Saturday 19 March 2011


By Joe Fallisi
Posted: March 19, 2011 

Dear Ken, my friend, my brother. We met last time at Shawa Theatre in Gaza, before my third concert there, two months ago. You know how much I love the cause of a free (and happy) Palestine and how just in the Strip of Martyrs I have my best friends, even my true family. Till the last breath of my life I’ll go on in this fight for truth and justice. You know also how much I admired you not only for your behavior during our common adventure, last year, on the Freedom Flotilla, but also, and even more, for how you were able to defend the truth about what really happened during the murderous assault by Zionist predators ~ I remember, for instance, your great interview for the BBC. Just because of that, and even because some years ago you had the idea to organize from London the human shields to go to Iraq and try to help the people there to avoid the horrible destruction of their country by Western intruders, I ask you to be brave again and to say openly, even now, some words of truth.

What all international criminals of “ONU” and “Arab” (more than shameful) “League” are planning against free, independent Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is a crime beyond any words. Even worse than what Anglo-America did against Iraq. All the “reports” of totally drugged media, spread all over the world, were, are SPECTRAL, radically FAKE. There is NO reason, absolutely none, except for the previously-decided purpose of swallowing an entire country and again throwing it back into the colonial age (by REAL mass murder and destruction and an eternal radioactive plague, just as they did in the unfortunate Iraq, Afghanistan and before that in the former Yugoslavia), to make any “humanitarian” no-fly zone on the sky of sovereign Libya, that means, of course, to invade then and to occupy the last independent Arab country, their obvious aim since the beginning of all this plot.

“Rebels” from Benghazi are corrupted traitors and ultra-reactionary monarchists linked to the foreign exploiters who tried, on behalf of them, to make a coup against the most laical, not racist and prosperous country, of the last 40 years of Africa. Compared to monsters and tyrants like Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Netanyahu Gaddafi is but a harmless koala bear. And the Libyan people will resist this incredible, indecent bullying wished by the “international” politically correct “community” (of vampires).

Please DON’T STAY SILENT. We must live our few years on this earth with dignity. Better to be alone than in a very bad company.

I embrace you brother.



Joe Fallisi

Ostuni, Italy, March 17th 2011

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