Saturday 18 February 2012


FUKUSA.... I think a few variations on that theme. F*ck us, eh? (well, I am Canadian after all!) or F*ck USA are the top two contenders in my book. However, here we have another variation on the Israeli/American lust for war with Iran as they run around the globe setting up bombing plots to pass out the blame to their international cheerleaders for mass consumption and manufactured consent for their damned war.

February 15, 2012
February 15, 2012

Israel wishes to draw its muscle, the FUKUSA Alliance (France, Britain, USA) into an attack on Iran, which will ultimately lead to a direct confrontation with the new Eurasian alliance which brings together Russia and China in defence against western belligerence. If this was Iran, then with such incompetence we have no need to fear any nuclear program.

For clues as to what is intended, one only needs to look at western money slave media (M$M) reports. Australia, the main and only significant colonial outpost of Zionist Occupied Amerikkka in the southern hemisphere, which media is owned by Zionists and their lackeys, most popular paper is the Sydney Morning Herald.

In a story echoed throughout western media, on the bombings in Bangkok yesterday, after a cursory introduction to the new of the bombings in the first two paragraphs, the third immediately gives a direct quote from Israel's Defense Minister, who just happens to be nearby in Singapore, the western banisters’ key ally in the South East Asia region.

Not only that but just two days before the bombs, Israeli's Defense Minister was in Bangkok. For many years, the western banksters have been sponsoring their man in Thailand, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who himself was caught with a car full of explosives not long before fleeing Thailand's justice system, and who now governs by proxy.

Meanwhile, Israeli news media report that MOSSAD teams have been allowed into Thailand to "investigate" the explosions at the house occupied by the Iranians, and the grenades thrown by one of the wounded Iranians as he tried to take a taxi to hospital but was refused as the taxi owner did not want his seats bloodied, and thus hurled another grenade at the taxi, and later another at the police that "bounced back" (more likely was thrown back) and ended up blowing off his leg.

He survives, with a second Iranian also captured, and a third "still on the loose". Israel claims it has foiled other attacks in Thailand in recent months, an easy feat when you set up patsies or create terrorist incidents but then "foil" them even just for the purpose of convincing local authorities of your competence and requirement.

Last month, a Lebanese-Swedish man with alleged links to pro-Iranian Hezbollah militants was detained by Thai police, presumably after a tip of from MOSSAD or some other allied western "intelligence" agency or security outfit. He led authorities to a warehouse filled with more than 4000 kilograms of urea fertilizer and several gallons of liquid ammonium nitrate. Imagine what could be done with that, if there be a lie to convince the masses, let it be a big one, Goebbels would say.

Thai investigators on the other hand, said that Thailand did not appear to be the target, but somewhere else, thus leaving the door open to Israel.

As usual, Israeli interests e.g. citizens, embassy personnel, are unaffected, but claimed to be the target, and useful Iranian idiots are found to be the bombers.

Iran, for those who don't know, has many fanatics of all types: including a terrorist anti-Iranian organization which key leaders were reported years ago to be staying in Thailand, and which serve the interests of Israel and the USA.

Thailand should be expelling all foreign intelligence and "security" agents, and placing the same checks upon people visiting Thailand that are placed on Thai citizens trying to visit Australia or other new world order outposts.

At least for now, Thailand's authorities, are keeping an open mind, although a bag was conveniently found near the grenade thrower with Iranian currency in it, with Thai government spokeswoman Thitima Chaisaeng saying "we need more analysis" to determine who was behind the attack and whether Iran was involved.

She of course declined to comment on what the Iranian suspects might have been planning or whether targets had been identified, something the M$M media wanted her to do, i.e. to "speculate" and say what they want, i.e. that Israel may have been the target

The Zionist foreign minister bankster stooge in Australia, Kevin Rudd, was even revealed in leaked cables to have been calling upon Hillary Clinton aka "Hitlery Killington" to attack China as a pre-emptive measure to preserve Jewish and Anglo-Saxon domination of the planet, or what the United States says it is aiming for: "Full Spectrum Domination".
A visit by Zionist stooge U.S. President Barak "Obomber" Obama to Australia, even openly declared war on China with a massive expansion of U.S. bases in Australia. The policy there is not to state whether or not there are nuclear weapons, but anyone with common sense knows that this would be the case.

And it should not be; it is not in Australia's interests to be a nuclear target, nor to be the only nuclear weapons location in the entire southern hemisphere, which should formally become a Southern Alliance for Peace to save the world from the otherwise inevitable nuclear conflagration in the northern hemisphere which is loaded with enough nukes to destroy all life on the planet many times over.

Instead they will find however that they will not win that war, in the Year of the Dragon, and will then face a stark choice: continue to total annihilation of all life on the planet, or surrender to their total economic collapse, leaving a world already riddled with cancer, without any cures other than allowing the masses to adopt the International Green Charter and put forward their own solutions to problems, which include converting all the soon-to-be-empty capitalist city towers into vertical farms.


  1. oh, coffee spew!

    is that the coalition acronym - or the shout the non-goyeems let out every time they hatch a new plot in which the goyeems of u.s.a. will be "sacrificed" in order to kill for "greater" israhell

    "... a bag was conveniently found near the grenade thrower with Iranian currency in it, ..."

    well, it worked with that passport that was in the pocket of that person, on an aeroplane, that flew into a building, that then, somehow, flew out of his pocket, through exploding fuel, so hot as to melt steal (a first for scientific history), flew for thousands of feet through air totally saturated with molten hot metal, dust, pieces of steel, all the way to the ground, and far enough away from the building so as not to be buried in a literal small mountain of rubble and debris, and somehow just happened to be found - nearly perfectly untouched ...

    that's one heck of a deception - worth trillions and endless blood sacrifices to the devil (by his chosen)

    do they really expect people to believe this?! oh, wait, most do(?!)


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