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My dear Readers:
This could easily be one of the most eye-opening posts I have made so far. Because I first read it when my eyes were barely open, it was heavy ploughing for the first page or two, Then I woke up. Since I was a child I have had a deep lingering fear of something so insidiously evil that I recoiled. I had visions of it that have been constant throughout my entire life; they are ugly and frightening visions that I have been watching for the past decades be born into our physical reality. 

I am sure, that many of my life decisions have been subconsciously influenced by these deeply buried insights. They are one reason I consciously decided to not have children. I felt it to be unfair to bring more beings into this mess. But that biological clock kicked in and I found myself a mother of two young souls who I raised to be aware of things. Yes, they are still young and their higher education has taught them that my concepts are ridiculous but the grounding is there and it will surface when needed.

I fought them. In the 1960’s I used drugs to escape this knowledge, but that backfired. They never went away, they refused to be buried, and instead became much more aware of life around me as it truly is. I never got into the following of Eastern gurus because I am Western and stuck with what I thought I knew.  The one book that truly influenced me and brought me peace was “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus Golas.  It is a little gem. You will find it listed in the menu on the right further down the page and I recommend giving it a read.

Anyhow to wind up here, I have known what we are facing all my life.  It is one reason I began to keep this blog, to open eyes to the evil around us in the naïve intention that with opened eyes, people would become seekers.  This Dr. Chiappalone has verbalized it all with a skill I can but envy. I will print his subsequent works as they are published. In the meantime, this following is surely worth much more than the time it takes to read and ingest it.

The aim of my blog has been to give a focus to those of us who want to assist each other in these troubled times, and to help MAKE SENSE OF THE MADNESS. Dr. Chiappalone takes things to the metaphysical level that I have known of but never had the clarity to put into words.  Yours in light and love,

