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By Richard Cottrell
February 19, 2012

If you really believe that anarchists and thugs of such-like persuasion are responsible for the violence and rage currently tearing Greece apart, then think again.

What is going on right now is orchestrated, synthetic violence stirred up by state agents in order to paint opponents of the austerity regime as little more than uncivilized, mindless morons.

The streets and public squares of the capital Athens and other major centers of population are witnessing the use of state-funded agents provocateur.

The hooded figures that you see in the television pictures and media coverage work for either the state or military intelligence or similar departments of the gendarmerie.

This is a blatant demonstration of the new face of Gladio; the NATO secret army organization which the alliance claims was disbanded years ago.

In its first incarnation, Gladio was responsible from the 60s to the early 80s for state-incited terrorism which tore Italy apart, brought about two violent coups in Turkey, the carve-up of the island state of Cyprus and the installation of a ruthless fascist military junta in Greece. That was followed by the Greek ‘years of lead,’ urban violence which had no equal in Europe save for the long running rebellion in Northern Ireland.

It went on for 30 years, attributed to a ‘Marxist-Anarchist’ gang calling themselves November 17, after a massacre on that date at the Athens polytechnic in 1973.

The junta then ruling Greece collapsed a year later. In my forthcoming book on Gladio, I argue that much of the mayhem was actually sub-contracted to the November 17 gang ~ by the state.

Back in those times the boogeyman was reds under the bed. Now it is anarchists ~ or sovereign citizens as they have started calling them in America ~ who pose the new threat to civilization.

These are people who are committed to non-violence but are deeply unhappy at  the creeping destruction of civic responsibility, the on-going demolition of  civil liberties and the globalist smash and grab that we see in action in  Greece, red in tooth and claw, right now.

The key words during the first Gladio war were ‘the strategy of tension.’  When Bologna railway station in Italy was blown to smithereens one fine day in August 1980, along with 85 passengers waiting for the trains or sitting in them, the blame was instantly fixed on Italy’s famous urban guerrillas called the Red Brigades.

Once again things are not as they seem.

The mud didn’t stick. As later investigations proved, the atrocity was wrought by Italian state intelligence agents in cahoots with a far Right gang calling themselves the Armed Revolutionary Nucleus.

The group’s members had ties to the Italian mafia and the Italian Gladio secret psychological warfare army.

Bologna was supposed to send a clear message to Italians that their country  was under siege from insidious agents of Moscow, and that the best thing they  could do in these dangerous  circumstances was elect strong Right-wing,  no-nonsense governments. Bologna was the classic instance where the ‘strategy of tension’ backfired.

I have been saying for some time that Gladio has been rolled out again, albeit under new management so to speak, with two aims in mind.
First, to promote the Islamic peril in  our midst, the image of terrorists attacking ‘our way of life’ out of jealousy  and envy of our gloriously over-promoted riches and disappearing freedoms.

Second, to underpin the globalist juggernaut which is presently crushing the integrity of the nation state. This is the ugly face of Gladio Mark Two at work in Greece today.
The media, mostly owned as it is by corporate barons linked to the new world  order, naturally parrots the official line that ‘anarchists’ are behind all the  trouble in Greece, just as they did with the ‘communist subversives’ of former  times.

Let’s suppose that this is even true. Then the question becomes, where did all these violent anarchists suddenly spring from?

Were they quietly sitting at home, sipping ouzo, in anticipation of the hour when a Greek Quisling like ‘prime minister’ Lukas Papademos would be imposed on the country?

Of course the globalist looters represented the famous ‘troika’ composed of  the European Union, the IMF and the European Central Bank as just kindly uncles,  trying to ensure that a rather trying nephew steps back into line.
Snatching 20% from every wage packet in the country is not then some kind of organized theft, as the intelligent world tends to see it, but an act of kindness.
We are watching the former strategy of tension newsreel all over again. The violence in Greece is intended to drive the population back into the safe arms of the establishment political parties ~ Left and Right ~ whose mismanagement and cynical self-interest were responsible for the Greek financial crisis in the first place.

We hear that elections are supposed to be held some time in April at which the people of Greece are supposed to endorse the rape and pillage of their country by foreign powers and agencies.

Let me tell you that the prospect of winning those elections gleams like the Holy Grail in the eyes of the loathsome Greek political classes.
If that means signing away the national birthright,

so be it.

If it means turning away as state terrorism wrecks the country,

then again so be it.
The other smash and grab, the one to get their hands on the baubles of power, counts more than anything else. And it has always been that way in Greece.

The burning buildings, Molotov cocktails, the attacks on ‘guardians of law and order,’ and the tear gas searing the streets of Athens are shadow play.  Moreover these actions have not been confined to Greece. We have seen them in the anti-globalist ‘riots’ in London last year, when again the same arguments of ‘violent anarchists’ were trotted out and regurgitated by the spineless corporate media.

Athens, London, same play, same actors.

In a previous column, I accurately predicted that the establishment political barons would instantly renege on their endorsement of the austerity package as the elections loom larger on the horizon. Thus the shilly-shallying has begun.

We begin to hear talk about ‘renegotiating’ the deal so recently acclaimed by the stooges gathered in the Vouli (the Greek parliament). The troika immediately reached for the whip. The leaders of the various factions are supposed to sign a binding pledge to behave themselves and return it to the headmaster’s study immediately.
Or else what?

