Tuesday 22 June 2010


I have heard this name bandied about with great disgust, especially after the Mavi Marmara. Since I watch littl to no television it was just a name of a odious news reporter.

Just check him out! Totally nasty, slippery, an evader of the truth always on the aggressive side. Folks, a very revealing old video of this nauseating Mark Regev character. Keep your barf bag close.

Jewish Humor?

Another witty ditty from Israel, telling us that Jews do, indeed, have a sense of humour regarding politics. I have this problem. Either I do not have a sense of humour, or... well they don't.

I neglected to put up this rude little ditty right after the massacre on the Mavi Marmara. I do hope you find it as funny as I did not. Apparently in Israel, murder is as funny as jokes about Jesus in vats of poop are. Yep seen those too. Just hilarious. Not. Once again, great wit fails to amuse any people with compassion and truth telling as motivation.

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  1. The first video is hilarious. I liked the subtitle comments.

    I had to down load the clip.

    In the third Video, they are mocking terrorist without showing any causalities in spirits. No killing like what they did to Gaza. I guess one cannot show what one do not have. I wonder why they did not fabricate something like they did with the flotilla's attack.

    Thank you, Noor.


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