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
I am writing about the process of inevitable termination of the entire physical dimension. If you do not wish to know about such matters, do not read any further.
I am well aware of the fact that any initial thought of death, in even those who claim they are well prepared to leave the plane, may incite anxiety, fear, panic and depression. But now is a time of physical termination for all, and we need to control our emotional bodies and thus go beyond such irrational, destructive reflexes of the body and its lo wer mind, and prepare adequately for the inevitable. It is for this reason I offer these words and those in my other publications. And even if nothing of what I say were to happen to the physical for a long, long time, realize that what I am saying is going to be of value to all of us at the time of our death, something none of us can avoid. We will all be dead in 100 years even if the planet does not end soon anyway, for Physical Immortality is but a pipe dream. Thus, no one can say this advice for adequate preparation for an inevitable process is unnecessary or wasted.
These words are offered in the hope that they will help some people prepare more adequately to cope with the coming generalized disasters. I am not writing to convert anyone to my point of view.  I am simply attempting to console the few who want to understand more.
I've been told that some are angered by what I write. All reactions to my words are relevant, as we shall see. Nonetheless, I state clearly that my motto is "Take it or Leave it". In other words, people are not being forced to read or listen to anything I write or say.
But, having witnessed such anger in some in the past when I gave public lectures, I must add that it is really a manifestation of morbid, internal FEAR in these angry ones. They fear the fact that they are being exposed as never before in their ontological nakedness, and, if they are demons, as most demons are starting to realize that they are, they then know on the outer mind, on hearing my words, that they live nefariously, by stealing energy from others around them to the point, in time, of starving their victims to death.
They are also fearful because they know I am right about what is to happen to Earth and all its inhabitants, and they have the Fear of knowing their time is up, and the Fear of Accountability, by which I mean that they are starting to realize that they will have to go before a just Judge. And this concept, which they have tried to bury in their psyche for a long, long time, is being reflexly recalled by them, and is too much for them to bear.
Thus are they sent into the Gloom of Doom, and the soul-destroying Darkness of Despair. No one wants that for them. They have chosen their own paths.
The Chinese have a saying that states:
"We are born cold, wet and hungry.
And then things really get worse."
This truism will be borne out by the occurrences of this generation over which we, in fact, have no control, even though it appears World Leaders, the Archons, are in control of their murderous schemes. We have all known since childhood that on this ever-suffering planet: "Life was not meant to be easy" and that "Suffering is unavoidable". As I said, that is going to be the case particularly in this generation.
I have previously revealed that the planet is undergoing a fatal fragmentation and all consciousness must leave the physical. These decaying steps now occurring are inevitable and there are mechanisms to be known, and realizations to be made, in order to help some of us get out of this dimension relatively unscathed. The fragmentation and decay are a result of the Evil Empire running out of pilfered energy with which to sustain itself. You will need to go back and read my earlier writings to understand why I call this an Evil Empire, and why I say only some of us will get out of this dimension to exist elsewhere.
On hearing what I have to say, many people will want to reflexly and vociferously object to the thought of Destruction of the Planet for they see so much beauty within it. Indeed there appears to be much beauty in it, but it is an illusionary beauty, as I explained in my poem "La Dolce Vita".
It is certainly a false beauty used to ensnare our senses and lull us into a phase of temporary tranquility and transient, fraudulent happiness. In truth, the entrapment causes the death of Divine spiritual beings, in all classes of consciousness, by the evil processes of slow spiritual annihilation, as they have their energy extracted by various evil processes, which include evil programming, pollution and indoctrination,and which in turn have been made to appear as necessities in order to exist on this plane. We are all subjected to those evil practices. I have detailed the factors of evil programming, and how they act, extensively in my books.
As an exercise, mentally pursue to extremes any available pleasure on this level. You will find that, if it is not a practice upon the Righteous Path to return to our true spiritual Home, it will be a pursuit with dire consequences, for all pleasure created by Evil is not only illusionary but also destructive and fatal to the True Spirit, and often also to the very body it created to contain that pleasure.
I am well aware of the fact that any initial thought of death in even those who claim they are well prepared to leave the plane may incite anxiety, fear, panic and depression. But now is a time of physical termination for all, and we need to control our emotional bodies and thus go beyond such irrational destructive reflexes of the body and its lower mind, and prepare adequately for the inevitable. It is for this reason I offer these words.
All True Beings are victims in this Evil Empire which is illusionary and dangerous to the true spirit. This dimension is a fraud, as is its creator. We are living in a temporary Virtual Reality that was doomed from the start. It is just that we, on this level, trapped in these bodies with extremely limited lower minds, and recycled repeatedly by the evil process of Re-incarnation, have been programmed to forget that fact.
But every visiting Avatar, in every generation that has existed since this trap was sprung, has reminded us of this fact, that we are in a temporary and doomed dimension. This is what the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom has always been about. This is the Wisdom whose keys were hidden by the sacerdotes, as Jesus Christ explained.
This is the Wisdom whose emergence could not be permitted by Evil to see the light of day at any time. That is why every Gnostic that ever spoke out with this Wisdom was slaughtered mercilessly throughout history. In the place of this Wisdom was substituted the falsified, untenable nonsense that passes as the basis for the extant Religions of today and the History for, and of, Hypocrites.
For all these reasons, the planet and all the evil creation
Have to be dismantled completely.
Alas, when Gottfried Leibnitz (1646-1716) declared that this world was "the best of all possible worlds", he was speaking as a demon for the demons! Any 10 year old can create a mental picture of a far better world with far less pain, suffering and misery! And Leibnitz's attempt to equate matter with "God", apart from exposing his ontology, sealed his fate as well.
His assertion that 'suffering is good' is surely characteristic of demonic thinking.  Of course the demons and their institutions want us to suffer. That is because suffering drains the spirit of Divine energy which they need to survive. But drainage from True Beings causes their spiritual deaths eventually. That is why this evil exploitation has to be stopped ASAP. Thus, we can see that Leibnitz, like many others, was an Archon upholding the Illusion of the Evil Virtual Reality. My advice to you is to run away as fast as you can from anyone who says suffering is good, for you are in the presence of an ignorant, destructive, deceptive fool, or else a malicious demon. Both are a danger to your spiritual wellbeing.
What is occurring on Earth is being repeated throughout the Physical Universe and all its sub-dimensions. All viable consciousness is being evacuated and Evil is being eliminated, as is all physical matter which is a byproduct of Evil.
Thus, this inevitable process which is occurring around us is the process for the total elimination of Evil. Evil is being allowed to implode by having its energy cut off.
The evacuation of most of the theomorphic Viables from the planet in 1999, as I have revealed numerous times before, fits into this program of cutting off the energy source that Evil plundered to sustain itself. Since then, the planet has been noted to be energy depleted. This is the reason for more strife and wars. The Evil Archons are attempting to acquire more energy for the system through emotional excitation, and via the pain and suffering of the trapped inhabitants.
The Planetary Alignment spoken of by many to occur in 2012 is a temporal focal point for further destabilization as the flow of energy from the entrance of the Galaxy bathes our area unimpeded. The problem arises from the fact that it is "dirty wind"; unstable negative energy. The truly creative, positive, Divine Energy has now been purposely withheld. Dirty wind acts as a destabilizing agent, so the physical will be buffered far more than ever before, worse than any other time in the previous 25000-odd year cycles. This is the last of such cycles. Indeed, this is the Endtime.
We are in the midst of a War, a War of Essences no less, of Good versus Evil. The outcome is a foregone conclusion. But as we experience it, we shall all eventually know the facts and be subjected to, and be witnesses of, the tragedies of war on this plane. As in our all-too-common earthly wars, we have pain and suffering, injury and obfuscation, absconders and traitors, spies and double agents. You will not know who is who in this war, so do not judge. All you can go by, when you are sufficiently cleansed spiritually is the relationship of your energy to that of others.
If you are severely polluted, indoctrinated or programmed by negative factors you will NOT be able to decipher accurately. Nonetheless, the more you cleanse, the more will connection with your Higher Mind occur, and it will know how to guide you unerringly. I will write more about the Cleansing and Purification subsequently, and if time permits I shall conduct classes for further spiritual development and preparation for those who are interested.
In more recent times, one of the plans and mechanisms that were used in the Plan of Clearing of the Planet and for the total Eradication of Evil was that which successfully fooled the Archons and allowed them to proceed in a manner by which they would do maximal damage to themselves and their Empire, locally, in the shortest amount of time.