That’s an interesting question.

Or else another military putsch, like the one in 1967, which put a ruthless bunch of individuals, little better than corporals, in power for the next seven years?
My advice is not to rule it out. The junta otherwise known as the troika is capable of anything so long as the means justify the ends, to borrow from Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Hitler, Franco and so forth.

The politicians will do all they can to wriggle out of a fixed endorsement,  which is in any event unenforceable unless they are rounded up and locked away  for a spot of re-education until they repent.

Yet there may be another twist in the already convoluted plot. I warn all Greeks to be aware of the dangers inherent in electing any government which proclaims hand on heart that it will undo the austerity measures, or most of them, and then does the opposite, secure in the knowledge that it is safe in power.

This I am afraid is ‘very Greek.’ No Greek government that I can recollect has ever honored any pledges that it made to the electorate. There are always some extenuating circumstances why it shouldn’t. The important priority from the perspective of the political classes is simply to lower their well-upholstered bottoms into the comfortable leather benches of the Vouli.

Greece has never known genuine, deep-rooted democracy. She has always been the plaything of foreign powers.

The years of independence since escaping the maw of the Ottomans in 1821 have witnessed a small and basically impoverished country reeling from one crisis to another. Greeks, it seems, could never adopt ‘calm political habits,’ as one of her leaders famously once said.

Finally let me remind my readers that there is always a sub-plot in Greek affairs, in the proper way of all Greek dramas.

This is the existence of potentially useful reserves of oil and natural gas in or close to Greek territorial waters.  Naturally, the globalists want a sizeable piece of the action. So do the politicians. Mention drilling rights and fat fees, and their eyes glaze over.  In Greece it was ever thus.


If the situation were not so tragic, we could describe this as the greatest Greek comedy in all time.

The troika have finally sniffed the rat that I earlier pointed out in End the Lie, namely that trusting Greek politicians is like asking a puff adder to share your bed on a cold night.

It has finally dawned on the junta (sorry, troika) that the establishment parties will be decimated if they go the polls and tell voters they will back the austerity rip-off.

Therefore, the political classes will tip-toe around the deal, so that they can come out guns roaring to the battle cry of ‘Greece for the Greeks’ when the elections are held (if they are) in April.

Look up ‘populism’ in the Oxford English dictionary.

Such a ploy would make the junta, and the Quisling Papademos in particular, look like a bunch of April Fools.

So the latest proposition to back-burner the wonderful compact so recently agreed by the Vouli until after the voting looks very much like condoning a Greek default by the back door.

Of course this is not final, in the OED sense of the word. The winds from the Aegean will soon blow in a different direction.

Please notice dear readers that in the midst of all this chaos, Benjamin Netanyahu has this moment to pay a charm call on Greek Cyprus.

This is guaranteed to send the Turkish government reaching for the smelling salts. Cyprus, chopped in two chunks (Greek and Turkish) by NATO and the US back in the mid-1970s, is surrounded by potentially oil and gas rich waters.

Then again, this has nothing to do with the Netanyahu’s showing up just now.  He’s just there for a touch of early spring sunshine, of course.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is coming in February of 2012 from Progressive Press. It is available for pre-order on Amazon in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
Edited by Madison Ruppert


  1. here, there, and everywhere ... these demons do their evil

    "G20 Toronto Black Block get green light to rampage?"

    "quebec police admit going undercover at montebello protests"

    "french police infiltrated into the demonstration anti-cpe"

    the direct violence incitement approach - charge peaceful protestors with horses

    the master-class inciting mayhem:

    "Eric Holder, current attorney general of the United States, managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, according to official documents released during the ongoing investigation into government foreknowledge of the supposed terrorist attack (PATCON)."

    "(PATCON ("Patriot Conspiracy"), a Clinton-Reno-Holder, FBI and ATF undercover operation. PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite the milita and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.)"

    "Ruby Ridge was a PATCON operation. Waco was a PATCON operation. And so, too, I believe was the Oklahoma City Bombing."

    The FOIA material was obtained by

    "Trial lawyer and former law professor Jesse Trentadue" who has been investigating the death/murder of his brother Kenneth Trentadue at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center ..."

    Some of the above named culprits are now implicated in a current ongoing crime - "Fast and Furious" by whistle blowers and official documentation, large-scale, military grade gun running to "Mexican drug lords", drug-smuggling, drug-money laundering, large scale murder with also involving "Mexican drug lords"

    many file with official gov documents via this:

  2. and while the greece-police are out beating demonstrators, the real criminals go about their crimes - unhindered:

    "by GoldSeek via "BrotherJohn"

    23 February 2012

    a perfect crime

    "The Reuters Global Gold Forum confirms that in the small print of the Greek “bailout” is a provision for the creditors to seize Greek national gold reserves (also oil, coal, mines for various mineral wealth). ..."*there's apparently some double check of this story going on, but it's typical M.O. of the global crime gang.

    "The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over... As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold" August 21, '11 (this comes from a possible zio-source, nevertheless, proved accurate)

    "Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone"

    hmm - maybe (gone but to where did it go; some family's private, hidden bunker vaults)?

    "EU chokes Syria economically: Central bank, gold trade may be targeted" February 7, '12

    on and on we go

    smells like high-crimes; say a family or gang of families with plans to rule the world with one global "money" - first gather as much remaining gold, by any means; then issue the one world order's one global currency i.e. fiat money


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