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October 8, 2009
Posted by Karin
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It's time to add some thoughts, because SOMETHING smells fishy! I admit I should have analyzed it earlier, but I didn't. So I spoke in depth of the issue with a dear friend, and came up with the following:

A few days ago I posted an article
which refers to the Palestinian initiative on suspending the Goldstone report, the UN report on Gaza war crimes. The source was an alleged Palestinian news agency called "SHEHAB" (or "SHAHAB").

I searched the net over and over and couldn't find an inkling of it and so did my friend ~ with the same result.

That alone is enough to raise my suspicion. Any respectable news agency is readily tracable over the net ... Back to the beginning.

The first one who picked up on it was Ma'ariv, a center-right Israeli newspaper, right? From that moment on it spread faster than a wildfire. But who did Ma'ariv refer to? SHAHAB! To quell my suspicion ~ I would like to see the original report ... as reader I am entitled to!

Where is it? Nobody seems to know ... The second one to pick it up was Al-Jazeera and even I am fully convinced, the reports coming from this news organization are serious and truthful ~ it had as original source as well only SHAHAB!

To top it all off though ... the very first one who broke the news was nobody else but Norman Finkelstein! Hm ... why would he do that? What idea or intention is lurking here?

Usual Middle Eastern fishy business.

Sounds more than fishy to me ...
To bring all this under one hat: Everybody was worked up and alarmed from a report coming from an Israeli newspaper, which referred to a source nobody seems to be able to track down.

This report was picked up by others and spread ... and undoubtedly managed to sow a LOT of trouble, suspicion and even hatred, to say the least!

Who, I am asking, (MOST) profits from trouble in the Palestinian camp? I leave the answer (which is EASY!) up to you ...

Furthermore ~ Hamas and Fatah finally held talks in order to achieve unification. It is sad it took an eternity for them to understand that only UNIFIED do they have a voice which is heard loud and clear and a chance to be heard!

Hamas jumped over its own green shadow and even agreed to come to Cairo on the 24th of this month to finalize the deal ~ and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this report comes out!

VERY FISHY business!

Am I paranoid or does that seem a bit fishy to anyone else as well? Of course Hamas digs in its heels now and refuses further contacts ... that was an expected reaction. In other words, the unification talks are down the drain ~ at least for now.

WHO, I am asking myself, PROFITS from that? WHO might be MOST interested in preventing them to get unified and does everything to prevent the other party to get "too strong"?

There is only one answer ... Israel!
(and AMERICA?)

A new story in Ha'Aretz from today reports that Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's extreme-right Foreign Minister, states loud and clear that a "PEACE DEAL (is) IMPOSSIBLE NOW"!

Avigdor Lieberman ~ what a babe!

Was THAT the intention?
To prevent a peace deal which would have
determined the future of a Palestinian state??

Set borders?
Determined a capital for a Palestinian state?
Enforced UN resolutions?
STOPPED Zionist expansion for good?

Stupid me ... I almost forgot ~ Israel is busier than a (determined and bad tempered) bee (who cares NOTHING about UN resolutions) to expand and build one settlement after the other! The US, UN as well as EU can talk till they turn blue ~ Israel has her own agenda and doesn't give a hoot!

Karin, here is the agenda, short and sweet, drawn from the Talmud, and quite explicit. Please note that the man, Menachem Begin, terrorist and war criminal, who is quoted also won the Nobel Peace Prize:

“Our race is the master race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as slaves.” ~ Menachem Begin ~ Israeli Prime Minister ~
1913-1992, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (!)

When will it become obvious enough for those in the upper echelon to understand? Just very recently they laid the cornerstone for a new settlement in East Jerusalem that will which finalize the failure to have it designated as capital of a Palestinian state!

Foiling diplomacy, indeed, is the shared purpose of all these settlements and projects: rendering the Clinton formula irrelevant, blocking the political division of Jerusalem, and thereby eliminating a two-state solution.

