Wednesday 16 June 2010



June 16, 2010
By Jim W. Dean
Veterans Today

Dear Friends, The Zionists shot themselves in both feet with this rushed spin job to deflect attention on their slaughter of the Gaza Flotilla activists. We can thank the retired Intel folks for the frame analysis exposing the fraud on the Veterans Today link above. Fortunately more and more retired Intel and security people are getting into the life or death struggle defending the country from our ‘domestic enemies’.

These Photo shopped videos were done so poorly as to be almost comical if they were not done to cover up murders. You will have to watch the video several times to really visually catch their mistakes. Don’t be afraid to use the pause button to study the images.

The ending scenes on the fantail immediately struck me as a studio shoot. The lighting was way to bright for a ship in that situation. The actors…well…they did a really poor job. In the real videos you see more confusion…the clothes are not right. If was a completely staged event, even down to the tiny slingshot one guy raises up so it can be noticed. Also, the camera is stationary (on a tripod)…a huge mistake.

That the radical Zionists would lie, cheat or steal to gain some benefit for themselves is not even a news event. Our own American declassified intelligence lays this all out in spades. The best one book read on it is Steven Green’s Taking Sides, if you can find a used one on-line.
The real news here is how such an obvious fraud was pipelined into American mass media. Any experienced news video editor would have spotted the obvious fraud on these tapes. But they pushed it right out onto unsuspecting Americans who wrongly think that mass media would not pedal something they know to be totally bogus. And how wrong they are.
But it gets worse. Our Intel and security agencies always do frame by frame analysis of important video material like this. They also had to have spotted this ~ yet they did not warn the American people that this was a fraud. Why not?
The answer is that Israel espionage has penetrated American government, media, politics, and even our security institutions to the point that the Zios have no fear of those responsible for our national security protecting us from the Israeli fifth column operating here. They are protected by powerful interests.

The military, veteran and intelligence communities
are really the only American institutions
who can take the lead on tearing
the Israeli espionage networks
out by the roots.

All the other institutions are already compromised. And they will fight like hell as they know that the fifth column could not have been as effective as they have been without more than a few disloyal Americans helping them, many who are well known names.

They will do anything
to protect themselves
from exposure ~ anything ~ and they have.
The USS Liberty is just one example,
where dead and wounded servicemen
were literally abandoned on the battlefield
so as to not reveal to the American public
that they were murdered by the Israelis.

You might remember that the last whistle blower
reform legislation was slapped down a while back.

The Congress-critters know what a threat that is.

So do the Israelis.

We have loyal Intel people who know that the Israelis
have been given key Homeland Security contracts
that actually have the American taxpayer funding their espionage operations.

Oh yes, the Israelis make us pay for it…smart folks they.

Michael Chertoff flew to Israel a few years back to put on a ‘fast track’ seminar for Israeli security companies (staffed by Mossad and military Intel people) to make sure they can the key contracts that they wanted, like airport security and communications plums.

This is a huge national scandal, and one that a Congressional investigation would not put a dent into as those folks have sold us out to the Israelis in return for political support.

John McCain is one of the worst examples, but he has lots of company.

I listened to General Russel Honore give a great Memorial Day speech in Atlanta recently. It was short and sweet in his normal style.

“We were born by accident,
based on where our parents were.
To live free is a privilege.
But to die free is an obligation
that we leave to each generation.”

Folks, If we don’t join hands and root out this the Israeli fifth column here we will be breaking the chain, and it is getting late in the day. Their numbers are small, so they have put the fix it at the top, political espionage.

But we have the numbers to beat them.

They have just not been brought to bear due to their divide and conquer, smoke and mirrors tactics.

Our political establishment is more afraid of the Israel Lobby than they are of us.

We must reverse that situation or we will have betrayed the next generation.

So let’s roll up our sleeves, and get on with the work.

First up is going to go see your Congress-critters with a small group of vets/Intel people and go through this video with them step by step, and demand to know why our people did nothing to expose the fraud, including Obama possibly even having been sand bagged on it.

Did Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod know?

Did Hillary, Defense and the CIA?

Why no official exposure by those sworn to protect us?

Ask them what they have done to combat Israeli espionage here?

You will enjoy the look on their faces.

I promise you that.

Jim Dean
Heritage TV…Atlanta
Assoc. for Intelligence Officers


  1. The Gaza Aid Convoy massacre was covered up by the sabotage of the BP owned Deepwater Horizon wellhead.

    BP is part of the Rothschild Empire and they will do anything, and I mean anything to save their Zionist entity destroying Palestine.

    By blowing up the well, the Zionists were able to deftly focus simple American minds on that disaster, to keep them from asking questions about the massacre.


    Nitwityahoo and Barak's psychiatrist commit suicide. No cure for Security Deficit Disorder!


  4. FB

    Maybe it another tail wagging the dog to get the story off the front page but why perform an operation that takes planning like blowing up a well a mile under water and then follow it up with such an amateurish fix like we have just seen? And if they own the media why should they even need to bother? What we have seen above is a knee jerk reaction because they were not expecting there would be any survivors who could get live footage onto the internet so quickly.


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