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February 6th, 2012 
If you think American women and Western women in general are more liberated than ever, maybe you better think again. This is not an article condemning inequality in the workplace or detailing how women aren’t earning the same salaries as men.
It’s a look at how women are secretly being manipulated into living lives that are alien to their true inner nature; and how most women are suffering because of it. Divorce, overwork, overstress, eating disorders, plastic surgery, depression, suicide ~ something strange is happening to women.

It appears a great experiment is taking place, aimed at seeing how far women can be transformed into becoming something that is the polar opposite of their true inner nature.
Something is very seriously wrong with women today. If you don’t see it, you’re not paying attention. American and Western women are bogged down by worry, sadness, depression, emotional and physical anxiety, health problems and illnesses like never before.

The mass media is not reporting this sad truth to any great degree. But if you keep your eyes open you can see something is wrong, and you can even find bits and pieces of evidence of this mysterious mass illness in newspapers, magazines, and on television:
A recent study finds that one in four women age 45 to 59 take anti-depressants.” ~ USA TODAY

“The United States is rapidly falling behind the rest of the industrialized world when it comes to life expectancy, and no demographic is facing a more rapid decline in life expectancy than women. According to a new study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, the life expectancy of the American woman is not just growing too slowly…it is actually declining.” ~ Travis Waldron,

It is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder ~ seven million women and one million men.” ~ Press TV

“Two to three in 100 American women suffer from bulimia.” ~  South Carolina Department of Mental Health

“One in 200 American women suffers from anorexia.” ~ South Carolina Department of Mental Health

“One in four women aged between 45 and 64 now experience some form of mental disorder ~ an increase of 20 per cent in the last 15 years.”~ The Telegraph
These statistics are a clear indication of a growing epidemic, like symptoms pointing to an underlying disease.

What’s going on here?

The answer, according to those who study this type of data, is related to the fact that more women are working now than ever before. This is a direct result of the feminist movement that swept America in the 1960s -1990s.
“The Feminist Movement, or the Women’s Liberation Movement, is a period of feminist activity in the United States which began during the early 1960s and lasted through the late 1990s.” ~ Wikipedia
Of course, women having careers and getting the same education as men is a great thing, no doubt. But the problem lies in the fact that not only are today’s women working full-time, but they are also fulfilling their traditional role at home as moms, wives, and daughters of aging parents.

As work hours increase, along with financial stresses due to the recent economic downturn, many women are having a tough time coping:
“Middle aged women trying to juggle careers, children and elderly relatives are suffering from depression and anxiety more than any other social group, NHS figures show.” ~ The Telegraph

“Mental health charity ‘Mind’ said women in their 40s and 50s were becoming increasingly affected by trying to manage the responsibilities of family, home and work. This particular age group was probably reared by their stay-at-home mothers and they are almost certainly now working mothers, who face the financial pressure of being part of a two income family.” ~ The Telegraph
The mass media tells us that thanks to the post-60s feminist movement women now have freedoms and opportunities that make them almost equal to men. We hear this adulation of feminism repeated by many journalists, industry leaders, and university professors.

At first glance the idea appears correct and plausible. But is it really true?

Have women really come all that far?

Are women really better off now than ever before?

The statistics don’t support it, at least when it comes to health. But there’s more to the story.


Before we go any further, let’s be clear. This is not an article about how women aren’t equal to men, or how women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Women are tougher and stronger, smarter and more intuitive than men in many ways. Women should be praised for putting up with the infantile behavior of most men.

George Carlin (1937 – 2008) was one of the greatest philosophers and social thinkers of the 20th century.

Women have helped shape American culture, not just in the past decades, but since the first pilgrims landed on North American shores. From the beginning, women have assumed leadership roles in politics, science, education, literature, medicine, and as informed citizens.

But in the past decades American and Western women have undergone a sudden transformation; a shift has occurred, so blatant and profound that it’s a wonder so few sociologists have recognized and written about the gravity of its implications.

Somehow in the past decades society ~ fueled by the mass media and the big corporations that sponsor them ~ has taken the age-old storybook dream of women which is THIS:

The Cinderella story.

And they have turned that dream into THIS:

 Young women are taught that a good career should be their central ambition.

Yet, the trouble is, this is not the reality for all but the smallest handful of women. For all the idealism of the mass media and the university advertisements urging higher education, the fact is that women’s lives are actually turning into THIS:

Women’s health statistics show that women are having a harder time not just at work but in life now more than ever before.

