Tuesday 22 June 2010


June 21, 2010

He would be able to order popular search engines such a Google and Yahoo to suspend access their websites in times of national emergency.

Other US based Internet service providers as well as broadband providers would also come under his control in times of a ‘cyber security emergency.’ Any company that failed to comply would be subject to huge fines.

Critics of the new law, which has been proposed by former presidential candidate Joe Liebermann, said it would be an abuse of power to let the White House control the Internet.

TechAmerica, one of the largest U.S. technology lobby groups, said the new law had the ‘potential for absolute power.’

The proposed legislation, introduced into the US Senate by Lieberman who is chairman of the US Homeland Security committee, seeks to grant the President broad emergency powers over the Internet in times of national emergency.

A sustained terror attack on multiple cities would be considered a national emergency as would a cyber attack by ‘hackers’ on the US financial system.

The director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair warned earlier this year that the US is ‘severely threatened’ by malicious cyber attacks.

The number of attacks on Government departments has increased by 400 per cent in the last three years.

Under the proposed bill, which has been dubbed an Internet kill switch’, the US Government would effectively seize control of access to the Internet.

Traders work on the New York Stock Exchange floor.

US senators fear a cyber-attack on the US could paralyse the nation

Lieberman argued the bill was necessary to ‘preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people’.

He said: ‘For all of its ‘user-friendly’ allure, the Internet can also be a dangerous place with electronic pipelines that run directly into everything from our personal bank accounts to key infrastructure to government and industrial secrets.

‘Our economic security, national security and public safety are now all at risk from new kinds of enemies ~ cyber-warriors, cyber-spies, cyber-terrorists and cyber-criminals.’


His bill is formally titled the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA.

While the US Government would not be able to control the Internet in other countries access to the most popular sites would be cut off.

Google,Yahoo and YouTube, the top three most visited sites, are all based in the US.

Google logs an estimated two billion hits a day from 300 million users.

Under the cyber law any company on a list created by Homeland Security that also ‘relies on’ the Internet, the telephone system, or any other component of the U.S. ‘information infrastructure’ would be subject to command by a new National Centre for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC) that would be created inside Homeland Security.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, refused to comment. A spokesman said the law was not yet Government policy.

In the following article, Napolitanos.. MY GOODNESS, she takes this need all the way back to the UNDERWEAR bomber!

Napolitano: Internet Monitoring Needed to Fight Homegrown Terrorism


Fighting homegrown terrorism by monitoring Internet communications is a civil liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security, the nation’s homeland security chief said Friday.

As terrorists increasingly recruit U.S. citizens, the government needs to constantly balance Americans’ civil rights and privacy with the need to keep people safe, said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

But finding that balance has become more complex as homegrown terrorists have used the Internet to reach out to extremists abroad for inspiration and training. Those contacts have spurred a recent rash of U.S.-based terror plots and incidents.

“The First Amendment protects radical opinions, but we need the legal tools to do things like monitor the recruitment of terrorists via the Internet,” Napolitano told a gathering of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy.

Napolitano’s comments suggest an effort by the Obama administration to reach out to its more liberal, Democratic constituencies to assuage fears that terrorist worries will lead to the erosion of civil rights.

ok..commence outrage at will..

this is utter bullshit..

give one man the power to shut down our Internet..

in case of emergency only, yeah right..this is it folks..

if you thought you live a free life its an illusion..

we are about to be owned..

the genie out of the bottle that is the Internet is causing to much trouble for them

they have to control it..

monitor it and use it..

i have no doubt this law will happen..

and Obama's bunch of dead heads will be out selling the story in the national interest..

as viewed above..

Face it, we blogger babies did do some very bad stuff. We exposed Climate Gate and that really hurt!

We killed the vaccine for swine flu propaganda!

We exposed the Thomas Freedman affair and how AIPAC chooses the President's staff.

We enabled people to get together and share information

so conclusions are made on international evidence regarding world events.

We exposed the Babylonian Talmud!

We exposed the "Gaza WAR" as a slaughtering of innocents.

People learn the true truth of the world.

No wonder Jay Rockefeller bemoans the creation of the net!

Currently, we expose BP lies regarding the greatest disaster to hit mankind.

I suppose we may have to revert to

tomtoms and smoke signals again some day!

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