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I cannot stress just how important it is for you to take the time out to read the following piece. To put it succinctly, Richard Cook covers everything that is happening in the world in to day in terms I don’t think many of us have heard before. I feel blessed to be able to offer such light to you all. For indeed, as dour as the things we face may be, through this piece, we will UNDERSTAND and KNOW what is happening to a great degree. And just those gifts of light through the darkness strengthen and arm us to do the best we possibly can. And that is why this is The Time of Testing.

Richard C.

By Richard C. Cook

While skeptics mockingly point out that the “end of the world” has been prophesied over and over again for centuries with nothing happening ~ the latest being Y2K, they say, and another likely bust coming up when the calendar hits 2012 ~ it’s obvious that mankind faces an increasingly unsustainable future.

The world’s economic, technological, agricultural, and political systems are breaking down. While the causes are debated, it’s certain that the human assault on the natural world has wiped out vast numbers of species and polluted the land, the air, and the oceans.

After the past 100 years of history, with two world wars and low-grade but vicious warfare going on almost continuously somewhere in the world since World War II ended, it seems impossible for human beings to live together in a state of harmony either among ourselves or with the planet we call home.


In social life, the overriding characteristic of our era is the increasing division in the world between haves and have-nots, masters and slaves, controllers and controlled, rich and poor. The power of the wealthiest class of people has never been so great. The weapons of mass destruction they ~ and the armed forces who work for them ~ monopolize have the force to destroy the earth many times over.

Teachings of peace, tolerance, charity, which have always received lip service, lack efficacy. Such teachings increasingly count for nothing. Organized religion, done in by its own transgressions and lack of transformative potency, rarely even attempts to make a stand for justice or persuade nations to forego war.

The people at the very top of the heap

have been those Western financial magnates,

especially from the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire

and the European Union,

who control banking, industry, investment, and credit.

The world is run by an international financial elite

and their subordinates in government,

corporations, academia, the military, and the media.

These elite have plunged billions of people and the nations they inhabit into astronomical levels of debt. They are the controllers who live off the fat of the land, skimming the cream of science and industry through usury on money they create out of thin air through financial monopolies granted or at least tolerated by the politicians whose strings they pull.

The leaders of the popular will, the political classes of all Western nations, most particularly the United States, are servants of private financial and corporate interests.

The controllers realize how tenuous stability has become.

So they have embarked on a worldwide consolidation

of power, using every tool available

from the fields of electronic surveillance

and social engineering

to enhance their dominance.

Nations not entirely under their control, such as Russia and China, are tagged as adversaries and surrounded with military bases. The controllers are suspected of having vowed among themselves that the existing world population of almost seven billion human beings cannot be allowed to continue.

A large portion of the human herd must be culled; an action that now appears to be underway with the world’s resources increasingly passing into the hands of centralized financial interests.

But this will not necessarily fend off the even larger disaster that threatens mankind. For the controllers themselves also inhabit the earth.

No man is an island.

What threatens the least of God’s creatures

threatens them as well.

The perspective of the controllers is therefore incomplete.

What it leaves out are human freedom,

aspiration, and spirituality.

It also leaves out nature and nature’s laws.

Further, it leaves out God, whatever we mean by that word, still knowing that there is “something” or “someone” who is the ultimate creative force.

Perhaps these most materialistic elements of humanity are not quite as sharp as they think they are in trying to erect a fortress against the universe in order to save themselves.

For instance, they have not yet found a way to negate the law of cause and effect:

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

An example is the BP oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico caused by negligence in addressing pre-existent problems in a manner reminiscent of the space shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986.


Disasters also lie in wait due to genetically-modified seeds laced with pesticides where crop failures or the appearance of super-resistant insects could lead to mass starvation.

The controllers desire to rule from their glitzy world capitals of glass and steel while maintaining “safe” suburban, rural, or island palaces and retreats.

Many, though not all, are the physical or spiritual descendants of those who rejected God by rejecting Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, though according to some traditions their genealogy may be much older.

Though the Christian churches offer many confusing and contradictory interpretations, it was Jesus Christ who prophesized the end of the age and sought to prepare mankind for it.

Christianity is first and foremost an eschatological religion, especially as it hearkens back to such Old Testament prophets as Isaiah.

But in recognizing that the size of the human population is an overriding issue, shouldn’t we ask why are so many people alive on earth at this time?

Where have they come from?

Is it simply a result of improved sanitation, more productive farming methods, or the reduction in infant mortality?

Or is there a hidden cause?

The planet today resembles a train station at rush hour.

Perhaps for the sake of discussion

we should look at it from a somewhat mystical perspective.


It could also be that a side-effect of the large earth population has been the emergence of the critical mass of information that has led in turn to exponential growth in science, technology, and economic productivity, the latest phase being the cybernetic revolution.

