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I have one thing to say about this well put together little piece. I am also a naturalist. At one point for a few decades I kept snakes as pets. Nope, they did not wag their tails when I got home from work, but I took great pleasure in having them.

In the world of nature, the snake is just like any other creature, trying to exist. Most snakes hide in the grass or under rocks, not to strike but to remain hidden. They really do not like human contact.

In ancient cultures snakes were part of the divination process for many gods, for example Apollo. In the native cultures the snake has many significant positive contributions. Rebirth, eternal life, and youth are due to the "miracle" of seeming to die, shedding its skin and emerging beautiful and fresh.

Among many native peoples this was considered a great power, like rising from the dead symbolically.

We fed our snakes live mice. Now, snakes are fussy eaters and often will turn their noses up and refuse to eat for one reason or another. It is dangerous to leave the small rodent in the cage with the snake and then take off for awhile. Why? because the tamest little mouse can and will gnaw on the resting snake and cause it painful bites.
Serpents got a really bad rap in the Bible. However, all this being said, I also strongly believe that no natural creature deserves being used as representative of evil human creatures or personality traits.

But, that is ok. In this situation, considering the serpent in Eden, this fits. But then, so does the term parasite. And that, my friends, is much more apropos.

In ancient Egypt Wadjet was a symbol of sovereignty. She and vulture Nekhbet, symbols of Upper and Lower Egypt, are the protectors of the King. Amulets of King Tutankhamun feature Wadjet and Nebket. She is uraeus on the Kings forehead, ready to spit venom or strike his enemies.

October 7, 2009

The Snake is the oldest creature in the world . Its long, shiny back has wound itself throughout history, from the Garden of Eden to the modern age. Wherever he goes , the Snake keeps itself hidden, coiled like a spring, hissing out its lies and waiting for the opportunity to strike.

In many cultures, such as the cult of Dionysius, or Appolo they were part of the soothsayer's rituals for predicting the future.

The particular Snake we speak of here likes to curl up in soft piles of gold ~ filthy lucre ~ and it loves to hear the rustling rattle of the change as it scoots along. This snake invented the Money System; before the Snake came along, honest people could barter and trade for what they needed. An honest man could trade apples for oranges; an honest woman could trade butter for cloth. The Snake didn’t like this, because the Snake knew that he couldn’t control such a system. Thus, the Snake one day set up the Money System, as a way to create a substitute that could be taxed, and could be used as a way to create massive debts to imprison us.

This is true. Because they cannot control it, bartering as a time tested way of living is now illegal and extremely controlled.

The Snake became a master of banking, special enterprises, and business propositions. Though, like every fearsome reptile, the Snake has been hunted and driven out of his hiding holes many times throughout history, invariably, he always returns, slithering his way back to hiss more lies out on his long, forked tongue.

This Snake is a master of killing, as well. Once the Snake has got his stranglehold on a community he perceives as threatening to his interests, the Snake will slowly tighten his grip until that community is crushed; until families die of cold and neglect, unemployment rises, immorality festers, and all sense of culture or heritage is lost. The Snake will then move in slowly, reassuringly, letting the people know who is really in charge. The Snake can then gobble up whatever he wants, and move along.

I think I prefer the parasite comparison. Snakes just live as they must in nature and eat, no banking, no starving or cold. Actually, the only thing a snake of the wild has to be compared here is the cold blooded reptilian nature, because the one thinks, the other just IS and created by nature and circumstance. Also the snake can live very well without humans, whereas the parasite of which we speak cannot. It needs a human host.

The Snake has a long train of atrocities tied to his scaly hide: war, genocide, famine, corruption, poverty, pornography, racial unrest, rape, pillage, war profiteering, slavery, and dispossession of native peoples from their land. Yes, the Snake does its work well, gobbling up infants as if they were nothing more than pestilential rats.

The Snake killed 100,000,000 in the name of “liberty, equality, fraternity”. That is how much of a rascal this Snake is. It can turn a sickening lie into the truth, and then make everyone believe it. Or else. Never trust the wily deceptions of this forked-tongue liar, and don’t dare ever look into his black, beady, shiny eyes, or you will be hypnotized.

