Tuesday 30 April 2013


A shoe in pass for the above wonderful world of .... death?
ED Noor: This has to be one of the most ludicrous bills going and destined to ruin a lot of lives in the process. In a nutshell, this bill limits options and moves the nanny state agenda along just nicely. The end of those exciting food trucks perhaps? They say that California is a testing ground for many of these bills and at one time, what went in that state was usually spread around America within the following decade at the most. 

Perhaps they should simply hire a black cloud of rabbis to run about kosherizing restaurants instead. It would not guarantee the quality of the product but it might satisfy a few of our dear friends. Imagine taxing a restauranteur for every item they sell to cover the potential costs of a "just in case" food epidemic of some sort. Can we also spell tax grab? 

Would this leave Californians with few more options than Rotten Ronnie's or Taco Bell? 

By the way, can someone please tell me how does a rabbi kosherize bacon?!!!!!!

I just stumbled across this piece. It is as I thought, partly a war on those wonderful food trucks.


California's love affair with food trucks turns cold amid regulatory dispute

Competing factions of truck owners disagree over whether to co-operate with state's attempts to regulate the popular industry

Customers line up to buy truck food, in this case Korean BBQ-taco food. Judging from that line up, Californians are spurning restaurants for street food which is much more interesting and always fresh.

April 29, 2013
The State of California has one of the worst proposals of any legislature in the country this year with a new bill that would force every restaurant and food service business in the state to commission an expensive "risk assessment" test for every menu item.
Such a test could cost thousands of dollars for every food item sold. This outrageous and cost prohibitive testing would certainly cause all but the biggest chain restaurants to go out of business almost instantly.
In another exercise in nanny-statism, California's State Senate Democrats want this "risk assessment" conducted to determine whether food being sold "contributes significantly to a significant public health epidemic."

The bill, Senate Bill 747, is an addition to the current health and safety codes and is currently set for a hearing on April 17. It was written and introduced by Sen. Mark DeSauliner (D, Concord).

The introduction of the bill clearly says that the law would require the food service companies to pay the state for the testing in order to fill state coffers. It notes that without the assessment, the state would have the right to shut an offending restaurant down.

This bill, known as the Public Health Epidemic Protection Act of 2013, would require the department, for every product intended for consumer consumption for which it has credible evidence that the product significantly contributes to a significant public epidemic, to conduct a risk assessment evaluation to determine whether the product contributes significantly to a significant public health epidemic, as defined, and whether the adverse public health risk would have a fiscal impact on the state of $50,000,000 or more.

The bill would authorize the department to charge the manufacturer of the product for the reasonable costs of producing the risk assessment and would create the Public Health Fund, to be used by the department, upon appropriation by the Legislature, to fund the program. 
If the department determines that the criteria are met, the bill would require the manufacturer to create, for approval of the department, a public health impact report (PHIR) containing specified information, including a list of adverse public health impacts and a mitigation plan for those impacts. 
The bill would authorize the department to enforce the PHIR and would authorize the department to restrict or suspend sales of the product in the state if the PHIR is insufficient or if the manufacturer is not complying with the terms of the PHIR.

As California politics watchdog Stephen Frank points out, 
"Pass this and hundreds of thousands of Californians are out of work on Day One ~ and tens of thousands of Californians have lost their investments and businesses."
But there are other, perhaps unintended, consequences in the offing here. This law would benefit large, multi-million dollar national chain restaurants in as much as it would eliminate their competition at a local level. Mom and Pop restaurants, small local chains, and one-location restaurants could never afford to have expensive tests done for every food item they sell. The big chains, however, have a whole country of locations and customers upon which to spread the costs of this "risk assessment."

The big chains could afford the cost of these tests, but small restaurants would just have to close their doors before the state's inspectors do it for them.

Further, this requirement would tend to limit menu options at restaurants, as those that could not afford the tests would cut menu choices down in order to keep testing costs lower. Additionally, menus wouldn't change very often to avoid constant costly state testing requirements. This would prevent restaurants from trying new menu items to appeal to the changing tastes of customers.

And this is not to even mention that the expense of eating out would go up as restaurants pass on the costs of these expensive tests to customers.

Interestingly, the bill's sponsor, Sen. DeSauliner, is a party jumper; until the year 2000, he was a Republican. DeSauliner is also a big opponent of the Second Amendment and is supported by the anti-gun advocacy group the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.


  1. ...and he is himself a 'restaurateur'. Go figure.

  2. As someone who's in the business, I have no doubt whatsoever that legislation such as 747 is written with the mega-corporation's needs and wants in mind.

    For instance, in my part of Oregon ten years ago it cost somewhere between $100,000 - $200,000 simply for the fees and permits required if one wanted to build a drive-thru at their restaurant. Do such insane costs affect McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken more, or a small independent businessman or woman? Of course the investment is simply a matter of accounting for MegaCorp but requires a giant outlay of cash money for the independent restaurant owner.

    That no reasonable human could look at 747 and say: "Great! That'll help end fatassedness in America!" is further evidence that it is simply a tri-headed monster created by lawyers to further enslave the populace; by politicians as part of their never ending quest to find new streams of revenue; and by the Wall St. based food titans who brought us the epidemic of crappy food and fat people in the first place.

  3. Interesting reading on the origins of the House of Saud:


  4. Is anybody prepared to show me, or anybody else, the part of the state constitution that gives these slimy prostitutes in Sacramento the authority to pass any such bill? And by the way, is a bill A LAW? A law consists of a statute and an implementing regulation. So do both of these things exist in this BILL?

    By the way, how insane are people in this country that they vote to "elect" people whose only job is to sit around passing "laws" to control everybody else's behavior, especially when even the Village Idiot knows that they are all paid by some lobby or other to do it?

    Supposedly, these political crooks are no different than you or I, except for the part where they raise their right hand and repeat some mumbo-jumbo recited to them by somebody who they don't even know. Then, they're supposed to be magically transformed into someone who has the power to control your existence, tax you, etc. Everybody talks this garbage that government is the servant, and the people are the master. Oh, yeah? In what alternative reality are "servants" allowed to pass laws and enforce them on their "masters," while exempting themselves from those same laws? In what parallel universe are "servants" allowed to tax their "masters?"

    Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the stupidity of Americans.


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