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James Traficant, an American Hero or an American Disgrace?

October 15, 2009


James Traficant championed the cause of John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian-born autoworker from Seven Hills. Demjanuk had been sentenced to hang in Israel after being set up by the Jews who had been on a witch-hunt for Nazi scapegoats for their sufferings under the wrath of God in WW2. God? He was ticked for the crime of the Crucifixion and what they’ve been doing to subvert and destroy Christians and Gentiles for centuries.

The Jews tried to argue that Demjanjuk was the “brutal Nazi concentration camp guard at Treblinka” they had nicknamed “Ivan the Terrible”, so they could further hype the Holocaust to get more sympathy and reparation from the gullible goyim who buy into that sort of propaganda-induced guilt.

Without the backing of Roman Catholic columnist Pat Buchanan, Traficant would have been more or less alone in his public insistence that Demjanjuk had been denied a fair trial and was the victim of mistaken identity. Traficant’s efforts were rewarded when the Supreme Court of Israel overturned Demjanjuk’s conviction “on the basis of doubt”, in 1993. Demjanjuk was, however, deported to Germany on May 11, 2009, after the Supreme Court refused to overturn his deportation order.

Demjanjuk is now to be tried by the vindictive Jews in Munich, beginning 30 Nov., 2009, for ostensibly “being an accessory in the murder of 27,900 people” in the German concentration camp Sobibor in what is now Poland. Demjanjuk has denied the charges outright, arguing that he was a Soviet prisoner of war in a German camp. If he is convicted by the Jewish judiciary, he could face a prison sentence of up to 15 years or what would effectively be the rest of his life.

The trial of the 89-year-old retired U.S. auto worker is likely to be Germany’s last major Nazi-era war crimes trial, though Demjanjuk’s lawyer told a newspaper he aimed to stop the process in a last-minute complaint to the country’s top court.

Ulrich Busch told Der Tagesspiegel newspaper he would file a complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court, arguing that Demjanjuk had already spent years in custody during a previous trial in Israel after he was extradited there in 1986.

“My client has served more than seven years in prison in Israel. A higher sentence is not to be expected now,” Busch said. “Because the Israeli custody must be factored in, the state’s right to impose punishment no longer applies.”

The case in a Munich court is set to run to May 6, 2010, although it could be extended if need be.

Demjanjuk, long wanted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center which hunts Nazi war crimes suspects, was deported from the United States in May and has been in detention near Munich ever since.

The Wiesenthal Center says Demjanjuk pushed men, women and children into gas chambers at the Sobibor death camp in what is now Poland.

Besides Munich state prosecutors, nine individuals are joint plaintiffs in the case ~ all relatives of victims. Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk denies any role in the Holocaust and his family argues he is too frail to stand trial.


While serving as Congressman, Traficant said he was the number one target of AIPAC and the U.S. Justice Department; and in an interview with judaized Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren he rejected the assertion that he was anti-Semitic, arguing that ”he was an American”; he denounced the Jews’ control of the media and the Congress in no uncertain terms.

While in Congress Traficant militantly opposed the Jews’ plot to ruin America by fostering mass alien immigration – illegal or otherwise, as a way to create melting pot multiculturalism and its attendant evils of the mass rape and murder of white Americans by Negroes, Mexicans, and other “beasts of prey” now often the majority in America’s leading cities. Traficant was the only Democratic member of Congress who wanted the election defeat of Congressman Bob Dornan (R-CA) by Democrat Loretta Sanchez confirmed by another poll, on the basis that Sanchez got voted in by illegal aliens.

Congressman Traficant predicted another economic depression way back while in office, and those who just laughed at him then have either lost their jobs, put up their homes as mortagee sales, been fleeced on the stock exchange, or are facing an imminent national Jew orchestrated economic collapse and social crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Traficant was hated by the Jews for supporting the Fair Tax plan and roundly criticizing Obama’s profoundly pro-Jew banking and finance stimulus bill; and he denounced Congress as “a big whorehouse” ~ something paranoid Jews on the run from God and anything else that’s decent probably linked with the New Testament’s designation of the criminal international Jewry as “a whore” in the biblical book of the Revelation (Rev. 17).