What’s more, a large percentage of American women work in retail. So the “dream” that American women are being sold…if you want to get even deeper into reality…really looks more like THIS:

 Many more women than men work in retail, yet barely any of them make it into the top jobs.

The result is where we are today, where children suffer the most, the victims of unprecedented divorce, nuclear families, both parents working (decreasing family time), financial worries, stress, etc. The “working woman” has been achieved at the sacrifice of traditional family values.

Even worse, the so-called liberation of women has fundamentally changed women’s behavior.

No longer reliant on “family” (either the family they are born to or the family they help create) for their well-being, women are becoming more aggressive, more sexually promiscuous, more hardened and jaded, less empathetic, less sympathetic.  In essence, they are becoming more masculine.


Let’s compare the Modern Woman with the Traditional Woman:

  • Doesn’t want kids “right away” or even “ever”
  • Likes to have sex with multiple partners and feels empowered by this
  • Drinks alcohol more than ever before
  • Does drugs more than ever before
  • Enjoys showing her body in various states of undress
  • Acts out more aggressively than ever before, indirectly teaching children aggression is ok
  • Seeks good husband
  • Desires to have children
  • Believes primary goal in life is to raise children, and willing to sacrifice for children
  • Does not seek sex from anyone other than husband
  • Exhibits kind and gentle behavior to create a community / society suitable for rearing children
Which version of “woman” seems right to you? If you are a woman, which version resonates more with your heart? If you are a man, which woman fits your ideal mother, wife, sister?

The Traditional Woman looks like this:

Nancy Davis (later Nancy Reagan) posing for a publicity photo, 1950. Few women in the world have exhibited as much class and style.

By comparison, the Modern Woman looks like this:

Young American girls are taught by television that getting drunk, acting aggressively, and having sex with multiple partners, including other women, is fun.

You may agree that the Traditional Woman in the example above, as opposed to the Modern Woman, is smarter, stronger, classier, more intelligent. What we haven’t figured out is that the Modern Woman is not just evolving naturally, as it may seem; instead, she is intentionally being created or socially engineered.
“Social engineering is a discipline…that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments or private groups.” ~ Wikipedia
That is to say, the mass media and their corporate sponsors are “selling” the Modern Woman to young women today. They seem to be trying to create a Modern Woman out of the younger generations; a Modern Woman who is the polar opposite of the Traditional Woman.


Let’s start with the ‘how.’ Their M.O. is simple: They are using the main hypnotizing tool available to them ~ television and the mass media in general. Just look at a handful of the horrifyingly debased TV shows that the big corporations are selling to young women:
These TV shows have a negative influence on young women and young men, and they have a negative impact on society over time.  Add to this the fact that women are made to feel inadequate by the mass media by repeated exposure to printed ads, magazines, television shows, and movies that feature excessively thin, beautiful, young and flawless models. We all know that this blatant in-your-face marketing of such impossible-to-achieve standards of beauty only hurts young women and older women alike:

So why does the mass media continue doing it?

There is only one word to describe this ongoing assault on women ~ sinister. The media creates an ultimate standard of worth, and women judge themselves against this standard, consciously or not. All of this leads most young women and women in general to believe that they are inadequate.
“In 1985, three in ten (30%) American women said that they were unhappy with their overall physical appearance, a figure that increased to nearly one in two (48%) by 1993.” ~ Maggie Wykes, Barrie Gunter, If Looks Could Kill
Sure, we’re told that sexy women sell products. But is it possible that the mass media is not so much interested in moving products than it is interested in purposely making women feel inadequate so that women look elsewhere in their lives for fulfillment (i.e. their careers)?

If you think it’s crazy to believe women can be manipulated and influenced by the mass media or by big corporations on a mass scale, then watch this 4-minute video clip from the award winning British television documentary The Century of the Self. Here we are shown how in the 1940s one major corporation successfully hatched a plot to encourage women to start smoking cigarettes ~ something most women would never have dreamed of until then:

Here we are shown how one big corporation created the idea that if a woman smoked it made her more powerful and independent ~ an idea that still persists. The goal of the big corporation was to sell more cigarettes. They used the media to help them achieve this goal simply by implanting “an idea” into women’s minds.

Is it possible, then, that the mass media and their corporate backers have also encouraged women to enter the workforce? Was the feminist movement, the catalyst that pushed women into the workforce, socially engineered by the big corporations for profit?

