxes. If you read this document carefully ~ and, as Cooper says, memorize the chronology he has so diligently assembled ~ you can successfully defend yourself against this quintessential federal tyranny that has duped the Americans for a century into paying money to the war machine that they legally don’t have to pay.

This may be the best way to put the federal government tyrants out of business.
According to Cooper, citizens of the 50 United States have never been required to file or pay “income taxes”.
Read the sorry history of a law that was never passed, and smell the stench of typical government scams like phony wars for billionaires that impoverish most Americans, or parents put in jail for homeschooling or refusing vaccinations that still wreak havoc today.

Study it carefully. The day will come, if it is not already here, when this knowledge will become supremely important.
Can anybody say “Tax Strike”!?
ED Noor: At this time I recall the infamous statement by the criminal Alexander Haig, “They can protest all they want so long as they pay their taxes.”

This would be the ultimate no-confidence vote. We can’t count on the politicians to do it, so the people must.

But nowadays, the IRS scam is a relatively minor lie compared to the giant lies of 9/11, the bogus wars, the genetically modified foods and the geoengineering that are poisoning the world, and purchase of ammunition by every department of the government in preparation for a shootout with the American people, whose guns continue to be taken away.

In addition, when you know some of these things and your head hits the pillow at bedtime, there can be no sleep without serious nightmares about your future.

Sooner or later you can only come to one conclusion. That it’s time to fight the criminal traitors who pretend to be our leaders, but who only steal our money, our property and our lives.

There is only one answer. Be who you always dreamed you’d be, who you always wanted to be: defender of hope, arbiter of truth, rescuer of the oppressed, and guilt-free preacher of all that is right and true. Do not accept the lies that ruin your life. If you’re going to die anyway, you might as well check out being the principled hero you always hoped to be, fighting the greatest evil civilization has ever known ~ the United States government.

The time has come to oppose every single thing the government
~ the corrupt Obama-Bush machine ~
orders us to do, by any means necessary.
Of course, if you choose that path, you have a few hard questions to answer.

Like, why do you remain silent about 9/11, the inside job that triggered this cynical neocon war against the world which does not benefit average Americans but only the international bankers who buy our local politicians to help them steal our money? 

Why haven’t you confronted every public official you can find, and demand that he resign and be tried for treason, for covering up the fact that our own government mass-murdered thousands of its own people to promote a sinister political objective?

Or, why do you remain silent while the government approves poison food that makes everyone sick, poison medicines that are put on the market without mandated clinical trials to prove they’re safe, or puts the clamps on radiation news about the radical rise brain-damaging births among California babies that guarantee the retardation of America’s next generation?
If you think you can escape
the consequences of these demonic trends,
you’re a fool and an idiot,
not to mention a traitor.
The principal threat to world peace and our future survival is our own government in Washington. It’s time for the masses to sweep them from power and into jail where they belong.

It must be done before they shut down the money supply, start World War Three, or gas the population, because then the game will really be over. And since they’ve already started all three projects ~ the deliberate evaporation of the currency, the war against everyone in the world, and the chemtrail pollution of the atmosphere ~ you’re running just a little bit late about deciding what to do.

Sleep tight. And sweet dreams.

I hope you survive the avalanche, because many people ~ many millions of people ~ won’t.

ED Noor: I am among the increasing many who have no desire to survive what is to come. Personally I hope the end for me comes swift and furious. But such momentous decisions are not mine to make.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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  1. Language is the KEY...

    Jewish - Bolshevik - Zionist MASS MURDERERS

    ARE NOT GOVERNMENT...or "our" leaders...

    unless one is a BRAINDEADGOY = "JEW" worshipper...

    Kaminski is not a "Christian" follower/believer in the Messiah...who admonished to know the Truth...

    and declared emphatically to "PUT THE JEWS IN THE OVENS"...and the "JEW" worshippers."

    the language is the Key...if the individual wants to know the Truth it is available, however just repeating "JEWISH" lies..."PROGRAMMING" based on fear and doubt...does not provide for the right "VIBES" to overcome all the frightened "JEW" worshipping braindeadgoy who lay awake frightened of the boogie man JACK BOOTED THUGS/COPS/ZOMBIES coming through their door..

    Stop being a repository for "JEW" poo...

    Know Truth...understand the meanings of words

    How do "JEWS" become "JEWS" without a Talmud ?

    Did Abraham really have a Talmud and yuk it up in Yiddish ?

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