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Mossad Front, Known For Phony Bin Laden Tapes

Is Tape Really Israel Saying, “Kill Americans, Not Us?”

By Gordon Duff

Staff Writer/Senior Editor


May 23, 2010

Site Intelligence, an outlet that supplies terror videos it says it “finds on the Internet,” videos nobody on earth, seems to notice, has released a new video from Anwar al Alaki, the Yemeni cleric earlier tied to FBI and Mossad paymasters. The subject of the video became immediately suspicious when the only call made was for the murder of Americans and nothing condemning Israel for ethnic cleansing in Gaza nor any call for jihad against Israel.

The video, said to be produced in Saudi Arabia, has all the signs of another Israeli/Mossad “self serving” creation. With dozens of similar Israeli produced phony terror videos filling Youtube, each one more transparent than the last, one would think the media that spreads this treasonous drivel would be called to account.

Every real, verified and genuine video from any Islamic group has had the same themes:

  • Demanding world condemnation of Israel
  • Demanding an end to US support for “Israeli aggression”
  • Calls to unite Islam against Israel.
The current video calls only for attacks on Americans, makes no mention of Israeli actions nor is Israel threatened or Jews targeted, quite the opposite.


With the only real distribution of these calls for terrorist acts against Americans from Israeli backed Site Intelligence and Rita Katz, Muslims unaware that the message is meant to deflect Israeli complicity in the Detroit “Crotch Bomber” episode and other “false flag” efforts are actually receiving orders to war against innocent Americans, messages originating from Israel, a country claiming to be an American ally.

These games, seen as harmless by reporters who knowing distribute these phony videos around the world are openly calling for the murder of Americans.

This isn’t news, it’s terrorism.

With American policy pushing for a two state solution and demanding an end to ethnic cleansing in Israel, it is extremely unlikely that any jihadist group would call for attacks on an American government that has done more to face down Israeli intransigence more than any in recent history. Israel’s efforts against the Obama administration have included:
Snubbing Vice President Biden during a visit

Calls for increased displacement of Palestinians in response to US demands for a building halt

Purchase of full page newspaper advertisements attacking President Obama, paid for by the Israeli government

Securing promises from over 400 members of congress to oppose President Obama’s policies in the Middle East

Securing statements from paid pundits, former military officers who have accepted gratuities from Israel, some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, criticizing current American policies.


Creating and distributing calls for terrorist attacks on Americans is an act of war, as much as training and supplying Pakistani Taliban in the Times Square Bombing or shuffling the Detroit “Crotch Bomber” through Israeli run airports, a bomber whose Nigerian father has worked for Israel for years.

The Indo-Israeli support for groups attacking Pakistan, Islam's only nuclear state, have involved training and arming the Pakistani Taliban, now little more than a front group for the Mossad and RAW.
With this group attacking Americans and involved in terrorism against the United States, they should accept they can no longer control their “terrorist surrogates.”

The old questions are always the best.

Who did this video serve?

The answer is simple. The video takes blame off Israel for false flag terror attacks and is meant to focus Islamic anger against the United States for acts done by Israel, acts vigorously opposed by America.


War by deception, manipulating the American public through endless TV depictions of Muslims as ignorant and murderous, has allowed Israel to act against America with no consequences, warring on their own allies, and taking billions in foreign aid in reward.

The following acts against America have an Israeli footprint:

~ The 1956 Suez War is now accepted as a precursor to the 1967 terror attack in Egypt by Israel. Israel, with Britain and France, invaded Egypt. America chastised Israel, Britain and France and ordered an immediate withdrawal, backed by the Soviet Union. President Eisenhower found Israel totally at fault.

~ The 1963 murder of President Kennedy is now seen as an Israeli response to Kennedy’s demands that Israel close their Dimona nuclear weapons facility. Informed circles now place total responsibility for the Kennedy killings, both John and Robert, on the Mossad.

Regarding the above, I had never heard of this particular theory so I will not comment on it but if any readers know about or have information along this line, please share with me.

~ The 1967 holocaust attack against the USS Liberty was an act of war on America by Israel. Survivor accounts tell of strafing and firebombing lifeboats while a huge American flag flew openly. The attack continued for hours.

Yet for some reason President Johnson supported this attack and was quite upset when the Liberty escaped total demolition and so many men lived to speak of the experience. However, they were all threatened to not speak at all of what they knew in regards to Israel.

~ The USS Liberty attack was meant to disguise the sneak attack on Egypt made by Israel in 1967. American and Israeli children are taught Israel was attacked by Egypt except the entire Egyptian air force was destroyed on the ground and no Egyptian forces were mobilized. Perhaps Site Intelligence has a video on this.

The anniversary of this event occurs this month so I will be pulling forward 5 or 6 articles that go into depth on the danger America was placed in over this affair.