Don’t listen to his thin, hissing voice tell you lies, or you will start to believe them. You will become brainwashed, begin to hate yourself, question whether or not God exists, lose all sense of hope or morality, and you will begin to do the Snake’s bidding.

This Snake is a crafty devil, and his father may have even BEEN the Devil.
Watch whither you step, because, always, the Snake lies curled up in some bush or clump of earth, waiting to get its fangs into your foot. It likes to destroy the young, rob people of their wealth, health, happiness, and, most of all, the Snake likes to hiss out lies. Terrible lies. These lies have gotten a lot of people killed over the past MANY aeons let alone just this past hundred years.

The Snake killed millions in Europe, back in the early part of the last century, and imprisoned many more, so that even their spirits called out for sustenance. Not many people know this, because the Snake is such a cunning old reptile he has gobbled up all the newspapers, and hisses lies out from between the lies of print.

He has gobbled up the schools, the universities, the radio, the television, and all the history books are written by the many treacherous people who have become hypnotized by the sweet-sounding lies of the Snake.

Yes, indeed, this Snake is a dangerous, seductive character… He can strike out at you from anywhere. His bite is filled with the deadliest poison. His hissing voice is like the piping music of a snake charmer’s flute. Only the Snake is the one that does all the charming, while YOU do the swaying.

Today, the Snake will kill soldiers in Iraq, kill Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza, send factories overseas to foreign countries and help destroy American families economically, through his control of banking and debt-collecting.

The Snake will reap his precious gold from the sale of pornography, the importation of drugs, the importation and enslavement of illegal aliens, the broadcasting of sick, soul-destroying “entertainment”, and will then lie about it all, hiss out how unfairly treated he always is (for being a snake), and go about his merry way.

The Snake knows that it is having a gay old time these days, mainly because the Snake has so hypnotized the politicians and lawmakers with hissing lies and filthy lucre that no good, honest man will dare come along and crush the Snake’s head under a righteous boot.

The Snake thinks, finally, it is able to do as it pleases, with no consequences.
The Snake can freely drink the blood it so richly desires. The Snake will tear down the signs and symbols of your heritage, using his hypnotized minions to make it so, and will then politely ask you, “Why are you so mad at me? I’m just following the true meaning of the law.”

The snake will hypnotize your ministers, so that they support the Snake, although the Snake hates their churches with a vengeance so boiling hot it turns his entire body bright red.
This Snake is so cunning, he can make black into white, right into wrong, sin into piety, filth into cleanliness, vulgarity into good taste, and insanity into normalcy.

The Snake knows that if he mixes everything up, most folks will be too confused and beat down by everything that is happening to ever creep up on the Snake, drive him out of hiding, and crush his head under a righteous boot.
Remember, the Snake wants YOU to be mixed up; he wants only clarity, cunning, and single-minded purpose to rule his own life.

The Snake should realize though, that it is getting itself into trouble. The Snake should stop and realize that, like every other time it has been driven out by a righteous boot, it is overplaying its hand. There are some things that even the Snake can’t gobble up for itself, and those things include the Internet, and many MILLIONS of the Snake’s mortal enemies (victims) in the lands overseas.

The Snake is going along merrily, happy as can be, for now; it may not last long. One day, that boot may come down, sever the head of the Snake from the slithery body, and render this menace no more, once and for all.

One final, funny thing about our “friend” the Snake is his strange, shiny head. He looks to be wearing a funny cap, but that doesn’t cover up the weird shifting pattern between the Snake’s eyes. That pattern changes shape and color sometimes, looking at various times like a bright yellow hammer and sickle against a red background, or a strange pyramid shape with a funny eye in the center. But if you mention this to the Snake, he will simply say, “Bah! You are pers-s-s-secuting me! Now, learn you place, you filthy cow!”

Sometimes the pattern looks like two triangles, one atop the other, one pointing downward and the other upward. Can YOU guess who the Snake really is?

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