Enter in the mid-1930s the likes of Adolf Hitler, a double agent, a sort of spiritual agent provocateur, to allow this to be fulfilled. This man, whose life-long hero was none other than Jesus Christ, was one of the catalysts used, as were many others, overtly and occultly, for advancing the process on this level that would eventually lead to the total elimination of all Evil.

I venture to say that he has been made the most hated man on the planet, after Jesus Christ, in spite of the great number of "born-again" robots and "Jesus freaks" around the globe. I will discuss in another essay this adoration of a fictional "Jesus package", which is an emotional and mental trap set up by Evil. It has nothing to do with spirituality or salvation. Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.
Before the removal of Divine Energy, as has occurred in recent times, the Evil Archons had their activities tempered somewhat by that Divine Energy. Those of you who are familiar with the allegorical works of Rama, Krishna and Shiva, etc., will recall their roles in balancing this dimension in times when Evil was in danger of engulfing the whole planet.
But now, the time for balancing is finished. Now, Evil is being allowed to engulf the whole dimension unopposed, so that it can self-destruct. Evil is being eradicated totally and permanently.
In this last generation, evil beings have seemed to be able to do pretty much what they like, seemingly without effective opposition. For example, evil surreptitiously starts a fight that will end in the destruction of a nation, and then enters the theatre of war as if heroically, with murderously excessive force, to end the conflict for the good of all. But, do not be fooled. Such action of theirs is intended only for the supposed ultimate benefit of Evil. However, now you must realize that, in being allowed to do this unopposed, it is really a way of allowing Evil to self-destruct. So on and on they go: Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China, etc., etc., not realizing that they are on a path of self-destruction.
The Terminal Fragmentation will affect every strata of existence. Microbes, insects, animals, plants and minerals are subjected to it as are we, the Devic kingdom, the Solar System, our galaxy, and all other galaxies of this Universe. Hence, everything will be erratic. In each evil level of consciousness there is fulmination war, as there is on earth.
Sub-dimensions of the physical are also collapsing, and this explains the transfer of many demons, discarnates and lower astral beings onto this plane, a process many are beginning to witness. Other star systems are decaying and some of the consciousnesses from there have come to Earth. Some of these have been called Star Children. Others are Walk-ins who have snatched physical bodies. I shall have more to say about these concepts in subsequent essays.
As we are beginning to witness, Evil Aliens are fighting amongst themselves in our skies, in our oceans, and within our planet, for the planet is hollow! Expect more and more of their crafts to precipitate onto this level.
This fragmentation has been allowed to happen, very much on purpose, as I have discussed elsewhere in the past. Because Evil has been given free-reign to do as it pleases, we now have the overt dishonesty, the abuse, the frank demonic nature and the engulfing evil activities on the planet that are ever-increasing daily, much to the chagrin of ones who wish to live in Truth, Love, Peace and Honesty, but who as yet do not fully understand what is going on.
While it is true that the suffering is unavoidable, we can prepare to minimize its effect on us by understanding the process in which we are caught. We need to understand why this has to happen, where we will go from here, who we are, and how we can best protect from the emotional onslaught of tragedies and disasters.
Before I proceed, I want to address the philosophical consideration of Natural Evil. That is what the empty headed, so-called brainiacs in the halls of decaying Philosophy Departments call events such as the recent Japanese Earthquake and other disasters like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
The term "Natural Evil" is an oxymoron. How can Evil be natural? Nothing could be further from the truth. No one not evil wants Evil in his or her life; no one really wants to be affected by Evil. And truly knowing the repercussions, no one except an evil being would really want to use Evil to commit destructive acts.
So, why call this murderous effect, Evil, a natural part of our existence? It simply is not. It should never have existed. The changes we are experiencing, even all the decay, are for the eradication of all this temporary aberration, called Evil, from our existence.
BTW, these same philosophers are, in the main, atheists. But they like to call Humanity an accident of Nature, of a Mother Nature, no less. Well, it's a real demonic essence of a supposedly nurturing mother, this Mother Nature, to subject us to these calamitous episodes of natural Evil periodically and with increasing frequency, don't you think?
And besides, the repeated and disastrous occurrences of Natural Evil that kill, maim and exploit so many is part of the handiwork of the creator of this abomination. Does that not give you an idea that this creator is not a loving, caring creator, but a sadistic ghoul?
Of course that is what it is, and it has programmed the Natural Evil via its inability to create anything proper and with its need to make certain ones with true, Divine energy suffer in order to extract that energy, for as I said above, it requires the energy to run the ignoble creation.  This has been the case since the creation of this Illusional world, this Virtual Reality. For details of this concept I suggest you read my metaphysical books.
So, I am here to assert that the real Godforce is actively eradicating this Virtual Reality, this Celestial Error from the face of the True Creation. And what we are undergoing is simply the surgery to do just that.
I want to emphasize the following points:




