Wednesday 29 February 2012


While this article is concerned with gender balance in society as a result of this practice, nothing is mentioned of the moral depravity indicated by such scandalous decisions. That a person should choose to do such a thing, that a doctor would even consider performing such things, is beyond disgust. The obscenity of abortion simply due to gender is horrific.

Then there is disposal of the fetuses. I have done posts on what happens to these babies in the past and that is an even greater depravity.  The links are below.

Sarcasm: I suppose if this practice takes off in Europe we shall see new growth industries such as seen in China.

Where is America on this situation?:
"Countries with longstanding experience with sex-selection abortion–such as the Republic of India, the United Kingdom, and the People’s Republic of China–have enacted complete bans on sex-selection abortion, and have steadily continued to strengthen prohibitions and penalties. The United States, by contrast, has no law in place to restrict sex-selection abortion, establishing the United States as affording less protection from sex-based feticide than the Republic of India or the People’s Republic of China, whose recent practices of sex-selection abortion were vehemently and repeatedly condemned by United States congressional resolutions and by the United States’ Ambassador to the Commission on the Status of Women. Public statements from within the medical community reveal that citizens of other countries come to the United States for sex-selection procedures that would be criminal in their country of origin. Because the United States permits abortion on the basis of sex, the United States may effectively function as a ‘safe haven’ for those who seek to have American physicians do what would otherwise be criminal in their home countries–a sex-selection abortion, most likely late-term." ~ DBKB

February 28, 2012

Sex-selective abortions have stirred a scandal in Britain. According to The Daily Telegraph, many British doctors are ready to do abortions to those women who are dissatisfied over the sex of the future child. Meanwhile, experts question whether the epidemic of sex-selective abortions, which has spread to many countries in Asia and Africa, will spread to other European countries.

After the investigation by the daily’s journalists, British Health Minister Andrew Lansley said he was worried. “Sex selection is illegal and is morally wrong,” he added. The Health Ministry has launched an investigation into the scandalous incidents. Experts say that if the British hospitals have long practiced sex-selective abortions, the country will face a sex imbalance in the near future.

Numerical sex disproportion has already been registered in several countries in Asia and Europe.

Clear cut numerical superiority of boys over girls can be seen now not only in China and India where preference is traditionally given to male heirs as feeders of the family, but also in Serbia, Bosnia, Greece, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In these countries, there are from 112 to 120 boys for every 100 girls. And this means that terminations relating to the sex of the foetus are carried out there.

Here is the first outcome of the sex disbalance: there are 40 million bachelors in China alone.

Experts say that polygamy, where one woman lives with her husband but at the same time with his unmarried brothers, has been established in India.

ED: When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, the relationship is called polygyny and there is no marriage bond between the wives; when a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry and there is no marriage bond between the husbands

A wave of low birth rates has spread to Europe too, says the Director of the Institute of Demographical Studies, Igor Beloborodov. At present, a growing number of families in Europe have one child each, while the dedicated child-free refuse to have children for the sake of career and a happy life-style. In Germany, the share of such women is about 20 percent.

There is nothing surprising when taking into account the fact that limiting the birth rate originated in Europe, says Igor Beloborodov. A British philosopher of late 18th century Tomas Malthus was one of the first ideologists of depopulation. This idea was supported by other countries, says Igor Beloborodov.

“Since then, the residents of France, England, Germany and later the Scandinavian countries have distinguished themselves. They used contraceptives and did selective abortions. At present, we see a second wave of limiting the birth rate in an inhuman way in Europe,” Igor Beloborodov said.

In view of this, heated debate is going on in Europe, including Britain on refusing to inform parents about the gender of the future child after scanning. The Council of Europe says this might trigger a growth in selective abortions. Many hospitals have already carried out this recommendation.

Demographers believe that women of Asian or African origin agree first and foremost to doing selective abortions. In fact, the demographical stereotypes might change in patriarchal societies, however, scientists do not exclude that sex-selective abortions are a temporary tendency.

Latest news from China confirms this. The Chinese authorities said they would soften the “one family-one child” policy which has been pursued over 30 years.      

NONE of these issues surprise me. We are surrounded by madmen, creatures passing as human who are full of bizarre theories and fantasies. Here are my previous postings on cannibalism and I warn that the still shots are extreme and graphic. Please do not view** unless you are over 18 years old and have very strong stomach:


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