Thursday 8 October 2009


Liberal Hollywood stands


Shame on me, I was actually shocked when I heard that members of the Hollywood elite were siding with director Roman Polanski and demanding that he not be extradited back to the United States. I guess I just figured that eventually sanity would kick in. I thought that there was a level of despicableness that West Coast liberals wouldn't stoop to.

Yeah ... I was wrong on that. has what the most damning article on this subject that I've seen so far. Roman Polanski is a monster. Plain and simple. For anyone to defend him is unforgivable. I don't care what logic you may be using. He belongs in jail. He has belonged in jail for the past 32 years. He lost the privilege to travel the world, to make movies, to collect Oscars. This is something that the elitist, poorly-educated members of Hollywood clearly cannot see.

This is what it's frightening that much of America looks to celebrities to guide their own views. You know, like the mob of Hollywood liberals who backed Barack Obama last year ...

Notorious Jew paedophile rapist Roman Polanski, 76, has been arrested in Switzerland after landing there to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival …

Polanski now faces a long legal battle that will span two continents. But in the arena of public opinion his image has been shattered. The words many people will now first associate with Polanski will be all to do with the sexual assault of a young child, not his film work.

Even if he goes free, Polanski could now be hurt where it really matters to Hollywood: the box office. “Sex with children was, and always has been, anathema to Americans… the ‘anything goes’ cultural excesses of the time do not excuse Polanski from society’s expectation that adults should protect kids, not exploit them,” said author and sociologist BJ Gallagher.


She Could Have Died, Roman

By Judith Reisman

First Light Forum

Roman Polanski Arrested

I’ve written often about pedophile Polanski, but since he was arrested in Zurich as a fugitive fleeing the U.S. for child rape, here’s a quick review.

In 1977, filmmaker Roman Polanski tricked, stripped, drugged, raped and brutally sodomized a 13-year old, 7th grade girl. Convicted of these atrocities, he fled the U.S. to work and play in freer, gayer France. He escaped because once the judge got some additional facts, his plea bargain (to save the child additional media attack) was deemed invalid.

His biographer, Thomas Kiernan reports Polanski’s crimes in The Roman Polanski Story. Roman “broke open a bottle of champagne The youngster hesitated, telling him that the last time she had drunk champagne it had made her violently ill. She was asthmatic, she said that the bubbly had brought on an asthma attack.”

Polanski tells her French champagne “could never hurt you.” She drinks a glass to placate him. Soon “she felt her lungs beginning to constrict.” Polanski says “jump in hot tub It make you feel better.”

“I really don’t feel good,” she says, “Shouldn’t've had champagne She complained again about her dizziness and shortness of breath He gave her a tablet and told her to take it, assuring her that it would counter the effects of the champagne.”

The police report continues. “Dutifully, the girl swallowed the tablet.” He didn’t “tell her that the tablet was not an antiasthma pill but a high-potency [illegal] Quaalude from his own pocket The girl was in a deep champagne-Quaalude daze slipping into unconsciousness.”

“She was shivering and ashen and weeping I’m sick,” she mumbled drunkenly. "I want to go home to my father" gasping for breath in shrill, raspy heaves. Mucus spilled from her nostrils.”

She lost bladder control and is feverish. Polanski worries that he might be stuck with a “naked American teenager in the throes of a potentially fatal seizure.” He “wondered whether he should call an ambulance or the police. He decided to wait.”

Why no ambulance!! In a film, should she die, his Hollywood friends might help dump the body.

Still, not to waste a rape opportunity, Polanski painfully sodomized and raped the half unconscious child. “With her breathing still impaired by the effects of the Quaalude and champagne, she immediately gagged and retched. She tried to scream but couldn’t produce a sound.”

Eventually, she revived. He drove the child home, leaving her at the front door.

Now those who have followed Roman know he regularly rapes, well, sodomizes, children. Kiernan reported that “Roman just couldn’t understand why screwing a kid should be of concern to anyone. He’s screwed plenty of girls younger than this one, he said, and nobody gave a damn.”

Roman was a victim of our “excessively prudish petite bourgeoisie.”

I remember a French photo story of Roman with pubescent girls he seduced and dumped. Kiernan quotes Roman shouting, “I love young girls very young girls.”

To offset people’s general revulsion, Polanski has a pubic relations campaign that constantly plays on his tragic WWII childhood. He was born Jewish. He lived during the Holocaust. (In my view, he filmed The Pianist to exploit the Holocaust as a self promoting ‘pity Polanski’ PR ad.) In fact, Roman went to make a film in Israel, but the Israeli government wouldn’t let him set foot on Israeli soil.

Elsewhere I’ve written of Polanski’s response to the murder of his young wife, Sharon Tate, by Charles Manson’s satanic cult. In brief.

Since Roman used girls in their marriage bed, the spousal relationship was, well, tense. Roman sold pictures of his naked wife to Playboy to tantalize millions of lusting men (was Manson one of the millions?). When she was pregnant, Polanski humiliated Tate in public, calling her “a dumb hag” and similar endearments.

No wonder she had an affair with a fellow actor from the 6th week of her pregnancy until her death!

His biographer says he was sipping champagne. passing a joint around when he heard his wife and baby were stabbed to death in a satanic ritual by the Manson cult. Poor Polanski flew back to pose by the door of his death house for Life magazine a week after the slaughter for which he charged Live $5000. for the privilege.

What a sentimental guy!

Recapping. In 1977, filmmaker Roman Polanski, an infamous Hollywood pedophile, got caught. He’d done nothing more than drug, rape, sodomize and almost kill a 7th-grade child. Based on his sadistic sexual history, there was nothing new in that, so he was outraged by his arrest.

Convicted of his ruthless near sadosexual murder, the mean judge told Polanski he could get 50 years ~ but he’d be paroled certainly.

Polanski receiving another award for his work ~ in Cannes

Thus did Roman flee to France to continue being a lionized pedophile filmmaker.

The Swiss arrested him recently as a fugitive from the U.S. If he is returned to California and sent to the clink ~ with all those big, mean guys for his remaining years ~ well, that actually starts to sound like justice. He is, after all, only 5'5" tall.

~ Dr. Reisman is a former principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Her last book was Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences-The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme. She runs


  1. He is a Jew, after all. A faithufl and dedicated believr in the TALMUD.

    I'm not surprised.

    As regards Hollywood support, I'm not surprised either. It is said "Birds of a feather flock together". Hollywood is the most rotten society on the face of Earth.

    What upsets me is those morally decayed HW people always have FANS who do not give a hoot about such atrocities.

    They call themselves liberal. On the contrary, they're immoral SOB.

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