To find the answer, let’s watch a video clip below. Former presidential hopeful Aaron Russo (1943 ~ 2007), friend of 1%-er Nick Rockefeller (of the Rockefeller Dynasty), tells how Rockefeller admitted to him that the feminist movement was socially engineered to push women into the workforce to increase tax revenues and corporate profits:

This information is jaw-dropping. Many believe Russo was murdered because of the things he revealed about Nick Rockefeller and the Rockefeller’s secret plans.

The total influence ~ economic, political, even spiritual ~ of the women’s liberation movement (feminism) is still being felt in every corner of society.

Because of women entering the workplace en masse in the 1960s ~ 1990s, the price of homes and vehicles skyrocketed. The big corporations could now charge more for homes and vehicles because working women created the dual income household.

We can see how the paradigm has shifted by watching old black and white TV shows like Leave it To Beaver that depict a one-income family. Dad comes home from work at 4 pm to have dinner with his family. They enjoy a nice home, a nice car, and a big green lawn. This was how Americans lived.

By contrast, today’s moms and dads shuffle their kids off to daycare early in the morning and drive angrily to work in order to get the two incomes they need just to keep their heads above water, and to stave off the banks from repossessing their homes, cars, and their lives. Family time and family values have been traded for an inorganic collection of wood, nails, steel, rubber and a cool new GPS tracking device.

Today women are forced to work, like it or not, victims of the economy created by the feminist movement (which has indirectly hurt traditional American society and family values). The vast majority of women are stuck in low-paying, dead-end jobs that contribute to their feeling of depression, sadness, anger, confusion, and so on.

Today, families are having fewer children than ever before, a clear sign that women are in distress:
“Continuing a 12-year decline, the U.S. birth rate has dropped to the lowest level since national data have been available, according to statistics just released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).” ~ (2012 stats)
Also, more women are having children out of wedlock ~ further evidence of the social engineering of the Modern Woman:
“More than one-third of all births were to unmarried women.” ~ (2012 stats)
So how can we fight against the social engineering of women?

How can we help women fight the disease afflicting them?


Women have always been respected,

loved and valued first and foremost in the home.

“The man may be the head of the house, but the woman is the neck. And the neck can turn the head any way she wants.” ~ My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A happy wife is a happy life.” ~ Proverb

Women have long been important contributors to the arts and sciences, and to civilization as a whole; yet this fact seems to be downplayed by the mass media, as it doesn’t fit the perception of reality the media wants the younger generations to believe.

Rather than teaching young women that they are equal to men, and that matriarchal societies once existed all over the world and still exist (search “Mother Goddess” societies as an example) they hide this truth.

Instead the media urges women to feel inferior to men by reporting on “glass ceilings” for women and the like, egging women on to want to engage in gender warfare and planting a seed in their minds that spawns into their feeling and desire to want to compete with men.


Do these pre-feminist movement women look like they were oppressed?

Left: Queen Cleopatra (69 BC – 30 BC) of Egypt. Right: Queen Nefertiti (1370 BC – 1330 BC) of Egypt. Both women lived long before the feminist movement. 

Left: Catherine de Medici (1519 – 1589) was Queen consort of France. Right: Charlotte Brontë (1816 – 1855) was an English novelist and poet.

Left: Golda Meir (1898 – 1978) was Prime Minister of Israel before the feminist movement. Right: H.P. Blavatsky (1831 – 1891) became famous for her occult books. Was either woman oppressed?

Left: Khadīja bint Khuwaylid (555 – 619) was the first wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.  Right: Mother Teresa (1910 – 1997). Both lived liberated and extraordinary lives.

Left: Amelia Mary Earhart (1897 – 1937) was a noted American aviation pioneer and author. Right: Mahalia Jackson (1911 – 1972) was an extraordinary gospel singer.

Left: Ma barker (1873 – 1935). Right: Annie Oakley (1860 – 1926). Neither one needed a feminist movement to make history.

Left: Ma Joad in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” represents a typical working matriarch of post-colonial America. Right: Clara Barton (1821 – 1912) was a pioneer American teacher, patent clerk, nurse, and humanitarian. She is best remembered for organizing the Red Cross.

Lucille Ball (1911 ~ 1989) was an American film and television executive, and star of various sitcoms.

If women were so oppressed before the feminist movement of the 1960s ~ 1990s, then how could she have achieved all she did in the early 1950s?

