Monday 20 February 2012


“Our generation helped to set up this idol and the new generation is trying to bring the idol down, so I am going round kissing all the young people … We could not do what they have done. This is a true revolution.”

We know the ugly truths behind the so called Arab Spring. We know it was a demonstration created to take advantage of the natural frustration of the Egyptian people.  However, the actual activities of the dedicated people of Egypt were valid and here are the stories of several in the participants.

The revolution of Egypt is still a work in progress.

Despite the Al-Jazeera logo in the corner, this video is worth watching for new insight into the motivations of the people and how they themselves participated and felt during those heady days.

Cairo's 'Twitterati' tweeted their revolution for 18 days from in and around Tahrir Square.

Young, urbane and highly-motivated, their tweets revealed the truth of the scale of the uprising which Egypt's state media sought to hide, and gave a street-level, minute-by-minute account of how the persistence and bravery of the Egyptian people brought down a dictator.

Note: The book 'Tweets From Tahrir' by OR Books was the inspiration for this film.

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