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Disclaimer; it appears that the video with the judge is a clever cut and paste and not part of the judge's program, which did seem a tad unreal to me but I'm too damn hopeful for my own good. It does seem highly improbable that Fox would ever let something like that pass out over their 100% Zio-Ogre controlled networks. So please be informed. I don't feel like reshuffling the whole post. I just don't have the time today anyway, so let this stand as clarification...

This came to me as a Facebook message some days ago. I thought the reader might be interested in speculating on its importance.

1 World Bank CEO Zoellick resigns
2 Anz Bank CFO Australia resigns

3 Nicaragua Central Bank Pres Rosales resigns

4 Credit Suisse Chief Joseph Tan resigns

5 GERMAN PRESIDENT Christian Ruff resigns

6 Royal Bank of Scotland Australian CEO Stephen Williams resigns

7 Kuwait Central Bank CEO resigns

8 Slovenia TWO largest Banks CEO's (2) resign

9 Bank of India CEO Chaturvedi resigns
10 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank CEO resigns
11 Arrests in Olympus Scandal Point to Widening Inquiry Into a Cover-Up
12 Bank feud: Chairman Giles quits VNB with other directors

13 Arrests made in Italy after discovery of $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds

14 Four Priests Charged In Vatican Banking Scandal
15 Berlusconi could get five years
There are any number of reasons why an attack on Iran might come sooner than later. There is also the compelling evidence of it not having happened so far.

Here is what the US and Israel can expect if and when it does happen. I don't want to see violence visited on anyone but... to be honest, these results look good for the rest of the world.

If such a thing should happen and good sense among those in a position to stop it, does not prevail, then, let us hope the results are at least this dramatic.
The world has suffered at the hands of Israel and her submissive bottoms, the US, England and the rest, for far too long.

Not only is much of the world suffering, because of the avaricious behavior of Israel's bankers internationally, but the endless violence of this rogue nation, has been a plague for far too many nations and peoples.

They are the authors of nearly every war in recent times.
The death and destruction is off the charts.
Now we've got the usual anthrax letters coming from the usual sources; one government agency or another.

Here's more on
possibilities for Rogue Nation Central. Here's another tactic that is a possibility, or something like it. Here's another look at what's potential in this insane adventure.

I couldn't figure out why 'the judge' got kicked off of Fox; then again, I couldn't figure out what he was doing on there in the first place. Judge Napolitano actually ran a long video presentation of that link I like to post more than any other, “
All the proof in the world that Israel did 911.

I couldn't believe it. You see the names and faces of the weasels and rats rolling down the screen. You see the headline stating that Barack and Netanyahoo were the architects of 911! The whole website scrolled down the screen, while some fellow talked about it. That is absolutely amazing!!!

Kudos to the judge!!! Heah come de judge and dere go de judge! Some great and powerful force has gone loose in the world and they can't seem to stop it. It shows up on their main disinfo, mass media news site!

Oh yeah. Afghanistan is erupting over the great American military's, Koran cookout. Then
there are the usual ironies. The sheer weight of what's in operation at the moment is truly amazing; check your favorite newsgathering sites.

And now the 'I won't pay movement' is sweeping Europe.
We live in amazing times.
I have no idea where this is going. I don't know what to think. There's so much energy running through the atmosphere. There were times lately when I didn't know if I would be able to process the force of its effect on me much longer.

All of a sudden it's manageable but it is strong. Oh my, it is strong.

People must be bouncing off the walls all over the place. Those who have no understanding of what is taking place or how to assimilate it are probably going to go nuts.

Certainly those who are already mad, in high places, are going to lose it. They have no defense against it, as their horned master abandons them. It's going to be the battle of Dagorlad, on the plains of Mordor redux.

They'll be losing their minds in the desolation of Morannon; asking the Earth to swallow and cover them, seeking out stones to pull over them; their ears, assailed by the songs of the high elves, ripping like astral chainsaws into the darkness of their minds. Nothing is more terrible for the agents of darkness than celestial light.