You won’t find women’s names among the signers of the Constitution. With few exceptions, they have been largely ignored by historians and textbooks on early American history.

Nonetheless, there have been women doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, writers, and singers.

In every case they made important contributions to America’s early years.

To believe women were oppressed by men before they were liberated by the feminist movement of the 1960s – 1990s is a baseless and even sinister dream implanted in our minds by the mass media and their corporate backers; and this dream has now turned into a nightmare not only for most women, but for all of us, and more importantly for our children, who are paying the price.

The good news is that women seem to be awakening to all of this. Using their natural intuition ~ women have always been more in touch with their intuition than men ~ women are realizing that somehow someone or something is pushing them off center.

Something has gone tragically wrong, and while most women can’t quite put their finger on exactly what’s broken there is a clear sense that something is off. We see this in a new study by More Magazine, which shows that even despite the idealism of women in the workplace, women are less ambitious than they were 10 years ago. More’s third annual workplace report surveyed U.S. women about their attitudes toward their jobs.
A whopping 43% of women said they were less ambitious than a decade prior

73% say they wouldn’t apply for their boss’s job

38% say they don’t want the politics, pressure and responsibility of a high-power position
This decline in ambition, More says, is not new ~ the findings cite data from several nationwide studies by the Families and Work Institute that show that the percentage of women ages 35 to 44 that wanted a job with more responsibility fell from 40% to 35% between the years of 1992 and 2008.

Clearly, women are beginning to question the messages being fed to them by the mass media and their corporate backers. Women are asking questions, looking for answers, and pretty much making the same realizations described in the present article. Hopefully the trend continues.


The feminist movement of the late 20th century was a fraud. It was socially engineered by the Elite 1% from behind a hidden curtain, with the goal of pushing women into the workforce. With women working, the big corporations have earned more money than ever before.

The Elite achieved this end by implanting an idea into women’s minds ~ that they are suppressed by men and that in order to beat men and show their equality to men they need to compete with men in the workplace. Unfortunately, women are being spread too thin, as they are also fulfilling their traditional roles.

As a result, women are suffering more now than ever before, and many are having fewer children (and even no children) because of it.

The storybook dream of women ~ to find prince charming and live happily ever after ~ has been transformed into the quest to earn money and compete with men in the workplace.

The result is a society where tremendous burdens fall on the shoulders of women, where the State is raising children instead of devoted mothers, and where women’s overall health is failing like never before.


  1. Everything about the late-20th century and early-21st century was and still is a fraud, although the fraud did not start in 1960; it merely intensified to a very notable degree. Thanks for the article, Ma'am.

  2. The feminist movement is a jewish attack on Whites, just as the multiculturalist movement is. The social engineering originates from jewish academics, talking heads, jewish advertising, jewish 100% domination of mass media, hollywood, tv, magazines, music industry, porn industry, jewish corporate domination, jewish banking/financial domination. We are socially engineered not to use the word jew when referring to the masters of our social engineering, but it does in fact originate from jews or their proxies. The article is good and has wide appeal, but we should never be afraid to state the obvious jewish nature of our abusers otherwise we've lost the battle before we start. It's a jew war on non jews, particularly Whites. Good post.

  3. Of course, he's confusing the downturn in the economy (since the 70's, at least) with FEMINISM. These are mutually exclusive issues.

    There is nothing evil about women taking jobs or training for a career. However, it has been nearly impossible for anyone to start a family in the past several decades without both parents working, and this has NOTHING to do with feminism. The excess stress and workload (remember the concept of "leisure time"?) is making EVERYONE nuts, not just women.

    The main problem I've seen with the feminist movement (the latest incarnation) is its promotion of homosexuality as a "viable alternative" (as if one can just switch - I thought you had to be born that way).

    MEN have had a hand in this as well - a lot of them seem to get off on lesbian porn and sometimes will encourage their wives or girlfriends to have a threesome (funny how these three-ways NEVER include another man) - so they've essentially had a hand in making it fashionable. As for modesty - do you think most men will accept women dressing more modestly? Their biggest idol, Camille Paglia, is dead set against that idea - men LOVE Camille Paglia.

    The "traditional woman" thing is a load of tripe - I've seen many un-datable-for-a-good-reason males take off for SE Asia to engage with prostitutes (whom they refer to as "traditional") just because they can easily get teenager in some of these countries when they're well past retirement age. They then spend loads of time wailing on about evil "Western women" (whose teenage daughters they can't have access to as easily). Give me a break.