Traficant has also been famously quoted as saying that ”they [Congress] had better start taking care of America and stop worrying about the Middle East [i.e., AIPAC's and the Jews' interests in the Middle East] and worry about the Midwest”.

Traficant walks free after serving the Jews for seven years in federal prison

Jim Traficant was released from prison on 2 September, 2009, after spending seven years inside as a result of a Jew orchestrated corruption conviction in 2002, for “bribery and racketeering, and using his congressional staff in an improper manner”. The House voted to expel Traficant in 2002 because of his conviction by the Jewish kangaroo court that put him away; but he has always maintained his innocence, and even ran for re-election to Congress from his jail cell.

Traficant was supported by David Duke during his lag, and one of his letters was posted on Duke’s Website that said he had been targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice because he had taken sides with John Demjanjuk aginst the Jews. Traficant also said in the letter Duke posted on his site that he might release certain facts about Waco, Ruby Ridge, PAN AM Flight 103, Jimmy Hoffa, and JFK’s assassination into the public domain in due course, circumstances permitting.

There’s no doubt about Traficant’s popularity since his release …

On the eve of his release Wednesday from a 7-year stint in federal prison, colorful former Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) is proving to be just as provocative as when he was expelled from Congress.

His legion of fans still consider him an authentic blue-collar voice, a standard-bearer for the economically beleaguered Mahoning Valley. They see him as a man who spent his career in politics fighting for the working class ~ the Almanac of American Politics once described him “as one of the kindest and most thoughtful members to House employees and pages”~ and was ultimately railroaded by overzealous prosecutors.

Their excitement is palpable ~ 1,200 people have already put down $20 each to attend a welcome home party scheduled for Sunday evening. A local T-shirt store has sold roughly 600 “Welcome Home Jimbo” shirts to those attending the event.

“For years I’ve heard, ‘Where’s Jimbo? How’s he doing? Tell him we love him,’” said former aide Linda Kovachik, who is throwing the party for Traficant though she acknowledges that he may not even attend. “He did all this stuff for our area, millions in federal dollars for the area, and he was taken away before we could even say thanks … he brought a lot of gravy to this area.”

“What happened to him was unbelievable,” she told POLITICO, noting that she still remembers watching in shock and horror as Traficant was walked in handcuffs down the steps of the federal courthouse in Cleveland to be transported to prison. “That man is coming out of a dungeon. For seven years, a mastermind was in jail. He just needs to shut that door and move forward with his life.”


Here are some of Traficant’s famous quotes:


June 16, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I voted for the Brady bill. I voted to ban certain semiautomatic weapons. I honestly tried to help. But enough is enough. Guns are a two-edge sword, dangerous for sure, but guns prevent more crime than anything else in America, and no one is saying it.

Mr. Speaker, armed robbers just do not fear the welcome wagon, and all the policemen in the world, and I used to be one, may never get there in time.

I say be careful, Congress. Certainly guns are a symptom of great problems in America. But guns are not the root causation of all these problems in America.

December 12, 1995

“…Mr. Speaker, how can America be bankrupt? There are airport taxes , highway taxes, excise taxes, estate taxes, gas taxes , property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, luxury taxes, nanny taxes, old taxes, new taxes, hidden taxes, inheritance taxes; there is even now a tax called a sin tax. I say to my colleagues, no wonder the American people are taxed off…”

“…The truth is that Congress as a Congress that taxes everything ultimately will tax freedom and will not balance anything. What is next? A budget tax? Is it any wonder that the American people are saying, kiss my taxes?…”

“…Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. I yield back the balance of my taxes…”


December 12, 2001

Mr. Speaker, the school prayer issue is out of control, literally. Students in Pennsylvania were prohibited from handing out Christmas cards. Reports say students in Minnesota were disciplined for having said merry Christmas. Now if that is not enough to find coal in your athletic supporter, check this out: A school board in Georgia removed the word “Christmas from their school calendar because the ACLU threatened to sue. Beam me up. If this is religious freedom, I am a fashion model for GQ.