We are surfing the cosmic hyperbole in the transition of the age.

Twin realities, both terrible and beautiful, will war for prominence in the human mind.

The human mind will no longer be human but more than human, or transited into the full consciousness of a savage beast.

There is no beast more terrible that that which arrives, when those among us have abandoned their human consciousness, for that lower realm of dark passion that swallows awareness, into a negatively polarized K-hole.
'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'.
Across lifetimes, the degenerate among us have had free rein with their loathsome cruelties; their auto-da-fe's, their gulags and secret prisons, their financial, religious and military oppressions of those who value survival over freedom and accomplish neither.
Their time is ending.

It won't be pretty and it's world wide.
The saving grace for any and all, is to abandon their self-imposed enslavement to materialism; step away from the malls, department stores and fast food restaurants.

Step away from your television.

Step away, step away, step away. Do it today!

When the heat comes down on the centers of materialism, it's going to burn the towers of the First Church of Blind Acquisition.

It's a given that, 'they know not what they do'.

You can see people racing into burning structures to rescue toaster ovens; the same way they trample each other for Big Gulp TV's and discounted laptops. They're angry and on fire with the insane need to have something, anything that will take their minds off the emptiness within. The emptiness is howling with the disembodied voices of their ancestors.

The unseen is pressing on the seen.

Lightning dances between the horns of the cattle, as the thunder crashes against the Earth and the herd stampedes; to where? There is no there, there. Chickens dance on the griddle. Millions of chickens huddle with no space to move; waiting for the KFC lorries to arrive.

Terrible hormones dance in the bloodstreams of our four legged fellows and make their way into the human bloodstream. The horrible fears of the newly dead and devoured, courses along the red river toward an unknown end.

In the midst of this, the portals open into parallel dimensions. Immense highways to anywhere and everywhere, stretch away and can only be seen by the eyes of those destined to travel on them. 

It's a big deal.
It's been 26,000 years in the making.
It's a long time coming and a short time going
and it's on the doorstep,
 waiting for the trumpets to sound.

Here in the waning moments of the year of transition, billions await whatever particular destiny, applies to the places where they wait.

What shape will it take?

I couldn't say, some will remain and some will be swept away.

A thousand times the normal radiation vibrates 400 miles from Japan.

Iran bristles in a state of suspension.

Israel smoulders with hatred and rage against all other races and creeds.

Russia and China, look West, Southwest and East.

Pakistan has had it with the drones.

Hezbollah and Hamas prepare for the worst.

Egypt and Libya are in turmoil.

It's a recipe for madness and it will likely get worse. The gates of the moon are opening and here comes the hearse; pulled by eight black stallions with fire in their nostrils and fire in their eyes, coming for the children of the father of lies.

And the writer is getting carried away with outrageous prophecy and psychedelic syntax, from the brown acid land. We better rein him in before he gets out of hand (grin); not to say some part and portion of this is not sure to be true but we don't how and we don't know when and neither do you.

It's not all bad news but the airwaves of the good, are confined to few minds in a small neighborhood that's scattered far and wide.

We're surrounded by trepanned and unconscious extras; a cast of thousands, moving en masse but the numbers of awakening souls are growing by the day.

There are more and more coming.

The aethers are humming.

The coconut telegraph is burning up the wires.

The drums in the jungle and the word on the street have got the same message, as the volumes increase and increase, till everyone can hear it whether they like it or not.

Their own worst networks now carry the news. It just can't be hidden anymore and the ones who've been doing all the horrible shit are soon to be naked and exposed for it.

t's inevitable and it's happening in real time now. The hour is upon us. Man! What can I say?

What the Judge went and did, just blew me away.

Alright, my friends,

be ye ready or not,

whatever it is,

it's coming.

We can only hope and trust, in the benevolence we have yet to see.

It's been grim for too long.

It's been dark as a tomb, while the bad cats were dancing and stinking up the room.

Maybe it all works out better than we expect.

I can't shake the feeling, I'm an optimist.

Good fortune to the good hearts and the rest to the rest.

End Transmission.......

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