    My great Aunt worked in Miami in the pre-Castro days of the 50's when there were boatloads of creepy looking guys taking off for Havana on sex tours. These days these types of males are the greatest complainers when it comes to women, as if they have some entitlement complex. Used to be they just accepted the fact they were unattractive, now it's everyone else's fault they can't find the right woman.

    As for traditional women - I was just reading about one in Pakistan who killed her husband and turned him into curry because he was hitting on their daughter. And Thai women are number one in the penis hacking sweeps. If anything like that happens in the US, you know what kinds of labels would get tossed on the perps - "typical evil western bla bla bla" - Whatever.

  4. Anonymous, what you say is confusing me. The economy boomed in the 80s and 90s and in the early 2000s. Where were you? Also the author is right when he says before feminism only the father worked and that was enough. Now, both parents need to work and this is still not enough. Back in the day mom stayed home and raised the family, dad was the breadwinner. But now feminism changed all that. So clear what this guy is saying. Women being educated is a good thing, as he says. But it is a clear case of social engineering to make them want to leave the home and work alongside men, in contrast to staying home and raising their kids. What this guy is saying really makes sense.

  5. Anonymous #1, I don't even know where to begin with your comments. A lot of tripe in there to be sure.

    Feminism was a social manipulation by the elite. No getting around it. We are into the fourth round of it by now it is far from what I imagined in the 1960's when I foolishly lapped up the poison.

    The first goal of communism is to destroy the basic unit of any society ~ the family. Feminism and playboyism were the tool here. I have written on this so much it is silly.

    Then throw in free love and later homosexuality and whew... what a mess. By destroying the family you mess with the solidity of a society...

    This article is a very short thing that touches on many of the things I have done in the past. The break up of marriage has been accomplished swimmingly and the elite laugh all the way to the bank.

    It seems to me you did not listen to Mr. Russo speak. He put it in a nutshell.

    The leaders of the feminist movement were dyed in the cloth Communist Jewesses. Bella Azbug, Gloria Stienem, Betty Friedan. The first began paving the way for homosexual action in the 70's and the other two were hired by the CIA to do their damage as desired by the Rockefeller clan and others.

    SO, go to the SEARCH engine on the side, pop in "feminism" and read what comes up.

    Get an education.

  6. One issue with this essay is the blame placed on feminism for the down economy. It's absurd. It's like blaming womens suffrage for the '29 collapse. The economy was already in a downhill slide by the end of the 60's and has not recovered. You can blame that on feminism all you want, it does not make any sense. Inflation factors in to this - the economy may have "boomed", but the buying power of the currency has not. It buys less and less every year. Not feminism. Try the FED.

    Feminism has been around since at least the Greeks - Lysistrata anyone? It's not some concocted Jewish issue that just got going in the last 50 years.

    Because it has been around for so long, there are doubts that it's going to die anytime soon. It may get revised, it may (probably) become less radical, but no one is going to convince women that everything was just hunky dory before the 60's when those radical Jews took over. It wasn't. They, unfortunately, had a bit of truth on their side. Ask my mother - she lived through the pre-feminist era - the situation was NOT anything like the 50's fantasy pic at the top of the page, sorry if you aren't old enough to remember.

    I read the whole damn thing, and yes, I've also listened to Aaron Russo - you'd think that women getting the vote was some evil plot as well - not that the voting process has ever been completely honest, but seriously, do you actually think things will be better if half the population is once again disenfranchised? The voting process is the issue, not women. The economy is the issue, not feminism.

    Men have had a big part in turning marriage into a joke. Women these days are finding that marriage has little to offer them. That is the standard complaint.

    Marriage is not for everyone, it does not solve all problems, and is not some sort of cure all for women. This idea that women are better off married seems to be some sort of projection -men in general prefer to be married - you can look that up, it's a statistical fact. Women tend to be happier single. How about working on the making marriage more appealing to women? Is that too much to ask?

    Respected in the home? Tell that to my mother, trying to corral her roving husband and his multiple love affairs (with both men and women)- yes, this was pre-radical feminism. She may not have had to work, but at the same time, would not have been able to find a suitable job with enough pay to support a family, nor would she have been able to get credit in her own name. Things have changed, I believe for the better, in spite of the extreme complaints of men whose biggest issue seems to be that they can't have complete control anymore. And that, I don't see as such a bad thing. Sorry if we don't agree.


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