Mr. Speaker, I yield back the fact that Christmas is not about a jolly old fat man. Christmas is about the birth of Christ.


November 28, 2001

Mr. Speaker, reports say that China is two-timing Uncle Sam big time. With one hand China slaps Uncle Sam on the back and wishes us well in Afghanistan.

With the other hand China sells missiles and weapons to Iran and Iraq and continues to funnel support under the table to the Taliban. Bottom line, China continues to aid and abet our enemies.

Beam me up. I yield back the fact that the Taliban are a fly on our face, but China is a dragon eating our assets. Think about that.


June 20, 2001

A California woman has set a world record by hooking 7,000 brassieres together to create the biggest bra ball in history. This bra ball is a protest against the way women’s breasts have been exploited.

Now, if that is not enough to challenge Victoria’s Secret, this buxom diva has filed a lawsuit against another artist who is also building a ball of bras.

Think about it. America’s courts are bogged down with drugs and murder, and now we will be tied up with 200 pounds of Maidenforms. Unbelievable.

Even Slappy White of cannot believe this. What is next, Congress? A stainless steel panty hose contest?

Beam me up. I yield back the fact that all this money being used for this litigation would be better served if they put it towards a cure for breast cancer.



July 18, 2001

The IRS said last year’s 81 percent error rate dropped to only 73 percent this past year. Unbelievable.

The Internal Rectal Service screws up 73 percent of the time and then brags about it. If that is not enough to cause your 1040 to crepitate, IRS agents gave the wrong advice to taxpayers only 50 percent of the time last year, according to an investigation.

Beam me up. The IRS does not need more workers; the IRS does not need more money. These stumbling, fumbling, bumbling mistake-prone nincompoops have got to go.

I yield back the need to pass the Tauzin-Traficant 15 percent flat retail sales tax, abolish the income tax, and abolish these nincompoops at the IRS.


June 12, 2001

Mr. Speaker, last week a girl was crowned prom king in Washington. This week we learn a whole new classification term for men and women: Transgenders. That is right, transgenders.

Ohio University has designated 30 restrooms as transgender-type restrooms, able to be used by both men and women at the same time. They are officially called unisex restrooms.

Unbelievable. What is next? Unisex locker rooms with thong/jock support dispensers? How about Maxipad vending machines in locker rooms?

Beam me up. I yield back this higher education business as yet simply getting high.


May 8, 2001

Mr. Speaker, government investigators said, and I quote, there is no conspiracy by petroleum companies to raise gas prices in America.

Unbelievable. Who is kidding whom here? Gas prices are over $2 a gallon, and, in addition, it just seems every weekend they just raise them 25 cents a gallon just for the sake of it.

Mr. Speaker, if that is not enough to flatulate your rectangle, the oil companies announced that gas prices will hit $3 a gallon this summer.

Beam me up, Mr. Speaker; those so-called government investigators are either on the payroll of those oil companies or they are smoking dope.

I yield back the biggest rip-off in the history of the United States of America.


May 2, 2001

Mr. Speaker, the Great Lakes are now open. The first foreign ship to dock in Cleveland, Ohio, carried 10,000 tons of steel from Russia.

While mills are closing in Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh, steel mills are closing all over America. Ten thousand tons of illegally dumped steel just came in to America.

Unbelievable. Think about it. It is getting so bad the Army almost bought, without Congress’ interference, black berets for the Army from China.

Beam me up. If our trade program is so good, why does Europe not do it? Why does Japan not do it? Why does China not do it? I think it is time to put things in order in America, my colleagues.

