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Corruption by Xerosama
March 21, 2011
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“If Israel were by the side of the road somewhere,
every dog in town would roll in it’”

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't it Israel that sent 50,000 African mercenaries into Libya? So... aren’t the NATO coalition now bombing, strafing and tomahawking Israel’s mercenaries?

Meanwhile, isn’t the reason that the assaults didn't stop (possibly Gadhafi doesn't have control) is because Israel is in control of them?

There's a whole lot of irony here.
Someday, lambs will suck in vengeance at the teats of irony.

Now... it's been acknowledged that Israeli security was in charge of the Fukushima nuclear plant. The plant didn't automatically shut down as it should have. The Stuxnet virus has been found at Fukushima and the US and Israel have publicly taken credit for inventing it? Please correct me if I am wrong.

If this is true then the two major negative events, presently taking place on this beleaguered Earth are both, likely Israeli instigated disasters.

Israel did 9/11.
Israel was the driving force behind all the major conflicts of the last decade.
Israel is the main bass drum behind the march to attack Iran.
Israel is bad news.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange are at the back of the bus these days. It’s time for Andy Warhol lite (-0% percent of everything) to break another condom or release the news that Jonathan Livingston Seagal (rhymes with Sméagol) was written by the CIA.

The madness that is Israel is patently more dangerous than the fallout from the nuclear reactors, which they may likely be responsible for and... If HAARP was involved and, inasmuch as they control the US, top to bottom, they most certainly were behind the whole mess.

Since Israel is radioactively evil and plugged in to occult modalities that give them a degree of insight about what is coming, one might speculate on any number of possibilities concerning what Israel has in mind. 94% of the Israelis eagerly supported Operation Cast Lead.

Now... since Israelis are the smartest people on Earth (just ask them), it can’t be that they are deceived about the motive and intent of their genocide. Of course, it’s all about Zionism.

Historically, whenever a nation (usually a large nation with a willing coalition) threatens everyone and everything and is driven by the sole purpose of material gain, some collection of the remaining world forces joins together to shut them down.

The case of Israel is unique. The very cultures and nations that Israel is most actively engaged in destroying ~ outside of her neighbors and the previous and legitimate owners of the land they occupy ~ are the very nations and cultures that most actively support her.

One of the most insane criminals of the past, Napoleon, bled his country white in gratuitous wars, just so he could look good on a horse and show how competent he was at playing Risk on the big board. Waterloo finally came up in the windshield, although it was what was happening in the rear view mirror that did him in.

This was also a dramatic moment, a fortune changing moment, for The Rothschild Crime Syndicate. The biggest coup for these international footpads came when they engineered the holocaust and then used it to gain possession of Palestine.

The icing on the cake was the holocaust denial laws. Here's graphic truth of what was really going on in Germany at that time. If you factor in the Zionist refusal to let aid packages into the camps AND the fact that the Red Cross was permitted to enter and inspect the camps AND that this was not permitted in the Zionist gulags of the Soviet alliance well, it is stunning to contemplate all of this.

Tamerlane, during one of his military excursions, built a concrete wall out of human skeletons and also put living men in it as well. He wiped out Baghdad, during which time he ordered each of his soldiers to bring back two severed human heads. This is the sort of evil we are dealing with and also some of the genetic strain of Khazar/Ashkenazi converted to Judaism during the rule of King Bulan in the mid- 700’s A.D. No, I am not saying they were directly descended from Tamerlane, except spiritually.

Something dark and evil runs through these people. It's there to be seen in the footprints of history but... any reference to this, brings down a hailstorm of slander claiming slander and they are defended by fundamentalist Christianity, which they are Hell-bent on the destruction of. They’ve written themselves into the Bible as indispensable progenitors of both the Christian and Muslim faiths, which are two of their biggest chosen enemies.

Modern archaeological discoveries have shown that the history they claim actually belonged to others. It may all be a mystery but what is not mysterious are the results of their activity here.

The cosmos is presently shaking up the scenery on the planet. It's only just started to do this and there is no telling how dramatic the changes are going to be. That is dependent, I surmise, on what it takes to wake people up. At times like these, the cosmos never does anything halfway. The point of the whole thing is the resulting change of consciousness brought about by The Apocalypse.

Although the intent is to transform the landscape and drive the dream of shake and bake materialism out of the minds of the general population; whatever part is destined to remain, the intent is also to expose and reveal the causes of human distress, over the course of previous ages for the purpose of a lasting lesson.

This is going to have a lot to do with the fate of Israel, whose days are definitely numbered and who is going to feature in some of the biggest drama ever seen. Samson options and outright assaults on humanity are not going to count for much as deterrents against possibilities of a collective response out of the fear and confusion of the afflicted.

The cosmos is the player here and the cosmos will get the job done one way or the other.

Everything happening right now is setting the scene for what is to follow;
the upheavals in The Middle East,
the increasing economic gap between
the predatory rich and the poor and middle class,
the banker bailouts and corporate tax loopholes,
the incredible thefts by the politicians
and the fealty of all to the Rothschild dynamic,
they are all going down
so that when the curtain comes up
from over the eyes of the populace,
there's not going to be any question
about what is what
and who is who,
or what got done
and who did it.

It’s ludicrous in the extreme that anyone would take any of what is said here as being (snicker) anti-Semitic, whatever the hell that means.

These things are true.

The document at the beginning of this article shows what was offered and available in Germany and there are many, many more.

History shows what did and didn’t happen by virtue of what didn't get mentioned by any of the major players of the time.

History shows that certain tales appeared years after certain events, while nothing got said at the time.

We know that in ’48 an architect was brought in to build crematorium/gas chamber relics.

Why would something like this have to be done?

To quote a man whose eyes were opened
to most of what's being discussed here,
“history is bunk”.

My take on things is different than those who are always looking for material causes for conditions and events. Going that route, it’s difficult to explain or justify a great many things, even if you could get at the truth, which is the great enemy of the paid historians who write their fictions for the little school kids, who turn into the brainwashed adults that spend their lives working for the bankers.

I see it all as a living movie with an actual director who is always several steps ahead of, behind and to the side of it all, while being in the middle as well. Most times this director is sleeping and we are players in his dream. At certain times he awakens and it is then that the lesson is in the process of being demonstrated. That's where we are now.

The good news is that it's all under control. The bad news is that far too many people don’t get this and even worse, a lot of the Fundie minds, who have their own take on that, have made the dreamer into a bigger version of themselves; a horrifying thought.

Every day not spent digging deeper into oneself where the real history lies, is one more day of being dug under by the heavy equipment that builds the historical lies.

Well, correct me if I'm wrong.

I can change anything written here to something closer to the truth.

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