Saturday 26 March 2011


JonBenet Ramsey, a child with eyes 
that saw far too much for her young age.

Posted March 26, 2011

I have written enough times about MK Ultra and mind control, the pedophiles and the Satanism involved. I have written about the abuse suffered by these children, including Jon Benet Ramsay.  This issue of French Vogue features a truly disturbing photo shoot featuring young girls (around 6 years old) in heavy make-up, high heels and designer clothes. Some pictures actually “sexualize” these girls by placing them in strange settings.

Notice the presence of feline prints in many photos ~ a reference Sex Kitten programming (aka Beta Programming). Loss of innocence, premature sexualization, awkward settings, ritual abuse, blank stares…the little girls in these photos absolutely reek of mind control and MK Ultra sex conditioning. It is begun young to create the very best quality robot.

These photographs show just how low France's standards have dropped.

On top: Bland, brainless, bimbo girls with hands positioned in a very occult and sexually possessive manner. Stepford wives in training ~ deluxe model.
Just plain wrong! The sluttification of our daughters.

Her ankles are "chained"  And like Oestre, the pagan goddess of spring, she holds two rabbits, symbols of fertility.

.Everything about this one is shocking, the mirror symbolism, the poses, the cat, the candles, the crow, the worldly ennui of these children. In the world of MK Ultra, part of the sex kitten training involves donning animal furs as part of your fashion statement.. Cheetah, Ocelot, tiger. All powerful cats.

The bland soulless stare of these children is also very much a sign of MK Ultra or mind control.

A trio of bored young sophisticates, or MK Ultra girls\
Cathy O'brien spoke much on her over sexualization for her duties as an MK Ultra sex slave, including being used in pornography. but it was much rawer and depraved than the above. Oh, lovely slave anklet on the child.

A Christmas gift (cadeaux) under the tree?

 Reminiscent of portrait of Jon-Benet Ramsay.
Following are what is done in America to sexualize and trivialize the value of little girls.  I am not saying all children in these   pageants is mind controlled a la MK Ultra. But the sexualization of small girls     is just as obvious. 

These two would look a lot better if they were normal little girls on the beach rather than over made up Texas beehive girls in "full glitz".

As blatant as those photos from France are, can Americans really take the moral ground on treatment of little girls>


  1. I find these pictures horrid.

    - Aangirfan

  2. sick weird stuff,i suppose the excuse used by vogue is we are looking to tap a slightly younger audience...

    hopefully the magazine would of sold less copys due to the weirdness of the whole thing...

    anyway bye..neil

  3. These examples merely scratch the surface of the rabbit hole we've fallen into...we've been programmed just as these poor souls in the pic above. The core of this nations so-called "national security" is pedophilia; facilitated by the Military-Political-Hollywood-Behavioral Science apparatus.Children have, and continue to be ritually abused by Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings & Queens -- used as sex slaves, couriers of coded Intel, and drug mules, used to gratify the perverted lusts of our vile demented leadership!

    See how deep the rabbit hole goes...
    ITK7 Journal: Exposing NWO Elites

    Animal Skins

    Monarch Mind Kontrol Prog'mg Modes ID: "I Gotta See It"

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  4. I don't know what the problem is. There's nothing sexual about the photos at all. I mean, the models are gross, ugly, and unattractive. There's not enough sexualization if anything. :) We have to remember this is the 21st century and the days of abstinence until marriage are over. Ugly people don't belong in this day and age. Welcome to the future.

  5. You miss the point obviously. These are children, little girls, well under 10 years of age. It all has to do with the oversexualization of society today, especially towards the perks for pedophiles. If you cannot see the connection, do a little researching.

    "Welcome to the future" holds no more than excuses, acceptance and a leaning towards the utter lack of morality and the "anything goes" attitude that is intended to replace any form of restraint. It is just more of the "do as thou wilt" attitude that is helping to pull decency into the gutter, right where the dark side wants us to be.

  6. The whole statement about the 21st century is wrong. i mean its different when your 18, 20 or 21 but when your 8 or 10 its just wrong.You shouldn't dress these children looking like a high class slut.Its not the fault of the children of course but there parents.
    And the comment about: Ugly people don't belong in this day and age?I mean c'mon! If u have a big nose or you don't have size 36 doesn't mean you are ugly...If you feel beautiful you are and if someone thinks different its his problem.

  7. A blank or vacant stare speaks of "going over the rainbow" where an MK slave can relieve her pain and dissociate and pretend that everything is OK.


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