Sunday 26 February 2012


By Dean Henderson
February 20, 2012

When you live in the belly of the military/industrial beast, crazy shit is to be expected. Neurosis of all size, shape and manner becomes routine. Barbie Doll anchor twits & Viagra commercials reinforce the post-industrial nightmare. War is peace and “evil dictators” are those of great integrity.

But this Republican primary takes the proverbial cake.

Like lemmings, Republican primary voters march out the latest “most conservative” billionaire-sponsored candidate only to dump the unlucky imp in unison once another state decides ~ with all the filial loyalty of Newt Gingrich ~ that a new idiot suits them.

The latest pick from Republican sanitarium-dwellers is a Knights of Malta stiff named Santorum. Perfect.

In the old days the Republican Party had a platform. Yes, it was all about supporting Big Business and billionaires, but at least it was a platform. Since the advent of Rush Limbaugh and his talk radio repeater prototypes, the GOP has become the party of division, fear and failed trickle down economics dogma.

There are no deeds.
There is no platform.
Words are all that matter.

Like a 50-year-old boxer trying to stay on his feet and earn a split decision in the 15th round, the antiquated GOP can offer no good candidates because there are no good candidates in a party of “free-market” repeaters that has been duped and used as a tool by the banker constructors of the current neo-liberal economic insanity.
Liberty is fine until you take the liberty to steal my wages or my house.

Free markets are fine unless they’re all rigged. And they are.

Wars against small countries with oil are not cool anymore.

What else does the GOP have?
Demographics are against them. Their base consists of angry aging white folks, who whine incessantly about their taxes and big government, all the while paying lower rates than poor folks and abusing their Medicare cards like hypochondriacs.

The country is getting younger, blacker and browner. The gap between the rich ~ the traditional Republican constituency ~ and the poor has never been greater. The middle class is washing out and becoming poor. None of this bodes well for Republicans.

Most do not even belong to the 1%, but their Stockholm Syndrome-driven mission is to aid and abet the 1% war pigs as these miscreants socialize their debts on the backs of the US Treasury while capitalizing their Cayman Islands profits.

When you support thieves and pirates, you have to lie about these thugs. Thus modern-day Republican strategy centers on obfuscation and fear. The grand old party of the elite spins folksy yarns, wraps itself in the flag and manufactures fear. They created/incited the Tea Party to rail against government, after Reagan/Bush/Bush had run up socialized Halliburton deficits building a police state/war machine.

They staked out a “family values” position to fool Christian voters, then took bribes from defense contractors and sodomized little boys in airport bathrooms. They are all about words and nothing about deeds. They are good liars.

The party of “personal responsibility” feeds at the government trough, points at the skinny guy behind them and is personally responsible for…passing the larger chunks of meat to their billionaire funders.

Increasingly the Republican Party is a refuge for psychopaths, sociopaths, bullies, cowards, snake-oil preachers and bellicose emotionally stunted hypocrites whose mommies didn’t love them enough. They pontificate loudly and with their finger in your face. When you call them on it they cry. Try it sometime.

Democrats should and will be challenged from the left in the coming decades, but the GOP is becoming a relic of the not-so golden past. Ron Paul should leave this party of phonies immediately. He is honest and does not deserve to be counted amongst such scoundrels.

And if, after witnessing this primary spectacle, you are still thinking of voting Republican in the 2012 election, you really need to seek professional help.

Dean Henderson is the author of Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries and Das Kartell der Federal Reserve. Subscriptions to his Left Hook blog are FREE at

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  1. The Justice of God: The World Order by Eustace Mullins - Chapter 5: The CIA Wild Bill Donovan, the OSS, and the CIA

    "The CIA has often been called the Central Investment Agency, not only because of the Wall Street backgrounds of Donovan, Dulles and many other principals, but because of the many commercial operations in which it has engaged (the CIA is always referred to, not by accident, by its insiders, as "the Company"). A great deal of stock trading is based upon inside CIA information, buying and selling on the basis of secret intelligence gathered by the CIA all over the world.

    The CIA has also spent billions to influence foreign elections, always for candidates inimical to the interests of the people of the United States, but dedicated to the program of the World Order. However, its principal influence has been through its control of foundations and universities. The American people remain blissfully unaware that their Constitutional government with its separated powers of legislative, judicial and executive departments, has been entirely superseded by the foundations, which generate basic policy for all three branches."


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