Tuesday 6 October 2009


Dang these are easy! I especially like #15!

1. Eating spinach can improve your eyesight.

2. Adding lemon to your green tea will help you get all the health benefits from it.

3. Adding raspberries to your diet can help stabilize your blood sugar and help prevent diabetes.

4. Eating a baked potato, especially with the skin, helps increase your potassium levels and decrease blood pressure.

5. Eating garlic can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent.

6. Eating shrimp can increase your bone strength.

7. Cinnamon can be a natural appetite suppressant because it controls insulin spikes.

8. Antioxidants in olive oil have been shown to raise HDL, or good cholesterol, and lower LDL, or bad cholesterol.

9. Don’t drink all of your calories!

10. Smaller portions do not always equal fewer calories.

11. Swap creamy salad dressing for salsa. (Even better, there is a product I love that has low calories and is to die for. You could almost drink it from the bottle but it is too costly that way. It is good for everything from salad to ice cream. CREMA DI BALSAMICO from ITALISSIMO).

12. Use a flexible microfiber duster to clean the top of your refrigerator.

13. Water vapor from cooking can cause mold, so make sure to always turn the kitchen fan on.

14. Keep your cat off of counters and tables. If it likes to jump on them, try putting sticky paper, aluminum foil or pepper on the surface because cats don’t like them on their paws.

15. Don’t vacuum more than once a week because vacuuming too much can stir up dust mites.

16. Always stand when you flush the toilet to avoid getting bacteria from the water on you.Also close the lid when you flush so that water particles do not land on your toothbrush which, ideally, is not stored even remotely near the toilet.

17. Disinfect bathroom doorknobs and switchplates regularly.

18. Don’t wet your eye shadow or eyeliner brushes with saliva.

19. Disinfect your electronics and office space regularly.

20. Clean make-up brushes with vinegar to kill bacteria.

21. Use olive oil as a moisturizer.

22. To avoid medication mix-ups, paint the lids of your prescription bottles

23. Keep birth control pills next to your toothbrush.

24. Know your family’s medical history.

25. Have your baby wear sunglasses.

26. Use a sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

27. Wet swimsuits can pose health hazards, so change out of your wet trunks as soon as possible.

28. Put your pillows in allergen-proof pillowcases.

29. For better health, sleep on your back or side.

30. Take a hot shower before bed.

31. Stretch your muscles by putting a pillow in the middle of your bed. Sit on the end of the bed, lean backwards so the pillow is placed squarely between your shoulders. Then hang your head over the end of the pillow and allow your arms to go out to your sides. Breathe deeply for two minutes.

32. Put your child on a sleep schedule.

33. Exercise toes to relive high-heel pain.

34. Specialty flip-flops can help tone the body.

35. When doing crunches, place your tongue against the roof of your mouth to help prevent neck strain and ensure that your head is aligned properly.

36. Wipe down exercise equipment before and after each use to avoid catching or spreading germs.

37. When running on the treadmill, increase the speed or incline for a better workout.

38. Stay active during your rest period between sets at the gym by re-racking weights.

39. Squeeze your glutes when lifting weights overhead.

40. Use exercise balls to strengthen your core.

41. Plank exercises help burn calories.

42. Adjust your workspace to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

43. Improve your fertility by quitting smoking.

44. Clean music earbuds to avoid bacteria.

45. Applying cool skim milk to sunburns helps to soothe the pain.

46. Chew gum sweetened with xylitol. Every time you eat anything with aspartame, you are further compromising your health.

47. Adding cream or milk to coffee will dilute the dark brown stain coffee can leave and help keep your teeth a little whiter.

48. Prevent tooth erosion by drinking a glass of water after drinking soda.

49. Avoid wiping your eyes with your fingers. Use the inside of your shirt instead.

50. Hugs help prevent heart disease.

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