They will be unable to hide behind their lies.
While we are on this topic, we may as well put paid to the ridiculous notion which some morons put forward, namely, that man has created Evil with his sins. Boy o boy, they would certainly have to be whopping sins to create massive Black Holes that swallow whole galaxies and everything in them, and reduce all matter to nothingness. And I have yet to meet a man or woman who has sinned enough to create radioactive isotopes that can destroy others indiscriminately.
We are all affected by disasters, if not personally, then emotionally, by the very nature of the draining emotions engendered by pain, suffering and death.
This is because of our metaphysical anatomy. We have an emotional body that is activated by rings of awareness extruded by others and by programming factors I have enumerated in my books. The whole idea of this emotional excitation is for drainage of energy from the reservoirs inside the being (the Centres of Consciousness, known by some as Chakras). That is the energy (in Theomorphic beings) that has kept this Evil Empire (the physical dimension) running.
Both good and bad emotions cause this drainage of internal Divine energy. Thus it is that the Avatars encouraged us to curb the emotions at all times. 
This bombardment of our emotional bodies with ever-increasing disasters is now going to play havoc with us. Our minds are going to be blackmailed by fears that could drive some insane.
There is the fear of:

Financial loss,
Pain and suffering,
 Injury and deformity,
Loss of loved ones, children, relatives, pets, etc.,
Inability to cope,
Insanity and of course, the fear of ·Physical DEATH.
Worst of all is the fear as yet not fully expressed by many. Namely, the fear I mentioned above, the fear that is manifesting as anger to my words: It is the Fear of Accountability; the fear of having to account to a Divine Presence.
The evil Archons and Reptilians which some of us see more and more easily now on the planet, and who destroying lives at will with their whims for greater financial gain, and for energy harvesting, appear to be uncaring of their maliciousness because they have convinced themselves they will never be brought to account. But, as the changes I have described occur, slowly the realization of accountability will seep from their subconscious to their outer minds and what will result will be Terminal Madness which I have described before.
I have already written elsewhere that psychic ability will be restored to all quickly in this generation, and we shall all see who is who. The Archonic demons will have nowhere to hide. Experientially I know this process of identification has commenced and is accelerating rapidly.

To be continued......


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