Tuesday 29 June 2010


Dog Poet is at it again. Enjoy.

I try not to let my natural abhorrence toward excessive self promotion blind me to the possibility of useful information. As a result, I’ve read a great deal of this author’s work. His gifts as a researcher and complier are top notch.

I tend to veer away when he promotes sex slaves of the Illuminati and elite in massive grope-fests under The Rockies or anywhere else and the reptile agenda, which I’ve had contact with, I find to differ from my own experiences, The Truth, for me, lies at right angles to everything else, in the King’s Chamber of an invisible pyramid.

I don’t find ancient sciences to be evil. I do find them to have been perverted to evil use on the lower planes, as one would expect in these times. I trust just about no one and those I do know who they are. Or you might say, I trust everyone to be what they are. I know there are people looking to do me harm but their window of opportunity is about closed and permissions are required all along the route, which means we’re looking at no more than examples to be made, if anything at all. Things are no longer what they were, if they ever were. We are in a new state of being and it doesn’t matter if that’s common knowledge. That state is present, regardless.

The idea that there is some powerful cabal of bankers, heads of state and sundry is of no importance to me. The questions of masculinity and femininity; gay and straight, occult forces loose in popular music and films, control of reality in the common mind and all the other things I hear about and sometimes see, are incidental to the force of the avatar making its way through gradual states of awakening into the heart of humanity.

It’s easy to dialog with anyone but disbelief in the divine ineffable creates a ring-pass-not between myself and those determined to figure it out for themselves. Those of us who have pushed to the point where the divine acknowledged the search, know that the outcome of all events was determined long ago and that any degree of fear and belief, transferred to temporal force, is nothing more than a willing personal submission to the powers of darkness, which have no power but what the light has granted them for the purpose of demonstration.

Everyone here at this time must come to an understanding. Either the whole of everything entire is completely under the control of an omnipresent, conscious force or it is not.

Yes, there are degrees of faith and certitude in either direction, or… more appropriately, degrees of faith and certitude in one direction and degrees of resistance and denial in the other. Up to a certain point in the progression of degrees in either direction, the whirlpool of the presence can suck everything in reach into itself.

Think of it as a lemniscata in which, on the positive side, the loop ends in that whirlpool of presence and where it also does the same on the negative side. It’s the same location, only the relationship is different. No matter what you do or where you think you are headed, you are on one of these loops at a particular degree at any particular time. Think of karma as the universe backtracking you over the ground you covered on your way.

Think of temporal time as the measurement of passing degrees and understand it is different for everyone. Time presses down and time lifts up and time ceases once the entity has moved outside the influence of its dimension.

These things have been said in many different ways in many different times.

They have been said in mathematical equations.

They have been said in poetry, music and art.

They have been said in religion and scripture

and they have been said in the arcane arts that

are the playing fields of scripture actualized.

They can be said a thousand different ways

and misunderstood in all of them, unless

the divine ineffable directs the angel to open the intuition.

The idea that there could be any force that might prevail,

no matter how powerful it seems,

without the permission of the divine ineffable is foolishness.

There is only one source of power.

Many brilliant and intelligent souls have fooled themselves with their belief in what they think they know. It is an unfortunate arrogance to assume that there is any useful knowledge that is not controlled by the dispenser of all knowledge and it is a crowned ignorance that does not understand how limitless and unfathomable the well of knowledge is.

The majority of humanity has made God into a monkey and there’s a great deal of irony concerning this in the tale of Hanuman. A great deal of wisdom can be acquired very quickly by understanding who this monkey is.

I placed that article in the first paragraph for a reason. I also discovered someone had sent it to me in my email a little while ago as well. It’s an interesting tale. There are many interesting tales. Any number of these tales may be true in a relative sense and it wouldn’t make any difference to me. Everything in the manifest realm is empty phenomena; phantasms and false lights to dazzle and hypnotize the senses through the desire body and a corrupted imagination. It is a realm of appetites where the 50 foot, big bellied guys from the Tibetan Book of the Dead watch the movie of life and read from their menu.

It’s difficult at these blogs to communicate that none of these chimera have anymore reality than what the monkey squatting on the throne gives to it (please divorce this aspect from the tale of Hanuman) and now look… the monkey is looking in the mirror and making aggressive noises. Now he’s throwing shit at the mirror and he’ll be getting around to other things too. The crown won’t stay on his head and he keeps tripping over his ermine lined robe.

A monk was once shoveling horse shit in some stables. ‘Mucking out’ is the phrase I believe. Jesus Christ appeared before him while he was at work and began speaking to him. The monk told him he’d better get lost before he filled his mouth with what his shovel contained. Hopefully this story explains something where it counts. I suppose you could ask yourself how the monk knew this wasn’t Jesus Christ. Possibly it had to do with the location of appearance… and I don’t mean the stables per se.

That tale could be a metaphor for what we are all experiencing to some degree wherever we happen to be on the lemniscata or is it a double helix mirrored on the surface of a dark lake? Is it a double helix rising from the surface of a dark lake? I forget and I suspect it is not important either. It’s only important to those who are trying to figure it out and only important for so long as they think they can.

Whatever is taking place,

is taking place because


has brought us to this point.

The moment is the sum total of where ignorance and appetite have led us or… where something else has led us through the realm of ignorance and appetite. If the mind is disturbed like the surface of a physical ocean, then it is impossible for any clear image to be seen on the surface.

You might say it is like looking into a smoking mirror.

No matter what you come up with the monkey is going to throw shit at it.

That’s what monkeys do.

They have no real concept of beauty or the verities of the higher mind.

They have no knowledge of the vast reaches of the chambers secreted in the hidden heart.

The only scriptures worth reading or remembering are written there in living flame that endures beyond the reach of time and anything constructed within the limits of its dimension.

We are surrounded by symbols that were left to us by the ancients whose culture and history have disappeared and only these symbols remain and are appropriately waiting in desert wastes or buried beneath the Earth.

The night sky tells a tale that manifests in all the stories and legends that have ever been seen here and the residue of countless ages is as hidden as the knowledge of all the redundancies to come.

All the stories are the same story.

They are all the story of something missing.

They are all the story of something incomplete.

They are all the story of an endless searching;

collective and personal quests for meaning.

Some have found it and many have not

and they will search until they do.

End Transmission.......

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