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~ Roman Polanski

Director Roman Polanski's life has been one of stunning professional success, crushing personal tragedy, and horrific criminal charges. His films are celebrated, but his life fell apart with the murder of his wife, actress Sharon Tate, who was slain in the couple's home by followers of Charles Manson in 1969. In 1977, he was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl and fled the country to avoid jail.

Is everyone who loses a partner to violence given a"Get Out of Jail Free" card if they have the urge to rape a child? Or is that only reserved for Hollywood royalty?

First, Gunson read out the litany of charges Polanski initially faced:

“Mr. Polanski, you are charged in Information A-334139 with the crimes of Furnishing Drugs to a Minor, Lewd or Lascivious Acts upon a Child under 14 year of Age, Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, Rape by Use of Drugs, Perversion, and Sodomy, all felonies committed on or about March 10th, 1977.”

“Mr. Polanski, because this offense involved a girl under the age of 14, it is mandatory that MDSO proceedings be instituted. MDSO means Mentally Disordered Sex Offender. If you are found to be an MDSO, you would have to register that fact with the law enforcement officer of the community in which you resided.”

Gunson then went on to ask: “….on March 10, 1977, the day you had sexual intercourse with the complaining witness, how old did you believe her to be?”

Polanski conferred with his lawyer and then answered: “She was 13.”

Gunson: “Did you understand that she was 13 on March 10, 1977, when you had sexual intercourse with her?”

Again, Polanski conferred with his lawyer, then answered: “Yes.”

The Lost Polanski Transcripts The Daily Beast

He's now behind bars in a Zurich prison ~ 31 years after that conviction. His lawyers are battling for his freedom as U.S. officials push for extradition to bring him home to justice. Swiss officials hinted Polanski could spend several weeks in jail as they deliberate over whether to ship him back to California.

In Jewish owned American, especially a state run by Hollywood royalty, I doubt that here is very little chance anything would come of the old charges.

In 1978, Polanski fled to France, where he held citizenship and was able to avoid extradition to the United States. In the months leading up to his arrest, he had lived in this chalet in the Swiss ski resort town of Gstaad.

I hope Heidi and her goats escaped his clutches!
The director, 76, for three decades has traveled freely throughout Europe, enjoying his status as a celebrated film director. Saturday Sept. 25, 2009, that changed. Swiss police detained Polanski as he arrived to attend the Zurich film festival."It seems inadmissible that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary film-makers, is used by the police to apprehend him." ~ Visual Artist Association.

Poor Roman is the eternal VICTIM!
Many in Europe believe the decades-old rape case should be forgotten, and since his arrest, 700 cinema luminaries to have a petition to demand the director's release from jail. Among those who've signed are directors Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, John Landis, Jonathan Demme, Pedro Almovadar and David Lynch ,Darren Aronofsky, Terry Gilliam. Penelope Cruz and Adrien Brody, 700 cinema luminaries to have signed a petition calling for his release.

Since when do Hollywood stars have the right to rewrite laws? I don't think having the perennial whiner, Allen is a great addition. It seems to me that he too has a pretty shady history when it comes to very young women. Did he not rape and then marry his 17 year old stepdaughter?

Polanski has been a fixture on the red carpet and at awards ceremonies in Europe. His films have been celebrated in the U.S. over the years and some have remained sympathetic to the director because of Sharon Tate's murder, despite the high-profile rape charges.

He did the crime no matter how sympathetic one is. Sympathy does not make all right.
"Rosemary's Baby," (1968) which he wrote and directed, was a commercial and critical success. It launched the career of a young Mia Farrow and won a Best Actress Academy Award for Ruth Gordon.

Whoa!. This movie ushered in a slew of Satanic films and introduced Satanism to audiences in a much more personal way than the old Vincent Price horrors. This was followed by The Exorcist and other such hits. The advisor for this movie was Michael Aquino, one of the most evil Satanists in North America, last seen working in the Pentagon. That association alone makes me wonder a bit about Polanski right there.The fact that this movie won a zillion awards tells me that he was being awarded by his fellow Jews for moving the agenda of the purification of American spirituality along with great success. That is how those awards usually earned.)
Following that success, later that year, Polanski began his second marriage to the beautiful Tate. The French-born filmmaker seemed to have a blessed life with a rising career.
BLESSED LIFE!!????Who are you trying to kid? Actor ChristoperJones embarked on an affair with Tate when she was six weeks pregnant with Polanski's child and has not, until now, spoken fully of their relationship. He said "I loved Sharon and she loved me. I don't think I'm betraying any confidence by talking about it. I knew that she was married to Roman and I had no intention of splitting them up. I don't feel guilty."
That Hollywood fairy tale came to a crash that following year in 1969, when in August, Tate ~ who was eight months pregnant ~ was brutally murdered along with several others in the couple's California home by followers of Charles Manson
Polanski, overwhelmed by grief, breaks down at a press conference, discussing Tate's death. But five years later, he returned to the movie industry with a historic film.
In 1974 he directed the highly celebrated 'Chinatown,' which won screenwriter Robert Towne an Oscar and starred Jack Nicholson.
In 1977, his life went off the rails. The director, then 44, had agreed to photograph a young hopeful in the entertainment world, 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. He was later accused of giving her champagne and Quaaludes, then raping and sodomizing her in a room at "Chinatown" star Jack Nicholson's house in Los Angeles.

Note how it says "he was accused". Victim mode, not fact, "he gave champagne,..."
Polanski pled guilty to a lesser charge, and spent 42 days in China State Prison. However, a twist from the judge had the filmmaker looking at more possible prison time. Instead of taking that chance, he fled the country.
Geimer, who attended a screening of the HBO documentary, "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" in NYC, has since dismissed the recent arrest. Now 45 and a mother of three, she has filed a formal request that Los Angeles prosecutors drop the charges against him. "I have survived, indeed prevailed, against whatever harm Mr. Polanski may have caused me as a child," she has said. "I got over it a long time ago."
Polanski eventually ended up in France, which denied the United States' request for extradition. He has continued his film career, but only a few of his films have seen much success on this time of the Atlantic, including 1988's 'Frantic' and 2002's 'The Pianist,' which won star Adrien Brody an Oscar for Best Actor.
Polanski also married again, the Swiss officials hinted Polanski could spend several weeks in jail as they deliberate over whether to ship him back to California, This time to actress Emmanuelle Seigner.


  1. “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But having sex, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to have sex with young girls. Juries want to have sex with young girls. Everyone wants to have sex with young girls!”

    Guess what, you piece of crap...not EVERYONE wants to "have sex" with young girls!

    I prefer more adult partners, thank you...and I don't need to dope my partners up to get into their pants.

    Take some responsibility for what you've done - you HAVEN'T yet gone to jail for what you've done.

  2. everybody was fed some bullshit about the manson story. it was more to it!!! trust me. think about this; sharon tate was 8 1/2 months pregnant with roman polanski's child OR IT COULD HAVE BEEN JAY SEBRING'S CHILD. people need to wake up!!!!! roman polanski is hardly ever mentioned when talk of this thing. now we know he drugged a 13 year old and had sex with her! sodomized her! and ran! the first murders= HIT. others=to cover up hit. genious move from mind of a great film director! THINK

  3. Of course Polanski would have been fine if a 43-year-old man had sodomized his own daughter, Morgan, when she was just 13 years old, right?


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