Sunday 20 March 2011


March 20, 2011
Commentary by Tony Cartalucci

 Final-Four picks in the midst of the greatest disaster
in human history. Nero fiddled as Rome burned, Obama
picks NCAA teams as the Pacific and his own West Coast
faces decades of coming unprecedented catastrophe.

The Anglo-American multi-trillion dollar global military machine has been defended ad nauseum as essential to protecting free humanity and its progress into a promising future.
In reality, it is a criminal facilitator obsessed with pilfering the world's resources, consolidating power in the hands of feckless feeble minded, short-sighted degenerate financiers, and fostering an unprecedented level of interdependence and vulnerability in every nation brought within their sphere of influence.

One must wonder what sort of world we might be living in today if the trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives squandered in the last 10 years of war profiteering in the Middle East, were instead used to push real education, technological research and development, and real tangible technological progress.
 Not only would we have sources of power that could replace dangerous and antiquated power plants like the 40 year old Fukushima reactors, but we as Americans might have a naval fleet actually capable of protecting the "free world" from real threats like the one unfolding off the east coast of Japan's Fukushima prefecture.

Instead, the US fleet is stretched globally involved in a myriad of meddling geopolitical gambits, many of which were intentionally engineered and initiated by corporate-serving policy wonks in Washington and London.
Even as Japan drowns, burns, melts-down, evacuates, and workers engage in suicide missions to mitigate the unprecedented disaster unfolding, Washington and London leadership obsessively pursue their pet projects worldwide.

The globalist International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)
has been obsessing over Libya, and how to allocate military and civilian resources to aid the perpetuation of the US-backed Middle East conflagration, wringing their hands over the fact that their assets are already so thinly stretched between Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan.
 Considering the US State Department's global network of recruiting, training, funding, equipping, and supporting contrived revolutions worldwide on behalf of globalist corporate interests, it shouldn't surprise us how incompetent and ill-prepared it is to deal with its real duties ~ maintaining formal relations with foreign nations.

IISS policy wonks exhibit the entirety of their feckless unwarranted authority and gives a glimpse into an unprecedented misappropriation of the "international system's" priorities. If you have resources, influence, and authority, and aren't using them to solve real problems, you belong behind bars for criminal negligence.

In this case, Japan, mired in a catastrophe that very well endangers the US itself is in dire need of any and all assistance, an effort the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should direct her entire, undivided attention to.

Instead, Secretary Hillary Clinton is wasting time in Paris consorting with foreign backed Libyan rebels trying to overthrow the government of a sovereign nation.

The amount of extra-legal, unwarranted, un-Constitutional aid the US is rendering to pro-globalist projects around the world is almost as astronomical as America's debt incurred through the criminal activity of the Federal Reserves' economic-alchemists.

A nation with the potential, population, and resources of America, led by what amounts to murderous-bullies, degenerate gamblers, and myopically obsessed megalomaniacs is a crime in and of itself.

The globocrats' negligence over the decades, the squandering of the American people's resources, human and otherwise, and the incessant meddling geopolitical social engineering has intentionally produced a world dependent on their "international system" and has doomed us to needlessly suffer disasters like the one in Japan.

These are disasters that responsible, honorable men and women leading our nations could have prevented and most certainly could have ensured entire navies and armies would be on hand to deal with if all else failed.

The "international system" is a cancer of incompetence, self-destructive greed that is leaving all of humanity naked and vulnerable to the real challenges of the future.

It is a cancer that desperately needs to be excised with the utmost expediency.

The twisting feeling we have in our guts when we wake up each morning, realizing the horrors unfolding in Japan and spreading in the winds off their coast is what a real humanitarian disaster looks and feels like, these are the challenges we as humanity face ~ not contrived rebellions in Libya, not climatology statistics cooked up by Belfer Center's corporate sponsored shaman, and not fake wars funding 10 years of war profiteering.

These are real challenges that require real leadership, leadership we do not have, but desperately need.

Each day these impostors remain in power the effects of their crimes become irreparably more profound. These are men that invent crimes and the criminals allegedly carrying them out to detract from the reality that they are the biggest criminals on earth ~ their crimes the most grievous against humanity.

Their fumbling over Japan,
while prioritizing their murderous pilfering and meddling
across the Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa
are unforgivable affirmations we must take to heart
and act on now, today.
The winds of change are literally coming
and we are all about to pay the price
for the globalists' "misleadership."

The answer is simple.

these corporations with local solutions,
stop listening to their lies,
stop voting for them entirely
in their contrived version of "democracy"
and write in names of men and women
who truly deserve to be behind the levers of power
no matter how unlikely their chance is to win.

Become self-sufficient in food, water, power, security, media, and entertainment ~ pursue the education you were denied within the globalists' sabotaged school systems.

Our lives literally depend on moving on, and doing so without these parasites feeding off of us, posing as the source of civilization when all they do is feed off of civilization.

For more information on alternative economics, getting self-sufficient and moving on without the parasitic, incompetent, globalist

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