Friday 4 June 2010


Trust me, read through to the end and you will understand the need for the Commandos' severe measures on the Mavri Marmara!

As international outrage spreads at the Israeli elite commando attack on an unarmed humanitarian convey in the middle of the night on international waters, Israel is desperately trying to rebrand the incident as one of self-defence. It is nothing new for Israel, and other aggressive powers, to smear their victims as perpetrators. After all, unjustifiable murder is too jarring to stomach.

Yet, Amnesty International released a statement about Israel’s excessive use of force, further stating that Israel’s version of events begs credibility. Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu proclaimed the actions of Israel as “completely inexcusable”. According to Craig Murray, specialist on maritime law, “To attack a foreign flagged vessel in international waters is illegal.”

Deported activists tell a horrifying story of the use of electric shock, live ammunition, smoke bombs, gas canisters, beatings, and seizure of all evidence on cameras. Greek activist Michalis Grigoropoulos said, “They took us hostage, pointing guns at our heads…There was absolutely nothing we could do.” A Turkish woman, with her 1 year old baby, recalls “The ship turned into a lake of blood.”

Later today I will post the transcript I am listening to on events that occurred from a released activist. The details she is giving are shocking. But back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their extreme measures to de-legitimize the efforts of those who have been willing to be martyred to further the cause of the Palestinian people.

To this regard I have here a lot of, what I am sure the Israelis would brand as "anti semitic information" for you. Here is proof of tampering with evidence done by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the taking of the Mavri Marmara in international waters. Hard pressed to prove their innocence for this illegal action, they are working hard to make the peace activists look like vicious violent fighters deserving of the anger of the world. Now we know that, back against the wall, these people tend to lie more, protest more, bluster more, fight dirtier.

Also, remember the control they tried to have over the media access to the Gazan holocaust, this situation is no different. They seized all imagery and equipment from the activists and are in full control of every image the world sees. In some, what are seen only as long sticks, are highlighted as being metal bars. No one knows the truth! Certainly the words of Israel cannot be trusted.

Maintaining such falsehoods involves a lot of improvisation and ingenuity. This meant there had to be proof of the Israelis' allegations of the violent and highly armed militants on the Mavri Marmara. Highly trained Commandos, fully armed with weapons cocked and firing as they drop from the air onto the ship, are no match for the items you will see below.

But wait! These photographs of booty taken from the Mavri Marmara are in FLICKR! The Ministry has loaded them up as PAST hauls from their activities against evil doers! What astonishes me here is that as an amateur photographer, I spend a lot of time in Flickr enjoying the art and work of other people. I had NO IDEA it was used as yet another site for propaganda by my favourite Star of David nation. To find them operating in my photography site shows just how insidiously and DESPERATELY they are trying to make their fabrications real to the world.

ONE MORE THOUGHT TO TAKE WITH YOU ~ If they have lied to us about so very many things, such as Gaza and the weapons they dropped on helpless people, been proven false by report after report, agency after agency; so many lies over the infestation and theft of Gaza; their denials of having nuclear capability for decades; their involvement in the creation of the bombs that blew Hiroshima and Nagasaki; their well known participation in the black world of white slavery; the theft and sale of body parts, and so many other delicate matters, who is to say they have not lied about other even more important matters ~ such as the events of the last world wars, focusing on WW2.

Some of the things we learned in kindergaarten are truths that prove themselves again and again.
What is that expression? "Once a liar always a liar?" Think about it.

The following is a repost, due to the amazing hard work of one Ibn Kafka. He has taken the liberty of translating the original post from French into English.

On the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Flickr page, the pictures of the so-called weapons seized on the ships taking part in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla provide ample evidence of the deviousness of those darned anti-semitic terrorists. Be forewarned: the following pictures are not for the faint-hearted.




Exhibit A: bulletproof vests

A slight snag though: two commentators, probably anti-semitic, point out that this photo really is from February 2006: Blue says: In addition, IsraelMFA has to be careful with the date settings of their cameras! This picture looks like it was taken on Feb 7, 2006.. Wth?

goplayer2008 says:
EXIF data

Date and Time (Modified): 2010:06:02 10:37:58
YCbCr Positioning: Co-sited
Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
Date and Time (Original): 2006:02:07 04:49:57
Date and Time (Digitized): 2006:02:07 04:49:57

Exhibit B: An Axe

An axe on board a ship? Good grief.

Another commentator, probably anti-semitic as well, notices that the picture dates from 2003:

Embra says:
Tiff data: Taken on January 1, 2003. Oops!

Exhibit C: Pepper Spray.

Horror knows no bounds!

The comments display the usual hateful fanaticism one can expect from islamo-fascists:

deepvisual says:
they managed to use them while they were still in their wrappers… damn those Turks are clever..
Posted 3 hours ago.

Embra says:
Tiff data: Taken on January 1, 2003.
Posted 53 minutes ago.

docteur_nic says:
My mom must be a turrurrist. She used to carry one of those in her purse.
Posted 45 minutes ago.

Again, be forewarned:

this post isn’t for the faint-hearted.

If the stakes were not so high, this would be cartoon worthy.

Exhibit D: A Keffieh, kitchen knives, a Saudi flag, and and some CD-roms.

Are you beginning to feel nauseated at these activists, hold on.
Do not faint just yet!

Exhibit E: an electric saw A saw on a ship! Really, those terrorists really are beyond the pale. Do my eyes deceive me or are those SPEARS of asparagus in the back ground?

Another anti-semitic commentator spews his hateful bile:

barneygale says:
Hi. Just to confirm that the EXIF metadata points to this photo being taken in 2006:

barney@benchwood:~$ identify -verbose bab2e_o_d.jpg | grep Date
exif:DateTime: 2010:06:02 10:38:47
exif:DateTimeDigitized: 2006:02:07 05:52:19
exif:DateTimeOriginal: 2006:02:07 05:52:19

Exhibit F: night vision equipment
Totally useless on the high seas!

Allow an antisemitic islamo-fascist to point out
that picture’s original date:
Date and Time (Original): 2006:02:07 05:20:56
Date and Time (Digitized): 2006:02:07 05:20:56

Finally, the smoking gun as it were:

Exhibit H: What exactly is it? A potato peeler?

It is a butterfly knife of sorts, with a blade slightly shorter than a thumb, a weapon ideally suited for use against marine commandos armed with high-velocity firearms!

If all this hard evidence isn’t enough to convince you of the legitimacy of the Israeli action, I rest my case.
PS: Hurry up visiting that Flickr page, as I fear that some photos might be withdrawn soon…



Notebooks and text books!

Wheelchairs and mobility devices!

They really DID have medicine aboard!


Everyone know that PikaChu can emit bursts of electical energy from his cheeks, which may be considered a threat to national security. This is very serious once you remember that Pikachu can evolve into a more powerful form, Riachu. Raichu is capable of storing over 100,000 volts of electricity in its Islamo-facscist cheeks!!

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