Has man, in his vanity,

attributed this apparent progress

to his own stellar qualities,

while failing to guard against

the temptations deriving therefrom

and their potential for binding him to the material plane?

Perhaps man has surrendered his soul through a Faustian bargain based ultimately on the illusion which science promotes of someday attaining physical, as opposed to spiritual, immortality.


The great parable of modern man may have been Goethe’s Faust, published in 1808 and prefiguring the spiritual crisis of the modern age.

We should note well the fact that due to social and political upheaval, combined with modern methods of communication, every person alive has been exposed to teachings of spiritual evolution, not just from Christianity, but from other religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, as well as spiritual teachings such as yoga that cross religious lines.

All have taught that our true home is in the spiritual realms, not in the rounds of earthly life and death. (Judaism is excluded from this list, as there are so many different Jewish sects, including so-called “secular Judaism,” that it is difficult to isolate a specific teaching on spiritual development.)

Why else have we seen in the past century so many enlightened teachings coming from all parts of the world, existing side-by-side with organized political, financial, and military horror?

Doesn’t it seem that each and every soul on the planet is being tested?

As indicated above, perhaps each of us is being given one last opportunity to attain enlightenment before the curtain comes down and the theater is closed for the season.

This May Be One Way To Look At The Concept Of The “End Times.”

So what are we waiting for?

Shouldn’t we be coming together

to work in every way possible

for the furtherance of truth

and the enhancement of being?

Shouldn’t we be creating centers of light

to prepare ourselves and each other

for whatever lies ahead?

Indeed, some are. But are we doing enough?

Time appears to be running out, with dire changes having already begun. Who knows, maybe there is only a year or two remaining of relative freedom of movement before the controllers reveal their deep affinity with the dark side by setting up what seems to be their planned world dictatorship, world government, and world currency.

They have learned how to manufacture crises and disasters, such as 9/11, as a means of seizing more power.












As has happened before, the majority of people will likely be so sick of the rising tide of chaos the controllers have helped engineer they will willingly trade their autonomy for the shackles of totalitarian order.

They have already attacked many spiritual teachers and movements since the epochal change of consciousness that emerged in the 1960s. The rebellious flower children were seduced by dangerous drugs developed and distributed by covert operatives.

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”~ Nietzsche

Other examples were the engineered reaction within the Catholic Church against Vatican II and the liberation theology movement, as well as the takeover of Protestant Christianity by Zionists among the Evangelicals.

A friend points out that militant Zionists also took over and subverted the Reform movement within Judaism.

And it has been the Western intelligence agencies, going back over a century, who helped create radical Islam in order to declare the Middle East a base of “terrorism” so that war against the Islamic world could be rationalized and their oil resources seized.

The controllers engineered these and other reactions because the only way they can rule is to eliminate the naturally-occurring hope of free individuals for a higher level of consciousness and a more humane world.

This has also been brought about through the destruction of aesthetics and fine art as well as classical music which lifts to bind and soul... and imagination... to different levels of consciousness and creativity. In this blog I have done substantial work on entertainment and music as well as a treatise on the lowering of the standards of fine art.

Other methods include mind control through TV programming and the continued dumbing-down of the population through an educational system now based entirely on learning by rote and government-mandated standardized tests.

As 1984 and Brave New World showed to previous generations and the cynical manipulation of political reporting by Murdoch-owned Fox News indicates today, the masses are easy to control.

Fox News is doing it by co-opting the Tea Party movement and goading it into a phony rebellion that ignores the real issues of elite control.

All these elements hide the fact that it is the controllers who are the real terrorists in the world today.

Now embedded microchips, along with automated administration of pharmaceuticals to individuals by nanotechnology, appear to be on the way.

The first step toward the microchip in the U.S. could be the national ID card as proposed by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) in connection with immigration reform. According to published reports, the card Schumer proposes would contain a person’s social security number, along with biometric data such as retinal scans and fingerprints. Such a card could easily be expanded to include credit and criminal history, DNA sequences, and medical history, all linked to a central database.

As cited in Politico, Sen. Schumer has stated his belief that “Hashem” ~ Hebrew for “the Name” ~ has appointed him the guardian of the state of Israel within the U.S. Senate.

He has also spoken of himself as a potential presidential candidate. As events move forward, particularly with politicians like Schumer on the rise, many seemingly innocent people will be faced with difficult decisions of whether, and how far, to “get along by going along.”

But whoever accepts the chip, it is said, will wear the “mark of the beast” ~ by choice, because the conscience within will have cried out against it. The post-World War II Nuremburg trials established that no one is innocent because they were simply following orders, a ruling that should apply to victims as well as perpetrators. Of course “the chip” can take many forms, making self-deception and rationalization easy.

Yet God is not mocked.