Enough is enough. I yield back the sell-out of America, wholesale, to Communist dictators, and the loss of jobs to these socialist, communist countries.



May 1, 2001

Mr. Speaker, a government investigation said that the IRS gave, quote-unquote, wrong information 50 percent of the time. In addition, they say one-third of all calls to the IRS go unanswered.

Unbelievable. According to my math, the IRS is upside down about 80 percent of the time. If that is not enough to give your 1040 a hernia, the IRS says, give us more money and we will solve our problems.

Beam me up. The IRS does not need more money. Congress has got to abolish the IRS. A recent national poll says 70 percent of American taxpayers favor the Tauzin-Traficant 15 percent national sales tax.

No more forms, no more tax on capital gains, savings, investment, education, inheritance. Think about it. And the IRS is abolished. I yield back those stumbling, fumbling, bumbling, nincompoops at the IRS.


March 27, 2001

Mr. Speaker, in 1998, Congress reformed the IRS and included two of my provisions. The first transferred the burden of proof from the taxpayer to the IRS; the second required judicial consent before the IRS could seize our property, and the results are now staggering.

Property seizures dropped from 10,037 to 161 in the entire country. The IRS had a license to steal, and they were stealing 10,000 properties a year. And if that is not enough to tax our gallbladders, the IRS is now complaining the new law is too tough.

Beam me up here. It is time to tell these crybaby IRS thieves that we are going to pass a 15 percent flat sales tax and abolish them altogether.

I yield back what should be the next endangered species in the United States of America: The Internal Rectal Service.


March 22, 2001

From the United Nations to heads of state, everyone is hoping against hope for peace in the Balkans. I do not want to rain on everyone’s parade, but in my opinion there will never be peace in the Balkans until there is independence for Kosovo.

The bottom line, it is the right thing to do. Ninety percent of the citizens of Kosovo are ethnic Albanians. Freedom and independence for Kosovo is the only long-term solution for a lasting peace in the Balkans.

I yield back the fact that map boundaries have been redrawn regularly throughout history to accomplish peace.


March 20, 2001

From the womb to the tomb, Madam Speaker, the Internal Rectal Service is one big enema. Think about it: they tax our income, they tax our savings, they tax our sex, they tax our property sales profits, they even tax our income when we die.

Is it any wonder America is taxed off? We happen to be suffering from a disease called Taxes Mortis Americanus.

Beam me up. It is time to pass a flat, simple 15 percent sales tax, and fire these nincompoops at the IRS. Think about it.

I yield back the socialist, communist income tax scheme of these United States.


Check out this site and the comments on Traficant’s recent release, especially the “beam me up” quotes …

Personally, I love Traficant’s trademark closure: “Beam me up, I yield back the fact …”, because it naturally reminds Christians of the rapture and the fools who’ll soon be left behind to “yield back the fact” that God did what he said he would in the Bible.

My advice … if you’re not yet “going up”, learn from Traficant by all means ~ hell, he could even be president after Obama has been thrown out or lynched with the Jews; but with that don’t neglect to take Jesus as the “EXIT” before it’s too late.





  1. I like Traficant, and he's been set up and punished by the Irael Lobby.


    1. Who in Hell gave him the right to demand Kosovo be stolen from Serbia with US bombs?

    2. He signed the act that declared all US law is based on the Talmud.

    And what is "the rapture and the fools who’ll soon be left behind"? -- These are "Judeo-Christian" ideas, not Christian. They are all part of the "Judeo-Christian" cult's push to replace the Israelites (i,e, Christians) with satanic Jews. These bizarre concepts were promoted English Zionists like Darby and Amercan crooks in the pay of Zionists, like Scofield who was the property of Untermyer Schiff et al.

    I guess you're unaware that you're spreading Zionist Anti-Christ propaganda.

  2. Actually, Noor is doing her best to expose the Anti-Christ Zionists themselves.

    Many congressmen were fools to endorse the US Law=Talmudic Code act, so Traficant is in good company.

