Tuesday 28 February 2012


Here we have proof of more CIA deadly nonsense that killed hundreds and was conveniently blamed on Qaddafi laid to rest. But will the world every hear of this through mainstream media? I doubt it. Aangirfan has, once again, excelled in research and presents the findings to readers who look elsewhere for the truth.  We have established beyond proof that the CIA and her sister Mossad have created much of the terrrorism in the world and here we have another such situation in which the CIA is embroiled up to the eyeballs. 


February 28, 2012

"A police officer ... testified that the fragment of timer which was used to convict Al Megrahi was planted by CIA operatives with the collusion of Scottish police officers ..." Former police chief says Lockerbie evidence faked.

A new Lockerbie documentary demolishes government witnesses' testimony

BBC Scotland has screened a documentary which suggests that Megrahi is innocent and that the evidence in the Lockerbie trial is fake.

The documentary coincides with the publication of John Ashton's Megrahi: You Are My Jury, published on 27 February 2012.

The Ashton book suggests that the Scottish Crown Office, the Scottish police and UK defence ministry scientists failed to disclose numerous pieces of evidence.

Tony Gauci, with some hesitation, identified Megrahi as the man who allegedly bought clothes allegedly wrapped around bomb fragments allegedly found near Lockerbie.

Gauci described the man who allegedly bought the clothes in his shop in Malta.

Gauci described him as being six-foot tall, with a big chest, large head, and very black hair.

This description does not fit Megrahi.

Gauci told police that 'Megrahi' came to his shop on the 29 November.

Then he changed this and claimed that Megrahi came to the shop on 7 December, pointing out that
as 'Megrahi' left he opened a black umbrella he had just purchased (later planted among the Lockerbie debris) because it started to rain.
The documentary consulted former chief meteorologist Major Joseph Mifsud, who said there was no rain on 7 December, 1988 between 5pm and 7pm.
Gauci said that when 'Megrahi' came to his shop the Christmas lights had not yet been switched on.
Former minister for tourism Michael Refalo switched on the Christmas lights on 6 December, 1988 at 6pm.
Gauci repeatedly changed his account, including identifying people other than Megrahi, people who did not look at all like Megrahi.

Gauci and his brother Paul were reportedly paid up to USD 3 million by the US Department of Justice.

UK government scientists found significant differences between the bomb timer fragment allegedly found after the attack and the type supplied to Gaddafi's Libya.

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