Tuesday 15 June 2010


I hope you find the following as hilarious as I did. Oh, if only world peace were this easy! But he does make the universal point. Everyone smoking good weed changes focus to a much easier way of living, perhaps one of the reasons Bob Marley was done away with. His message is still around. Loosen up and laugh ~ we all need it.

Global Peacemaking Group

Gets Holy Land Fighters High

TMZ says Netanyahu and Abbas

Caught Stoned at

Club Yasir Arafat in Ramallah

In a final desperate humanitarian attempt to resolve the modern long term hate and violence that infects the holy land peoples, it has been reported that 2 days ago a flotilla of C-130s were sent from a secret air base in Oaksterdam California loaded upwith “Marijuana Bombs” These baggies of “weed” bunched up into missile sized lots were dropped over the holy land peoples in a clandestine night time mission by an organization calling itself “The Peoples Peacemaker Project”

Speaking from their underground lair in an undisclosed location where the drops were coordinated, Director of Strategic Peacemaking General Vincent Boombots said “After many failed attempts by the military industrial complex and a global elite force posing as peacemakers, we, the people, have decided to put our own peace force together and take unilateral action for peace”.

Boombots goes on to say that “weed was the only solution! Weed! We looked at alcohol but have you ever been to a heavy metal concert where everyone was liquored up? Fights everywhere! Not a solution! We also looked at opium…I mean since the US has so much of it on sale with its increased cultivation and production in Afghanistan, that this drug would be an unending source for mind control. But peace? No way!

But weed! Hey have you ever been to reggae concert? Yeah everyone, black, white, green, whatever passes that peacemaker stick around and next thing you know it’s love, peace and harmony for all mankind mon!”.

Yesterday reports from Tel-Aviv say that Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, a well known racist hater of Arab peoples smoked a doobie with his in-house political rival and fellow hater of Arabs, Tzipi Livni.

Observers report hugs, kisses and a little Hava-Na-Gila dancing with a late night phone call made to Domino’s pizza; something about a pepperoni!

On the other side, Ismail Haniyeh, the leader and death to Israel hater of Hammas was seen smoking a mad bong and hugging Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian authority in the West Bank. Together they this issued this "joint" statement;

Hammas and Palestinian Authority Joint Statement to the World

“Today, we hereby declare that Israeli solidier Gilad Shilat held captive in Gaza for years is to be released immediately to his family in Israel. We sincerely apologize to his family


especially to his mother for our actions. We’ve met with Gilad and smoked a bowl with him. Gilad said it’s all good and that he’s cool with it. In fact, he invited us to his house in Israel to smoke a bowl with his peeps. We are going next Saturday for some potato pancakes and a bagel with lox”.

On the streets, as of this morning, the peoples of Israel and Palestine were seen arm in arm smoking massive hookahs filled with Maui Wowie and some Red Hair Skunk screaming together in unison “Death Cab for Cutie! Death Cab for Cutie!”

Apparently the crowd was still unable to remove their brainwashed “calls for death” so they merely got too high and called for an Indie folk band from Seattle instead.

Businesses in the holy lands report that pizza, chicken wings, and hummous sales have skyrocketed as Israeli’s and Palestinians crash the restaurants and cafes looking for scoobie snacks. Together, dancing in the streets Israelis and Palestinians protested the blatant overt use of bar-b-que sauce on their chicken wings demanding the governments sponsor Tahini as the official chicken wing sauce.

On the political scene, last night, Benjamin Netanyahu held a party at his home in Tel-Aviv inviting all the members of the Knesset, Palestinian Authority, Hammas, and Hezbollah for some music, pizza, and frolic.

Reporters who crashed the party saw Bibi toking with that Hezbollah guy and they were like “Dood, I am so sorry for throwing those missiles at Haifa” and Bibi was like “Dood, no worries, I mean what was I thinking invading Lebanon and blowing up all that stuff. Holy crap dood, we totally suck!”.

As the band played some killer party dance beats, there were chants by a dancing guy calling himself Grand Master B Obama. This dancing hipster crashed the party. He was overheard saying to “Bibi, I am appointing you pledge representative to the social committee” while Bibi said “Gee Grand Master B, thanks! What do I have to do?” to which Grand Master B retorted “It means you have to drive us to the Falafel King”

As of late, all the peoples of the holy land, Jews, Christians, and Muslims were seen turning in their guns and suicide detonators and asking that they be melted down and made into totally bitchen water bongs with lots of cool psychedelic colors.

Mission Accomplished!

* This is satire. The events above did NOT really happen although based on past attempts by peacemakers, it’s probably not a bad idea!

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