Thursday 24 June 2010


Oh Doggie, if only everyone read and learned from your priceless visions.
This is brilliant. Just Brilliant. As always.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, let’s see. I thought I might give some celebrity to Rense’s eliminating my presence without explanation like so many sites have done. Explanations I do get are never explanations. They are of the variety that ‘someone else is handling that area now’ but I never find out who it is.

I don’t care really, it’s the mystery and the hope that someone will out the truth that even causes me to bring it up. Is that enough of a digressing intro? Can you digress before you even have something to digress from?

Let’s see… Germany is now demanding that MagogkeNazi Nation/ The Rothschild Crime Syndicate Home Office, remove the blockade of Gaza and allow humanitarian aid in. Yes, that’s right, Germany, where Zionist Soviet operatives murdered millions of Germans after the war. Some other things are supposed to have happened there and even before that but I forget what they are. Is that a crime? I’ve forgotten what it was.

Someone mentioned it to me the other day and I didn’t know what they were talking about and now I’ve forgotten it again. Someone said it was some kind of fund raising thing that Israel uses along with a kind of weapon that has some kind of devastating effect on everyone due to something called Media Control and AshkeNazi control of the court system in many countries.

It seems like I remember that it’s a badge of honor to be called something but I can’t remember what that is either. Is it against the law to completely forget it? I can’t remember what it is at all… hologram… holly… holo-something. It doesn’t ring a bell.

Since I’ve forgotten whatever this is, I feel really great, like some kind of blood sucking parasite was removed from the back of my head. It’s been gone since I had that visit from a benevolent alien culture via a flying saucer landing. While we were having beers on my deck, one of the aliens noticed that I had a virtual growth on the back of my head that was sucking out a portion of my life force.

“Let me take care of that” he said. He went back to the ship that was parked on my back lawn and came back with a paddle device that he turned on and moved around the back of my head. It felt like some kind of sound frequency was penetrating my brain and then, suddenly something was gone.

I heard him stomp on something behind me and saw black ooze escaping from beneath his feet. When he lifted his foot (they have big feet) there was something there like the first stage of the creature in that movie Alien where it attaches to the guys face.

He said, “nasty little creatures”. They exist on the planet Sybelian which is somewhere near the Pleadian cluster. This is a planet of insect like beings that look like they’re just come from a Starship Troopers film and apparently they have serious telepathic invasion skills and are exercising a control over world leadership and most of the population on Planet Earth.

OMG YOU just have to be laughing by now! Or is it just to close to our reality?

They’re here because there is a simpatico between them and certain once human types and a third race is being created between their interaction through some sort of cross species sex act which births a hybrid. To hear my alien friends tell it, this is the life form they want to leave on this planet as a controlling entity. They told me that this is taking place on a lot of worlds where the Sybelians contact whatever life forms are moving on a devolutionary track.

One of the aliens hoisted his beer and said, “Visible, thank god there’s a divine ineffable.” They all laughed and one of them said, “Hey we like that even better than your Dynamic Animating Principle that you used to use. It’s hard to get used to calling the Universal Consciousness, DAP.”

They were full of camaraderie because the back of evil had been broken, except for these mind parasites that operated independently, feeding on the brain matter and life force of the host and… a few other things. We had a blast. They had some kind of powder that you snort which felt like a combination of MMDA and Madre De Cristo, Bolivian flake Cocaine (which I haven’t seen in years) and all of us were splendidly fried. It was a celebration after all.

(Laughing so hard I spewed tea on my keyboard. Dry it up later.... )

They kept kidding me about things, asking me questions like, “What happened in World War 2 and I would tell them what I had learned but I kept leaving something out. They would laugh and then ask me if that Chomsky quote over at Rense meant anything to me. Then they would ask me if Alex Jones ever stopped by for a beer. When I didn’t know who that was they would laugh again.

I don’t mind being the butt of a joke especially when the people enjoying it have such fantastic drugs and when they leave me a kilo when they go. It’s been a long time since so many beautiful young women were knocking at my door and asking if they could “come in and unscrew my head and dance on the wires”. I didn’t know what they were talking about.

It’s totally weird now. The town is full of babes from major cities who seem to be dressed only from the waist up or the waist down and they keep yelling at me when I drive by and some are on foot and chase the car. I can’t understand what they’re saying or what they want.

That paddle device really did a number on me but… I feel great.

I keep finding gold and silver coins all the time now, precious jewels and power zones and there are voices in the Earth that tell me there is buried treasure if I only walk or drive so many K in one direction or another but I don’t understand what the payoff is.

There’s this video game I can play in my head now that takes place on the island of Corfu and where I zap these scary spider things called Rothschild’s, like in that Space Invader game and that’s fun for awhile. I keep almost remembering that that name rings a bell but I never can remember.

The aliens told me that there were things that people could do to get this creature to fall off the back of their head without the vibrating paddle and that they could even do it by just kicking the memory of something out of their head every time it came up and that real soon, the creature would grow weak from no food and fall off the back of their heads and they could stomp on it.

They said that pretty soon no one would remember whatever it is that I forgot and everyone would feel as good as I do, except for the people who liked having it there. They said they would be back in a little while and that everyone who had kicked this brain sucker off of the back of their head would get a complimentary kilo of this fantastic shit I’ve been snorting for a month now. You only need a tiny little line and it lasts for a couple of days.

I was getting these enormous erections that wouldn’t go down until these extra-terrestrial females or maybe higher plane goddesses who were ageless at a sort of teenage state, began to appear in my head and draw a certain serum up my spine until my head exploded in a rainbow of colors that reversed into a prism and then there’s all this blinding white light.

This is probably why the molten chicks outside my door and down the street don’t do much for me and why I don’t pick up any of that gold and silver or jewels anymore or go looking for buried treasure except on the inside. Something to do with the need for power to apply in an external way also has gone missing and I’ve forgotten what that is even while I’m writing it down.

One of the aliens called me up today on this cell phone type of thing they left. They left me with a bunch of stuff I haven’t paid much attention to. They said the things would start vibrating when I needed to use them.

He said I was a celebrity here now and then he told me to go and read some article about General McChrystal at and to read some of the thousands of comments there. He said this is what happens to people when they enjoy this brain sucking creature at the back of their head. He said that in cases like this, the only way to destroy the creatures was to destroy the host as well.

Something funny is going on with me. I don’t know what that means and I don’t care. I just feel terrific now that that awful black place at the back of my head is gone. I’m not afraid of anything any more. I’m not concerned about anything any more and some parts of my body are a lot bigger than they were but I don’t use them like I used to; which I forget what that was but it’s making the chicks outside my door scream as much as whatever else it is that they are after but I can’t remember what that is either.

I sometimes forget to put clothes on now when I leave the house and that probably accounts for it.

I wish I knew what it was that I was saying or… maybe not. I can’t tell. I can’t tell what I’m doing or why anymore. The aliens put something at the back of my head to replace the brain sucker and it’s been awesome cool. It’s like a radio/TV, Niagara Falls, newlywed vibrating bed machine that makes all my cells think they’re at a rave 24/7. I can feel particles of light in all the too tiny to be aware of places inside of me and I wish I could tell you how fantastic that is.

My suggestion to all of you is to forget certain things and only remember other things and the latter becomes automatic once you forget enough to have the brainsucker fall to the ground behind you so that you can stomp on it.

You know what? I’m in a really good mood right now and I’m going to go have two fat lines of that stuff they left me, even if I did already have some today. I feel like just letting go here in my special room tonight and just dancing the night away to the music of the hot chicks screaming and moaning outside my door.

End Transmission.......

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