    And again, Traficant for years answered to those who pulled his strings, and after they lost control over him, they had him set up to take a fall and the result was 7 years in prison on trumped up charges!

    Therefore, brianakira, your comments are only partially right, and Noor is doing her best at exposing the criminals.

    We need more people like Noor out there exposing their hideous crimes against humanity, and I for one am all for that!

  3. What has that got to do with the Zionist "rapture" blasphemy?

    If I'm "partly right", where am I wrong.

    I made a comment. Why do you feel the need to act like I spit on someone?

  4. You are wrong in accusing Noor of spreading Zionist Anti-Christ Propaganda....

    It is a battle against them. They are the anti-christ, and their god is Lucifer.

    Look at the White/Rosenthal interview from 1977, and look at Harold Rosenthal's own words about what the Zionists really are. He states clearly that their god is Lucifer, and they want to materially control the world.

    No one is spitting on you. You are the one who is coming up with this wording "Zionist rapture blasphemy"..... We therefore have to ask why you are trying to spin this argument?

  5. I'm sorry. It's difficult to "debate" with the functionally illiterate.

    Re: "You are wrong in accusing Noor of spreading Zionist Anti-Christ Propaganda...."

    I am not wrong. These nonsensical "rapture" ideas are Zionist propaganda, promoted by the Rothschilds, Schiff, Untermyer et all through their corrupt agents such as Scofield in Anglican & Protestant seminaries. American Christian-Zionism is a result of that, and they believe in the divine nature of Jews, the need to create a Jewish nation state etc. Noor is unwittingly spreading this Zionist propaganda, so I informed her of it.

    Re: "No one is spitting on you."

    - I wrote, "Why do you feel the need to act like I spit on someone?"

    It must be difficult to live sans logic.

    Re: "You are the one who is coming up with this wording "Zionist rapture blasphemy"..... We therefore have to ask why you are trying to spin this argument?"

    - Is this the royal We? What spin? It is Zionist Rapture Blasphemy.

  6. Dear Brian

    I have no idea what happened to my response to you but it seems to have disappeared into cyber space.

    I believe you have not looked at my blog very thoroughly to make the nonsensical statement about my personal stance on the diabolical and genocidal foolishness known as the Rapture. If you read the piece I did the other night NO COST TOO GREAT FOR ISRAEL ~ CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS, I do believe your tune might change.

    I have been very religiously savvy for many many years. Over my lifetime, (gosh that makes me sound old) I was raised RC, embraced solo paganism for decades, was involved with and taught the old ways of an ancient culture, worn hijab and lived as a Muslim for quite a few years. Always was I aware of undercurrents of other goals than the stated saving of souls yada yada yada.

    I think Mr. Traficant is a hero because he has put his money where his mouth is and walked the walk, not just talked the talk. Like all of us, he has made errors. I am curious how Ron Paul voted on that hideous Noahyde bill Busch Baby brought into your legal system awhile back.

    Traficant is a breath of fresh air in the cancerous thing in Amerikka called the government. Or he was. It will be interesting to see if he is allowed to live. I was posting what was about him, not necessarily my own personal beliefs.

    So please lighten up. That, my friend, is all the explanation I feel you need. Look below the surface and see what I think before jumping to conclusions.

    There is one reason I have a feeling you are a little more than you let on. Your snide intellectual arrogance leads me to think you wear the Star of David. I have had so many of those chaps around here, that particular cutting element is a common theme with them all.

    In the meantime, toodle oo. Please take your spleen and apply that energy to something positive that needs to be done.

  7. The best book on the long hidden history of the 179-year-old "pre-tribulation rapture" fantasy promoted by Lindsey, Hagee, LaHaye etc. is THE RAPTURE PLOT which I obtained at Armageddon Books on the net. Re Zionism, read "Roots of Warlike Christian Zionism" (it is on Google etc.).


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