Saturday 12 June 2010


Just a thank you to everyone who takes time to read here and even write and suggest things for me to look into or contribute to the blog.

I appreciate that you all even come here read it at all.

It does mean a lot to me so here are a few shots of flowers I have taken over the years to show my thanks and appreciation. I only wish you could smell them as I did when I took the photo, or could hear the zillions of bees and dragon flies and eagles flying over head, song birds, the zzzzzzzzzzzzzooom of the hundreds of humming birds, that were part of the photographic experience.

One big change in the garden is that the hammock is gone. It had been built as a gift for my brother to recuperate after a surgery and he is long since healed. Now there stands a state of the art chicken house and run full of fat sassy birds, layers and eaters. And the vegetable area is tripled in size. Getting more practical but the flowers are still beautiful.



  1. Jazak'Allahu khairan akhti Noor.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful Noor.

    To think the natural world around us is now endangered by a bunch of satanic freaks is very frustrating.

    There is some more news now. BP is admitting they have screwed up.

  3. Mashallah! Beautiful flowers! Please keep your posts coming, I enjoy reading them!


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