Friday 17 February 2012


This morning I put up a post regarding how, according to the imperialist supporting writer, gave the impression that the “children of Libya” (meaning the native Libyans) were confused about democracy now that their strongman was gone but that things were more or less moving smoothly in the shelled-out country.


NOW read the truth from a Libyan point of view.  There is quite a different tale told!

From: Mathaba
February 17, 2012

The brutal occupation of Libya by foreign mercenaries and local traitors after an almost one year long non-stop aerial bombing, mass rape, decapitations and massacres especially of the Black population, has created the chaos that the northern imperialists want, for their renewed plunder of African resources.

2011, the Year of the Rabbit, or the "useful idiots", which included the violent outlaws released from prisons and other criminal elements and dregs of society in Libya, popularly known as the "rats", brought about some short-term gains for the bankrupt western occupiers.

This included the theft of much of Libya's financial assets, as well as its oil and water resources, and the theft of Libya's $32 billion contribution to the total starting fund of $42 for the
economic project that was to set Africa free from the IMF and World Bank.

Pan-Africanists were united in recognition of the fact that the war on Libya constituted
a war on all Africa.

The largest daylight robbery in history since the colonial occupation and plunder of Africa a century ago, this took place, once again in Africa and once again by the same colonial powers: Britain, France and Italy, but this time under the leadership of the
zionist puppet Obama, the zionist President of the USA.

Furthermore, the largest mass violations of human rights took place throughout the past 365 days on a non-stop basis in full view of the world, of which all the media networks and human rights organizations failed to cover, until scant mention at the end of the year.

There is no excuse for the belated and begrudging limited reports on the atrocities by so-called
news media networks and so-called human rights organizations, because thousands of the rapes, humiliation, beating to death, impaling of children, massacres, murder of surrendered forces and other actions that are reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan have been filmed with great pride on the mobile phones of the perpetrators and their supporters.

YouTube, a company owned by Google, was awash with this evidence, and yet has not even seen it fit to save all this data as evidence that would assist in an international public trial for crimes against humanity as well as any other actions to bring the perpetrators to justice. Instead it even
carried out deletions of such evidence.

All the governments of the world were on trial during the past year, and only Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, and some other South American countries, as well as Zimbabwe, Niger and Mali, have had any conscience and dared to criticize or even oppose the brutality carried out against an entire population that
loved its revolutionary leader.

All the news media networks of the world were also on trial this past year, with only
Mathaba News Agency, Telesur, and Russia Today providing any accurate coverage and in-depth reports, with Chinese and other media mostly echoing western news reports, and Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, BBC and SKY leading the disinformation war.

All the pro-democracy and human rights organizations the world over also exposed their true colours, with Amnesty International being popular re-branded as "
Amnesia International" for its deliberate ignorance of the horrific acts carried out in Libya by those bent on destroying the Libyan Jamahiriya, whilst the Green Charter Movement as a result gained strength.

Thus as the anniversary of the first Year of the Rats draws to a close, they
have still not managed to bring about even a remote semblance of law and order, democracy, nor human rights, transparency, or indeed even a modicum of human behaviour, let alone any stability, security, or authority even for themselves.

As Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan people had told the western NATO military alliance when they launched their campaign to destroy the
Libyan Jamahiriya, the constantly revised prediction that it would take "2 to 3 days", then "2 to 3 weeks", then "2 to 3 months", is wishful thinking. Occupying Libya will not even be accomplished in 2 to 3 years, as history in the same location exactly 100 years ago showed.

The problem is, few realize that a full occupation is not the real objective of the Zionists pulling the strings of the
United Nations Organization and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: the real objective is the creation of an arc of chaos stretching from Nigeria all the way over Africa, the so-called Middle East, and Asia up to the borders of China.

However, every cloud has a silver lining: the attack on
Muammar Qaddafi and on the Libyan Jamahiriya has created a greater awareness among genuine human rights and pro-democracy activists the world over, as well as those seeking a better world, free of the anti-human bankster elites.

They are now embracing the very ideology that drove people's power in Libya and seeking to also achieve the human rights that resulted from people's power in Libya in 1988.

In spite of things likely to get much worse first in this new Year of the Dragon, they seek to establish it in their own communities and nations, and are now on the
green march to a Universal Jamahiriya.

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  1. excellent!

    you're onto something here; perhaps a first(?)

    posting reports, articles from opposing sides and allowing readers to make their own decisions about reality

    (maybe two or more opposing views on one divided page)

    versus the standard western, corporate-fascist, mind control and brainwashing method of "our perspective and only our perspective" i.e. not news, not informative journalism, but ethnocentric mind-bending agenda driving useless info - not to mention useless (the "independent's" report is brain- suffocation, strangulation, it reported nothing of value, just the formulaic code words...)

    truly - one-side, western style "news", info, is outdated, a dead end


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