Every human being on the planet has a God-given conscience which allows us

to distinguish between right and wrong ~ if we listen to our conscience.

Some say we have an individual guardian angel who is the guide to our conscience.

How many of us seek the counsel of this guide?

And is the time also at hand that the “earth changes” which have been prophesied will manifest on an increasingly vast scale?

How will the planet cleanse itself?

It has been prophesied, for instance, by Edgar Cayce and others that as part of this cleansing, New York and Connecticut will one day be under water.

Such predictions seem less preposterous today than 60 years ago, now that scientists are discussing the increased potential for extreme climatic events through alterations in the earth’s magnetic field or in connection with earth temperature changes.

Without a doubt, the time must also come when the United States will no longer exist in anything resembling its present form.

How can a nation as heedless, violent, prurient, complacent, and materialistic as this one possibly continue on its present course when the earth is purged of falsehood?

How can objective justice tolerate a nation that sadistically tortures prisoners of war and routinely kills civilians with unmanned drone strikes halfway around the world?

G.I. Gurdjieff was a spiritual master from the Caucasus who studied in the most remote parts of Asia and spent his mature years teaching pupils in France. In the 1920s he visited the U.S., spending most of his time in New York. He reportedly said, “America will rot before it ripens.” The causes, he intimated, would be America’s obsession with “dollar business,” its diet of processed foods, and its dissipated lifestyle.

Gurdjieff was right. Regarding “dollar business,” today’s “Big Six” ~ J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley ~ are the most rotten and corrupt institutions on the globe.

They have sold America down the river by creating and destroying gigantic investment bubbles, feasting on massive bailouts paid for by taxpayers, and spending the last two generations shipping workers’ jobs to low-paying foreign labor markets. Then they turn around and use America and its passive population as the world’s policeman to protect their investments.

Just as bad are international institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, and the European Central Bank, as well as national central banks like the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Deutsche Bundesbank, etc.

While Hitler allegedly killed millions, the world’s bankers make life or death decisions that affect billions. They do it through control of the money spigot, which gives them power over every business and industry in the world that utilizes any form of credit. And credit is as essential to most businesses as breathing is to a human being.

When the dust settles, will there still be communities of human survivors in America?

That may depend on the Americans themselves and how successful they are at reclaiming their freedom. Whatever survivors there are may be spiritually-minded and will of necessity live close to nature.

But the scale and appearance of any future civilization is an unknown. Europe’s future could be as tenuous. Maybe Russia, China, and selected locations in Latin America, Asia, or Africa will do better. We don’t yet know.

What we should know is that the time is up for humanity.

We have had our chance to decide what we value,

whether service to a false conception of a separate self

or service to God and neighbor.

Now we are likely to find out for certain

what measure of truth we have imbibed

and incorporated into our being during many lifetimes.

The testing has come, but it has been foreseen for a long time.

The Master came two millennia ago and showed the way.

Why do we think someone else is coming now to save us?

We were given the tools and the time to learn how to use them.

Now we have no more excuses.

Rather than promote war, conflict, and conquest, anyone with a genuine spiritual sense will do everything possible to encourage peace, justice, and harmony among peoples and nations.

Nevertheless, the “end of the age” seems imminent. As the Shivapuri Baba said, as recorded in the book Long Pilgrimage by John Bennett (Dawn Horse Press, 1983),

“We are at the end of a 6,000 year cycle.”

We should strive not to be confused or complacent.

It is time now for individuals to make a decision on where they want to be for the challenges ahead, with whom they want to spend their time, and exactly how they intend to devote their energy and commitment.

The best advice is to choose wisely and choose well

but not to wait any longer.

Jesus said: “Ye know not the day or the hour.”

So why do we wake up every morning

still thinking we know what the day will bring?

In fact we do not know.

The processes we are looking at herein

could take a day, a year, or a century.

So what is to be done? Following are some suggestions:

Find a teacher or group that can guide you to spiritual enlightenment

and where you can help others do the same.

Teach yourself to act considerately to all t

hose around you, including people you consider “evil.”

Start viewing the natural world as alive and conscious

not an inert mass of dead matter.

Get out of debt,

get off the grid,

and learn to live with only

what you really need of a material nature.

Learn to love work and do that work with reverence and gratitude.

Stop watching TV; instead watch your health and diet.

Develop your mental, emotional, and manual skills.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Refuse the “chip,” no matter what.

Never stop learning.

Grow food.

Laugh a lot.

Be at peace.

Be happy.

Richard C. Cook is a writer on public policy issues. His website is Sources for this article include the teachings of Edgar Cayce, G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Abdullah Dougan, Jon Peniel, Omna Last, and many others.


  1. Time of testing.
    I think this guy is being a bit optimistic! The people who handled katrina coming to rescue you soon! LOL
    Get those plastic coffins ready.