The map lay out of NOF ZION from their website. Note it is shaped like the dove of peace, a lovely touch for a hawkist action.

"NOF ZION" it is called ...the "Beautiful view of Zion" (NOF means beautiful outlook or view) ... how very tasteful! In MY humble opinion it is all interconnected and I thank the friend who assisted me to put it into context. This action was taken, without doubt designed, to prevent unity, sow discord to say the least and make sure, no unity among Palestinian factions nor peace accord is possible in the near future!

IT IS CALLED OBSTRUCTIONIST CONSTRUCTION, meant to erase any hopes of parameters for peace as set with Clinton ~
the parameters that Bill Clinton laid out just before he left the White House. The problem is that the Clinton parameters are being buried in construction refuse.

We'll make a pastrami sandwich of them. We will insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians and then another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank so that in 25 years' time, neither the UN nor the US, nobody, will be able to tear it apart! ~ Ariel Sharon

I wish politicians would see more clear and recognize the dirty game ... and the way they are manipulated!!

KUDOS Israel ... mission accomplished ~ for now!

Here is a video I found on a big on hatred Jewish blog today. The links it led to were so full of hideous hate sites.

The song is called, "I Hate You" by an old, now defunct German band called the Monks.

Now, we all know there are a few things Talmudists excel at. Hating is top of the list. So it is no wonder this was on a fanatical Israeli woman's site alongside a hideous Andy Warhol type painting of "Jewsus" as she called Jesus.


  1. WOWOWOWOW, you REALLY spiced it with HOT RED CHILI sauce and even though I myself am not doing good with raging fire in my throat - I can handle THAT one!!

    What makes my blood boil in particular are the statements of Menachem Begin (who was, BTW head of the IRGUN terrorist group who blew up the King David Hotel 2/27/1938 and killed countless of Arabs and as well British - BUT got the Nobel Peace Price!!) and Ariel Sharon who is/was not an IOTA better!!

    What ARROGANCE, what AUDACITY!!!

    I am a firm believer in karma and just KNOW that what they sowed and still sow on a daily basis - will hit them SMACK in the their faces. Just like a boomarang finds his way back every single time to point of origin - the vibes their evil deeds emitted, will find their target. It's a law of nature ... and a bunch of numbers TOO HIGH even for THEM!

    Thanks so much Noor ... GREAT job!!

  2. You should also know that Israel saved the red penny for the rainy day.

    The Israeli assault on Gaza was not originally planed to be that long, but Fatah wanted it be longer hoping for Hamas total disruction. During the talks, the Israeli intelegence recorded everything.

    So, when Goldstone report materialized and was initially supported by Fatah (why not..the report condemned Hamas, too),the israelis threatened fatah that they well go public with the records. Hence, the traitor Abbas had to make a full U turn.

    The above is not a rumer but a fact, and the Jews are well-known for their abilities of manipulating situations on multiple fronts. Balckmailing is the Zionist fine art. They used the same thing with some of the founding fathers of the USA and some of the conteporaty ones.

    I would like to expand on this, but it is already 4 am, and I am too tired as I have written along article on my blog.

    Google and thou shalt find

    Good night, Noor. I going to sleep right away.

  3. WOW webs within webs within webs. I am glad you liked Karin. I drive NTC (see letter below yours) doing this with his posts. Collaboration is always good but difficult to "arrange". What I do when inspired ~ so far ~ works well. If you want, you pick up what I did, and then we both have all that new information for both sets of our readers.

    As for the quotes, I have a huge folder of quotes I began keeping about a dozen years ago. Different topics but I know the Zionist folder best of all.

    Oh, btw, Nice to meet you. WIll add you to my blogroll.

  4. Thanks so much Noor ... that is really nice of you!!

    Cooperation is always good ... after all, it's for a commen cause!

    Thanks for offering to "help myself" - I'll happily do so!

    I'll add you to my blogroll as well and ... NICE TO MEET YOU!! :-)


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