Saturday 19 March 2011


There are so many things this morning to write to you about, dear Readers, but I have a family emergency to deal with. But I do have time to post these videos for you. The following action took place this morning in Libya.

This is a very significant development in the Libyan situation but I will port more later today.

And last note, do not believe a word the government says about the radioactive fallout from Japan. Take care NOW to avoid contamination. I have not had my windows open for almost 2 days (and it drives me nuts). Look into what you can do to keep yourself safe. The government and AMA are lying through their pointed teeth about the situation and the results of this problem. Canada is no better hiding the facts that the plant there is leaking, It was almost impossible to get my paws on potassium iodide the other day but perseverance won out.  No thanks to the established medical system I might add.

Ok OK I am going!

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