  2. Time of testing...

    Never stop learning.
    Grow food.
    Laugh a lot.
    Be at peace.
    Be happy.

    Once again the Robins are back.
    Once again I have saved the babies from the Crows.
    Once again the Mother corralled them to me. I clap my hands to scare the Crows away, and the Robins come to me, and tears flow like river. I look at mother Robin with a worm in her beak looking back at me from four feet away, and am stunned. A second set of little birds, Wrens I think, have set up a nest, so now have Robins to the left and the little wee autopilots to the right, just outside my window. Their songs are like magic to hear. Heaven on Earth.

  3. This is a succinct, soulful, aware account of this moment in time. Thank you so much for your perspective. Ultimately, it is in our nature to destroy ourselves before being born into light again. I sincerely believe we will grow past this - but not before further nightmares come to pass. We are in adolescence as a species, and are in the process of being forced to grow up.

  4. I for one do not believe that every human on Earth has a conscience, nor do I believe that every human body incarnates a soul.

    I would estimate that from 1/3 to 1/2 of humans are soulless. That doesn't mean they are bad, but it does mean that they don't have the higher centers nor can they develop them. Essentially they are intelligent animals, and as such are not subject to the laws of karma, only to cause and effect.

    I would also propose that the majority of the controlling elite are just such soulless ones, and that most psycho-sociopaths are conscienceless, remorseless, soulless, and being used by other intelligences (Gurdjieff's "Magician" who keeps mankind hypnotized) to destroy those of us who do have souls.

  5. Richard C. Cook: "So what is to be done? suggestions:
    Jct: Step 1?
    RCC: Find a teacher or group that can guide you to spiritual enlightenment...
    Jct: Okay, step 1 to take is to find someone who knows step 1.
    RCC: "Get out of debt."
    Jct: Great idea. Why hasn't anyone thought of everyone getting out of debt yet? Let's all get out of debt. Step 1, find a teacher who can show us how to all get out of debt. And no suggestion at all about how the UNILETS time-standard of money would get everyone out of debt without needing a teacher to show them how.

  6. M. Astera i whole heartedly agree with you. As usual I might add.

    It was a couple of years ago there were some mocking birds nesting in one of my trees. One of the babies fell from the nest on the ground and could not fly. The mother was frantic. I walked back over picked it up and put it back in the nest. The mother immediately raced over to check it out. She was almost smiling lifting her wings as to say thank you.

    The little bird grew and for a year would actully sit on the patio table in front of me and just stare and I saying about a foot away from. It had no fear of me and seemed to recognize that I saved it's life. It got better when other birds are people the bird did not know got near me that bird would fly between us as if it were my body guard. It would raise all sorts of hell to let anything know I was off limits.

  7. Interestingly enough, this Messianic mess of an article points the finger at Jews who rejected Jesus, may Allah be pleased with him but it fails to identify Christians who have rejected the last Messenger and Apostle of Allah, Mohamed, may Allah be pleased with him also.

    Any conclusions then?

    Um hmm.

    I think pretty much, you are in the same boat.

    And not to worry, Allah will provide for us all.

  8. Cook has, in the main, accurately and clearly outlined the source of our problems. Overpopulation, however, is hardly metaphysical, requiring an educated grasp of fundamental biology and organic evolution. The key question remains as to what a rational human is to do and Cook's recommendations have both practical as well as poetic merit. I can't help but recall advice given to the disenchanted Vietnam Era generation - "turn on, tune in, and drop out", which just may be the metaphysical shift necessary today, given the paucity in education and rationality, to result in Atlas shrugging.

  9. Junious Ricardo Stanton20 June 2010 at 08:09

    The Time of Testing Is Here contains some extremely thought provoking and profound statements. However to think this age is unique in the annals of human history and insanity is a stretch. Yes it seems today's ruling elites are more psychopathic and they have used their mind control and socialization apparati (the media, education religion etc) to promote their aspiritual psychopathy as the norm but this is not new; it's just more pervasive today. The challenge facing people of conscience today is to have the consciousness, courage and conviction to live righteously to be enlightened warriors during times of universal depravity. This requires sustained righteous thought, enlightend self control and right action. Thus far it seems very few in AmeriKKKa are prepared to do this.
    The true Axis of Evil, the Anglo-AmeriKKKa-Israeli death machine have set the world on a course for massive destruction and death. Most of the people in the world are like the proverbial frogs thrown into a pot and the fire/heat is raised so slowly they are unaware they are being cooked. At first the frogs are comfortable flopping around in the tepid water, as the temporature steadily but slowly rises they become lethargic and listless and eventually they die without a struggle. Most of us are at the listless stage, a few of us sense our environment is changing, fewer intuit something is horribly wrong but are unable to wake the others up.
    The question facing the awakened frogs today is; what will it take to wake the rest of the frogs and how can we get out of the pot?


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