Friday 17 February 2012


These photos are from an Orthodox Jewish wedding in Israel. I have to say, it does not look like much fun. But then perhaps, photographing women is verbatim. It seems to be all about the men. And what a dour looking group! 

I imagine the status of the bride, as described below, accounts for the huge and so very public turnout.

The Bride certainly does not seem to be having much fun.

For excellent photographs of an American Orthodox Jewish wedding, please go to this site and, once past the Bar and Bat Mitzvah photos, you will find them. Certainly they seem to be a tad less staid!

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish bride Nechama Paarel Horowitz fulfils the Mitzvah tantz during her traditional Jewish wedding with Chananya Yom Tov Lipa, the great-grandson of the Rabbi of the Wiznitz Hasidic followers, in the Israeli town of Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Nechama entered the mens section to fulfill the Mitzvah tantz, in which family members and honored rabbis are invited to dance in front of the bride. As is custom in religious Jewish gatherings men and women are segregated.





  1. Not sure what to say about this. I just keep wondering at what point did the Islam of the Bani Israel become so corrupted to become Judaism?

  2. so, we "the evil goyeems" have succeeded in segregating these "poor, down trodden, humble" non-goyeems, into rigidly close-knit ghettos, with no hope of leaving and assimilating into humanity ... (sure! and the world's still paying with blood, toil, and wealth for that standard lie)

    righto; off to find me a beaver to skin (it's a sacrifice yhwh, don't ya know) and put him on me head ...

  3. Hello I am thomaswilson i also like to write on wedding planning so i always collect some good ideas related to this. so i like your all jewish wedding photo's which you have shown in your above blog.

  4. WP, help yourself they are from the public domain. Also go to the link I have there for more great shots of Jewish weddings. They are quite fine.


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