Anti-Semitic attacks across Europe have been shown to be a Mossad operation to get Jews to settle in Israel. Every burned synagogue has the Mossad stamp on it.

Almost all of them do it. Even last year a college girl spray painted a swastika and rude words in her dormitory and got the media involved in her trauma. A hidden camera, however, caught her in the act herself.

The 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking and the murder of a Jewish American passenger are now suspected to have been a Mossad “false flag” operation

~ The mysterious Building 7 incident on 9/11 with Larry Silverstein claiming he ordered the building “pulled” in 20 minutes, an effort that would take weeks of engineering, tons of explosives and massive structural alterations puts the Mossad and their infamous “Dancing Israeli” film crew under extreme suspicion.

Indeed according to many facts and figures, the entire operation is traced to Mossad and Israelis currently in power. Without the assistance of so many Israel owned businesses, the whole affair could not have taken place. The shoe bomber was most likely their tool as well, considering many factors that also fitted in with the Underwear bomber.

The film MISSING LINKS fills in many blanks regarding the circumstances around the 911 tragedy as does the article ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD, ISRAEL DID 911

Also, since the murder of Hamas leader in Dubai, the world learned that all of the Mossad operatives used stolen visas and passports of innocent civilians around the world. Who is to say they would not use the same trick for the "crazed Muslims" that flew into the Towers?

~ The Detroit “Crotch Bombing” of 2009 has tracked to a number of Israeli operatives, a “false flag” attack meant to enhance the world market for Israeli airport security technologies worth billions in profits

~ The long history of Israeli attacks on American security through numerous spy organizations and an equally long history of arrests and prosecutions of Israeli agents operating against America, with many of the most vital military secrets heading directly to American enemies including the Soviet Union


One of the most popular TV shows in America is NCIS. Last season, “Jethro Gibbs,” a character on the show, “proved” Kennedy was killed by Oswald, a “lone gunman” by a feat of TV heroics, demonstrating his ability to use “Oswald’s weapon” to duplicate the shooting.

As a former sniper with a duplicate of Oswald’s Tasco scope on his desk, I find this amusing. With a clear shot, I could have killed Kennedy with a pistol. However, with Oswald’s real weapon, a Carcano rifle with a broken scope, I would have trouble hitting my own foot.

Shooting through a Texas Live Oak with a “glitchy” rifle with a broken scope is an act beyond the gods themselves. This is twice the same producer has duplicated the same “heavy handed” theme, once earlier in a Quantum Leap episode. Thus, a pattern emerges, in this and so many shows, conditioning the American public with deception.

Another TV show, Bones, ran the same premise, with former Army Ranger and sniper, the character “Booth” (concidence?) again, fictionally “proving” the original Kennedy hypothesis, one long ago proven to violate the laws of physics. Even Gary Mack of the Discovery Channel, in “Target Car”recently made a half hearted attempt to sell the Oswald scenario. Word is out that Charlie Brown is taking up the Carcano in the upcoming Easter Snoopy special.

Speaking of “the gods,” the TV series Angel had Goddess Jasmine directed Oswald, as a “lone gunman.”

The continual reselling of the “lone gunman myth” isn’t a coincidence. Confirmed sources indicate that the FBI has received new information tying Israel directly to the Kennedy shooting.


Last night I watched 4 episodes of NCIS Los Angeles. Three of them featured Islamic terrorists, painted in “comic book” quality strokes as crazed, cruel and insane. The plot lines had only one purpose, to incite hatred and mislead viewers.

Early in WW2, the movie Sergeant York with Gary Cooper set the gold standard for propaganda. Great writing, cinematography and acting produced a powerful film still popular today. I love the film, even knowing it is wartime propaganda. It is also art.

NCIS Los Angeles is childish, bigoted, brutal and racist. An excellent cast, subjected to criminally manipulative story lines with no other purpose than to mislead and build hate only adds to the abuse. It is made clear, not only are all Muslims terrorists, but they are sneering, sarcastic cowards hiding behind wealth, lawyers and continually using legal ploys, utterly imaginary of course, to stymie Americas counter-terrorist heroes.

When I look at the group that has suffered the highest casualty levels defending America, our Muslim translators, I get the same feeling I have touring American military cemeteries and viewing the Stars of David over the Jewish war dead.

When the Mojave Cross went up in 1934, Americans hated Jews more than even the Nazis in Germany, even though thousands died for America (and Germany) in the Great War.

Now, with Muslims dying around the world

to defend the United States,

thousands in fact,

we spit on them with our pop culture propaganda

focused to hide Israeli manipulation

of American public opinion.

None of this is innocent,

not the phony videos,

not the TV shows,

none of it.

Next time a video comes out of Tel Aviv calling on Muslims to murder Americans, perhaps we should pay attention.

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