Friday 10 May 2013


Dear Readers

Posting has been low this week: I have been laid back battling off bronchitis ~ so far successfully ~ without resorting to antibiotics. This is a proud first in a life that has been plagued with such issues. It has been over two years since I was last ill; that I credit to yoga breathing and more exercise. Heavy doses of various vitamins, a liquid diet, and too much rest (I am getting stir crazy) seem to be working. My family loves it because I am capable of uttering no more than ungodly croaks.

While I am at it, please accept my apologies for being so far behind on posting the chapters of The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins but corrected computer difficulties did not help. So, watch out for Chapter 7, The Civil War, any day now. I am itching to continue that project ~ one learns so much from that wonderful historian.

On a political level there is so much out there to cover these days that it can be truly daunting, not that I have ever really tried, but I have always felt behind the game. To that end, I will attempt a weekly list of articles I just could not get to. That is one reason for the list of blogs to the right for you to check out.

And now for the reason you are really here ~ the Saturday Morning Cartoons at my place. Enjoy and spread them around!

 Funniest of the week. Yep, guess I AM a sick puppy!



 Rabbi with enslaved golem who resembles, in some strange way, the Incredible Hulk.

 The background is a sketch by a 'survivor' and hangs in one of Eli Weisel's Museums. Some wag got silly and played. Read into it what you will.

 Lego does Hell...

 Feminism in sheep's clothing. There is a lot more to this cartoon than is immediately apparent.

Popular Israeli cartoon character, The Acidic Jew

Second place for the weekly coveted HaHa trophy.

I never thought at the time I would miss those days, but I do!

 "He says he can turn the WINE into water!"

Back in the late 1930's and early 1940's my mother was head nurse in caring for these girls, the famous Dionne Quintuplets. Their story is a sad one to be sure. I have albums of images of them being exploited to the point of what would today be termed abuse.




  1. Gute Besserung!

    And thanks for the laughs.

  2. lots of hatred here, to be sure.

    1. You must be looking for it. I don't see it. What is hateful material to you?

  3. "your comment will be visible after approval" - yeah, right as if you are so righteous.

  4. I dunno what that is supposed to mean but I posted it anyhow despite its being totally meaningless coming from an Annon.

    I ain't a snob about being righteous if that is the slam intended. I just do what feels proper and good to do in this nasty ole world of ours.


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