Wednesday 23 March 2011


WHY are they still spraying corexit into the Gulf?

Genocide in America.  You thought you would recognize genocide when it came to the United States? Well, the thing is, boys and girls, that genocide does not always involve physical violence and guns. There are other ways of removing unwanted people that are known as “soft kill”. And the Gulf population is rapidly dying from government condoned and assisted genocide right under your very noses..

The Gulf disaster is far from over. Calling it a “spill” is so terribly misleading. “Spill” makes it sound manageable and accidental. ~ What happened with Deepwater was neither. Please watch the expose by Jesse Ventura which I have posted at:

Now meet some of the victims and hear their stories. I only present a few videos, but there are more and they show the painful manners in which these people are dying, how their children are dying: babies are being born to die or suffer for life.

Both Katrina and the oil spill were/are part of an appalling plan by the elite to restructure the demographics of the Deep South, especially along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is all part of the population reduction plan the elite have been working towards for decades. 
You don't really believe Obama would put his precious self 
and his lovely daughter into the Gulf do you? 
Dishonest propaganda at its lowest.
What you will see is the eradication of the good folk in the Deep South who fished and made their living from the local waters.  Or citizens who were so shocked by the ugliness of Deepwater, that they offered their time and effort to clean up. Do you remember the films and photos of volunteers, fully protected, cleaning the suffering wildlife?  Chances are they are all deadly ill by now as a result.

I remember when they announced the beaches were safe for use.  The children that frolicked in the waves are now dying or dead. And the situation is far from peaking yet; the statistics will climb. Every statistic represents real human beings, people who suffered unnecessarily. These fumes are killing both the living and the unborn.

To learn why the Deepwater Disaster was purposefully brought about, do watch that movie.  Learn the truth.  Then do what you can.  People are living in fear about radioactive fallout from Fukushima, and very rightly so. People are distracted by yet another useless war in Libya, the next big step in WW3. People are fighting for daily survival. But NO ONE is looking at what is happening under their very noses in their own country.

These are your  fellow human beings, Americans, just ordinary folk who had the “misfortune” of living in the wrong part of the world according to the elite.  I am not American and do not know your legal system, but you should be pressuring your elected representatives to keep the money wasted on wars within your own country to care for your own.

'You won't see this in national headlines. Jennifer Rexford, a BP-hired oil spill cleanup worker, has been documenting her condition that is getting worse by the day. BP is not taking responsibility.'

Toxic Gulf Brew Still Reaping Death and Misery

The chemical and biological agents used in the gulf created a toxic stew of death. Victims both human and animal continue to suffer to this day. Air Force unit "awarded" for helping spray the toxins. It's time for action! 

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  1. They sure don't talk about the oil leak in the media anymore, do they? As if it is all in the past.


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